Wednesday, December 23, 2009


All rested now, Editors, Staff & Advisory Board, and if there will be hope of peace in the new millenium.

-RsyK, Editor in Chief

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Last poem: FOR DR. F. Warren Ned Benton, my Supervisor & Mentor, a scholar & saintly Grand Master of Psychology in memoriam of Late C.W.

Your counsel as I write hopefully my master draft of my thesis,
the words of your Father, "once a word is said, it can never be unsaid."
This I would point to you is the UNSAID Asian Anglo-Catholic tradition of TSE.
This I say to try my best to observe this rule-precept must say.
How to follow a rule?-the great Wittgenstein asked.
"With Blind Faith."
Kierkegaard in 3 word[s].
Gratias Tibi, O Teacher!

Monday, October 26, 2009

An Adieu, and Farewell to Our Readers- from SCP

In blind visions there is no justification for the acts and deeds that are meaninglesss without string of straw, and strident chord of the avatar of chaos.

I have done all that I could do--the rest is a departure and and adventure for the quest of prudential security, liberty, and spiritual peace, and end to conflict to the war.

But the sword will rise once againe to the those who are meek, humble and righteous, without giving to intellecutal pretension, or monomia, schizotypal egomania or tryanny of any sorts.

"You reap what you sow." This is Karma. Christian or Buddhist, and experimental-cogntive causation of consequences of unwarranted, ill behavior of wrong doing, crime and sins, and may the good, and those who have always acted out of good conscience and good will, and peace, and love of truth and conciliation be always praised.

I am no Dante to damn infernal fiends, but I fear G+D's wrath, and all who are you are his just ministers of Fire, as eagles riding on the burial shores of the mountain and oceanic shores!

"Play at your Own Risk"/////

"Suffer unto truth"

Let God judge history and the historians, and let the historiographers and us, we, observe the ebb and flow of events.

---Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euryipides


RsyK, Editor in Chief, Editoral Staff and Advisory Board

Thank you Most Heartedly and Gratefully to Our Loyal Readers, and those who found our Blog Bulletin interesting, and of some use!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Memory of J.R.R. Tolkien, and for Bob Dylan

WHO YOU have taught me so much combined through Great works, and songs.

--Your lyrics: "Not all that glitters is gold."
"My old blue eyed son."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Commit everything to silence and memory,
and there will be no memory and silence.
"Show me your mind?"-Confucius say.
I can't find mine, or any one's mind.
And be forever still, and learn to the practice
the lessons of forgiveness-and pray in simple words
without desire, or craving, clinging.

Rest, and be at peace, and love.
For this true good will, to end the cyclical history of cause
and effect of "karma."

Now, I can tranquilly rest my head on a rock,
and a board of oak wood, and fall asleep,

God bless us all-each and every one of us!

Prayers, and intercessions of the dead, and for the dead.

Friday, October 2, 2009

On "Terminological Nominalism" and the Analytic Detective novel

To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes--"I had (imperative) to pull the trigger."

--"A Letter in Scarlet"--I could be wrong, just a hunch.

Borges, "Death & the Compass," the riddle of the three legged cat in his LABRYINTH(s).

The name or sign of GOD, three letters for A.J. Ayer; metaphysical theology for Fr. Copleston, S.J., both of Oxford University simul ac.


am no geneologist. A korean american criminal justice scholar. "Much ado About Nothing"

"Nada Pues Nada"-Hemingway in clean, well lit room--may your soul forever rest in peace, since I read my Madre's "Old Man and the Sea" in third grade. And the lions went to sleep by sandy shores.

Monday, September 28, 2009

In Loving Memory of Great Zen Master Seung Sahn & Bohrs-Heisenberg

F (x)= 1/0 x=0/1 y squared
=0/1y=1/0 x squared

14th Amendment, Equal Protection Under the Law, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Don't be bewitched by Tang Romanticism, less you be a wayward drunkard wayfarer, not casting your sandals before you go way to sleep or taking naps, or become Webster's WHITE DEVIL.

Move and dance with with the Spiritual Moral Dao of the Universe, and then soil your white wild oats.

There is forest tale of winter monks who had no wood so they burnt the statue of the Buddha to survive the storm.

So too Christ offered himself as unblemished holy, incarnate sacrifice--the Eternal Lamb of the Last Supper.

So I remember, and bathe in and drink holy water as a memory of baptismal rite on Yom Kimpur. What an extricable, and monstrous, hideous, beastly Bad Roman Catholic!

So Unpredicatable as philosphy of mathematical physics. But, as Einstein says-God does not throw dice with the Universe.\

All this my consolation.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Universal Global Surveillance & Quantum Mechanics Beyond Rule of Metaphor

The global cyber-industrial military surveillance complex, as reported in Feature Article in the New York Times Magazine, two-three years ago has been proven sufficiently right to suggest the quauntum reality of a "Dark Matter." Undetectable Mass Universal Global Surveillance of every level of civic, financial, political, and military defense and espionage on a global scale. It is incontrovertible, as the cosmological, astronomical elecroctro-magnetism of undetectable white light that has the potential destroy time, space and matter in theoretical physics parlance may destroy the constitutional fabric of 4th Amendment digital democratic proceduralism.



Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank you CENTRAL BARBER SHOP, INC, close friends and sponsor

SCP Bulletin would like to thank

197 E. Hartsdale Ave


"Asiatic Russian Shephardic Grand Master Hair Cutters of Westchester and Brothers" for their sponsorhip and support.

If you're in the area---they have been rated one of the Top Hair Barber-Salons by Westchester Magazine!

Thursday, September 24, 2009



To Nicholas Birns, GM & Dr. T/R

Deacon Steward addressed her
as a lotus rose whore flower planted
in the primrose path by the garden
of memory and delight. Almost bled to
death, had he not pulled the stolen
syringe out from muscular skeletal veins
and rushed her to the hospital during Mass.
She wanted to be rescued by a homicidal
male with patriarchal sensibilities,
when he referred to her as what she knew
herself to be in her delirium.
Ora pro nobis and the sacrifice. Father.
The waste land is pressed between the
enflamed loins of your sulking brother.
She desired to confess, but was enamored
with the idea of the viaticum and the tomb
of St. Peter in the Basilica. She dreamed more
about the relics and ruins of the Holy Roman Empire
and burning votive candle offerings than
of heaven,.

Richard. S.Y. Kim

Saturday, September 19, 2009


The Asian Global American Trust Society in alliance with SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY is looking for members, and Board Members for this emerging non-profit Independent think tank on International security, Trans-Pacific & Atlantic area Studies, history, finance networks, and and culture and arts, and Policing & ancient Martial Philosophy and Peace Studies. A free good market place of ideas, community and fellowship,

All are very cordially welcomed and invited!

Please contact: Richard S.Y. Kim,, President, Gautam Ramakrishna, Co-President


John Jay College of Criminal Justice & Graduate Center, City University of New York
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Anti-Metaphysical Mysteries of the Good and Criminality

who can master the unspoken tradition?
who can master the the oral traditon.
who master the textual traditon?

This hFont sizeas been the battle between "good and evil."

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Abyss and Curse of Babel

When and, if and ever the curse is ever up-lifted.
There will be no language, written and spoken.
There will be no silence in the act of silence, post Fall, like a mute
ass neighing for straw and hay!

Otti Gato Go Ja Mas-Thank You-Bonecontrollers.Com for your Philosphe Patronage--Though AB clueless to Your Firm

Many great thanks for looking at and into the "heart of the matter," as Grahame Greene would say!

And also cordial greetings to the unbeknowst PHILOSOPHY & ETHICS CLUB!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Universal Prayer for All in All

Holy God, Mighty and Immortal One,
have, mercy on us.
Holy God, Mighty and Immortal One,
have mercy on us.
Holy God, Mighty and Immortal One,
grant us all Thy peace, mercy and salvation.

---The Ancient Jewish Trisagion

Misc., Post Diaspora Propheticism by Maimonides & Rashi-All in the Their Exegetical Texts

To do those who persecute the true and faithful Jews Post-Diaspora, I can only advise you to reade Moses Maimonides's Text-"ON PROPHECY."

From Seoul, South Bronx-Yankee Stadium, Northern Bronx, Ardsley, Yonkers, I can never figure out who are the real Jews?

Conjecture I must read RASHI, next to understand, if I can at all or attempt in all earnestness try to!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

T.S. Eliot's wise dictum out of harm's way:

"Do not be to too curious of good and evil."


His "On Baudelaire's" Christian Satanism of 19th C. Europe speaks for itself!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Muchas Gracias Tibi-To Google Books Data Base "Archive" for Cross-Reference to Surveillance, Crime & Philosophy

We are ad maiorem tempore urbe digitalis veritatem humanitam, EXCEPTIONALLY grateful for this acknowledgement for this post.



Friday, August 14, 2009

Criminal Insanity and No Mind: The Chan Patriarchs of the Platform and Garland Sutra

"There is no Buddha, Buddha is Mind."

A ancient Chinese Chan Grand Master saying.

"Who is Buddha?"
"A dried piece of dung on a stick!"

ibid., Chan Tradition

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Confession of an Assassin: In Holy Honor of HANNAH, ANNE, THEOTOKOS, BVM, Avakolkiteshvara-Kuan Yin, Desert Mothers & Sisters

Salve, Salve Regina nos ab culpaque, our exile.
Of the lotos in the quantum heart of reality, for we are tormented by plague, feverish disease and fire.
Pray and have mercy, and compassion for all who cannot pray, or turn to your intercession on snow mountain and forest,
in the desert where Satan attacks with his hordes,
I turn to light of Veda, Elijiah, Tatagatha and Christ to confess to a nameless holy hermit.
He says: "It is not sacrifices that I seek, but a broken and a contrite spirit."
And I the son of general who have slaughtered the sinews, and muscles, tissues, vultures ravaging on eye balls of my enemies in the desert plains repented of my sins.
"Because of your confession, your karma will be transversed, and you will not suffer punishment in nether world, but will help others in the nether world on this earth"
"Preach the Mercy of YHWH, and the Divine Mercy" &
"The Mercy of the Buddha."
"Strict Law Against Killing without just cause or to protect the innocent."
The hermit gave him his walking staff and his healing sword, and passed away.
After he buried the holy man, the desert became an islet for a River.

Sung_Mo Nim
necesse est lux veritatis esse ad ergo santificationis pro misercordia et ius.
Kwan Seum Bo Sal Nim,
bpe beul lo jeu jip sheo ship yeo yo!

I would like to thank Great Professor Michele Lowrie, an Indo-European Classicist of Latin for teaching me Latin,,,,,Cicero and Virgil, ubi caritas.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peace in the World & Asia, Thank you BrokenController.Com

In the unbroken continuity of Asiatic tradition from India, Tibet, Vietnam, China, Korea and Japan.
Kayasapa-Nargajuna-Boddhidharma-Hui Neng-Won Hyo-Nichiren Buddhist Judeao- Christianity & USA!
To the the God of spirits of self-defense in combat and peace.

Blessings and thank you, peace for your post-support and prosperity to you-BROKENCONTROLLER.COM!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vampire of Idols

When you believe in idols as gods,
they will drain you of your zoetrope.
One cannot count or doubt beyond infinity.
As my pupil repeated to me: calculus is all about derrivatives and integers.
We derrive casket and tombs of our enslavery to idols
in the ancients runes of the dark halls of knowlege.

Lux fiat!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Cordial Thank You Note--Gratias Tibi to BrokenControllers. Com

Thank you Bone Controler.Com for putting up a post for Nichiren Zen Eschatological Buddhism of the Lotus Sutra and Paekche and Kaya Buddhism from ancient Choson to Nihon.

From an anonymous direct descendent of Hwarang Knight General Kim Yu Shin, and Won Hyo, Queen Seong Deok, and the School of Koryeo Vajrayana Esoteric Zen School the of Great Zen Master Chinul. And this means nothing if the blood of vein is corrupt, but only virtuous and leads to righteousness.

May there be peace and security for Buddhists, Jews, and Christians, and Hindus in Afhganistan, and a prayer for Great General Patreaus the Greco-American Hero and support the Military Services for their safety til they come home.

May there be peace between China, N.Korea, Russia, S.Korea and Japan and the U.S., and Europe and Africa, & an end to all violence and theats of war in the Pacific Rim.

And the Prayer of Universal Peace of all religions and culture of St. Francis Assisi, who bore the great pain, anguish and suffering and torment of Stigmata of the Passion of Christ, in ecstasy and joy, esp. for security and peace of Israel and Palestinians, the Children of Father of Nations, Abraham, Issaac, & Jacob. In the words of Pope John Pope Paul-Solidarity and Love of Neighbor, and Enemy, the Poor, Outcast, and the Dispossessed as Great Commandment of the Gospel.

A prayer for Tibet and the Dai Lai Lama for freedom and peace.

A pray for all those who are in anguish, forlorn, suffering, ill, homeless, victims of injustice and oppression.

In the Name of ONE God who is Love, Justice, Righteousness, Mercy and Reconciliation and Peace!

The Buddha's Last & Final Shaolin Kung Form: The teaching of Universal Mercy in Mortal Combat.

St. Faustina, Apostle of the Divine Mercy pray for us.

"His Mercy Endures Forever." "Mercy is greater than Justice."--Psalm of David

To Mu-Seong, High Indo-Korean Monk of Chogye Order, whose spirit of ancient Analytic Buddhism and Sino-Korean Buddhism AS Teacher of Quantum physics of mind and matter be a leading light, as spiritual teacher through my teachers's Great Zen Master of the Diamond Sutra.

O phantom City--LOTUS SUTRA

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Iconic Forensic Psycho-theological: Investigations III--Ancient Oracles

In Tribute to the Teachings of Robert Nozick, may it long endure

Delphic Oracle: "Physician cure thyself."

Jesus Christ: "Your faith has saved you" to the cripple.

The Rod with the Serpent on Mt. Sinai.

Boddhidharma: "Do not have a heart or mind of doubt." (Kyo School)

Lao Tze was a Court Archivist who left for the mountains because the kingdom became so corrupt.

Confucius waited 5 months to recieve his Master, Lao Tze in a solitary cottage down the mountain.

Confucius's pupil in the madness of his mind cried out to the Immortal Sage: "Master Pacify, my Mind." His Master replied: "Show me your mind?"

Buddha's first disciple Kayasapa asked him what is your last true teaching. Sayakumini simply dropped a flower. Kayasapa smiled and understood.


In light of Wittgenstein's work on certainty--"how can I be mistaken about a thing, when I am devoid of doubt, that I cannot be wrong or talking nonsense."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Adage of Nicheren: Zen-faith-mind enlighmentment Samurai Buddhism & a Phyronic Skeptic on Question of Justice

to S.M.S.B

What did Nicheren mean: "At the coming close to an end of cosmological aeon, arm yourself to the teeth."

A mind of a true Samurai in trying to read the an orthodox hermeneutics of the LOTUS SUTRA.

It's debatable, which I don't know, since I am not a Japanese Buddhist scholar, whether he split the Japanese Buddhist Church, though he founded a school, like Martin Luther, who Erasmus an early counter-reformer of the Church who failed in his attempt to persuade Luther to not revolt against the Catholic Church.

Does it still hold true for today, for the common, ordinary Tom, Mike, Jane & Harry of the world today?

Trying to swat a mosquito with a frying pan is of no avail. There is no point of freeing the fly out of the bottle, if there is no bottles to make flies captive, unless it's a invidious fruit fly or viral pests.

Metallica's First Album-"Kill Em' All." And their other, JUSTICE FOR ALL.

The Yang Effect:

Prior to Nichiren, Sun Tzu, a moral, martial philosopher proclaims that the "Ruler who embraces and possesses the Tao will be victorious in battle." The Life-giving and fulfilling Tao of Peace & Harmony betwixt Heaven and Earth.

M.K. Ghandi: "I have nothing knew to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills."

We are still left with prophecy or oracle of HEBREW SCRIPTURES of the Final Battle at Megido, BOOK OF EZEKIEL, and the REVELATION of the NEW TESTAMENT.



St. Michael the Arch-Angel & Metatron, Ariel, Isfrael intercede in our behest.


"Do we wait for or don't wait for Godot?" By not waiting, if we can no longer wait, are we still regressively waiting for the future of a form of universal redemption, or universal peace, or a catastrophic end to the world of CYBER-WMD "END GAMES?????"


A karmic re-loop in the turtle cove by the lily pond\.

On Nietzsche and Marx & Resentiment and "Splitting the Deck of Cards:" Episteme of Power & Surveillance

Confucius-"Poverty is the mother of crime."

T.S. Eliot-"The Mystery of Iniquity is a pit too deep for mortal eyes to plumb."

They are fiscal and political economic rules of making bread.The dispossessed and poor break them, when they have no capital.Who owns Las Vegas, and the vice tax regulations of monies accrued to the the Federal Government.A counter-intuitive prosposition: you earn what you lose. The origins and the birth of taxes and death.Those in control posssesss this intuition, and resource in light of the "perils of the knowleldge acquistion" (please, see Dr. John Kleinig's private paper on this subject).Who wins or loses? It's a matter of splitting the 8 deck of cards, so to speak.Or can we would be so innocent to be play a child's game of "blind man's bluff" and NOT LIAR'S POKERS in den of thieves of those who worship Mammon and Avarice,and leave the poor in pale shelters, only to be cannibalized by criminality, degeneration and depravity. A note of caution: There are things better not knowing than hazarding a guess,unless you are annointed to be Supreme Son of Heaven and General of ancient classical Oriental Lore, or still believe in the Divine Right of King and the Holy Roman Empire.Dante may have been skeptical about the Bad, Ugly and Corrupt Popes and Prelates, and traitors, frauds in his Circles of the Lowerchy of Hell.But will say one thing to quote Holy Writ: the rich and the poor are a vanity, they all disappear like ashes and dust.Curse this wisdom which is Imerishable and Inestructible:3 SealsThe Seal of the Spirit of YHWH, the Holy Spirit.The Seal of Solomon.And 3 Dharma Seals of the Amida Buddha.Abandon this, it is what has been the case of the realism and atheism of Hobbes, Nietzsche, Marx, "war against all"--man, woman, child, sexes, class, race, tribal clan struggle, nation-state, terrorist warfare, and mugged and being beaten to death by thugs in the day hour by thugs--with an ailing global economy, unemployment, seeds of conspiracy and subconscious oppression and revolt. Can a Marxist, Communist ever enjoy reading J.R.R. Tolkien's LORD OF THE RINGS????Who ever mentioned a Leviathan of global and miro-surveillance of the world with rogue states and world super-powers, transnational syndicate crime, corruption and WMD's.One classmate said to me: "If you die, you die."I can only pray there is a heaven, nirvana, or intergalactic transmigration (metampsychosis) of souls to an unknown galaxy where all things are restored, as Einstein theoretically believe as transfusion of energy to another cosmsos UNKOWN. The mind and spirit has been split like a deck of card, one's whole life on all level is a gamble of risks and liability. This has been the fall of history. Mahler believed in his RESURRECTION SYMPHONY, though he suffered greatly, and won glory--chancing the gambit of Music.Mahler! Mahler! Mahler, pray for this poor blogger!
Posted by S.Y.R. Kim 3:00 PM 12:02 PM 0 comment

On Nietzsche and Marx & Resentiment-----"Splitting the Deck of Cards:" Episteme of Power & Surveillance

Confucius-"Poverty is the mother of crime."

T.S. Eliot-"The Mystery of Iniquity is a pit too deep for mortal eyes to plumb."

They are fiscal and political economic rules of making bread.
The dispossessed and poor break them, when they have no capital.
Who owns Las Vegas, and the vice tax regulations of monies accrued to the the Federal Government.
A counter-intuitive prosposition: you earn what you lose. The origins and the birth of taxes and death.
Those in control posssesss this intuition, and resource in light of the "perils of the knowledge acquistion" (cf. Dr. John Kleinig's private paper on this subject).
Who wins or loses? It's a matter of splitting the 8 deck of cards, so to speak.
Or can we would be so innocent to be play a child's game of "blind man's bluff" and NOT LIAR'S POKERS in den of thieves of those who worship Mammon and Avarice,
and leave the poor in pale shelters, only to be cannibalized by criminality, degeneration and depravity.
A note of caution: There are things better not knowing than hazarding a guess,
unless you are annointed to be Supreme Son of Heaven and General of ancient classical Oriental Lore, or still believe in the Divine Right of King and the Holy Roman Empire.
Dante may have been skeptical about the Bad, Ugly and Corrupt Popes and Prelates, and traitors, frauds in his Circles of the Lowerchy of Hell.
But will say one thing to quote Holy Writ: the rich and the poor are a vanity, they all disappear like ashes and dust.
Curse this wisdom which is Imerishable and Inestructible:
3 Seals
The Seal of the Spirit of YHWH, the Holy Spirit.
The Seal of Solomon.
And 3 Dharma Seals of the Amida Buddha.
The picto-ideograms of the I-Ching, the Book of Changes.
Abandon this, it is what has been the case of the realism and atheism of Hobbes, Nietzsche, Marx, "war against all"--man, woman, child, sexes, class, race, tribal clan struggle, nation-state, terrorist warfare, and mugged and being beaten to death by thugs in the day hour by thugs--with an ailing global economy, unemployment, seeds of conspiracy and subconscious oppression and revolt.
Can a Marxist, Communist ever enjoy reading J.R.R. Tolkien's LORD OF THE RINGS????
Who ever mentioned a Leviathan of global and multi-dimensional prismatic mirror-surveillance of the world with rogue states and world super-powers, transnational syndicate crime, corruption and WMD's.
One classmate said to me: "If you die, you die."
I can only pray there is a heaven, nirvana, or intergalactic transmigration (metampsychosis) of souls to an unknown galaxy where all things are restored, as Einstein theoretically believe as transfusion of energy to another cosmsos UNKOWN.
The mind and spirit has been split like a deck of card, one's whole life on all level is a gamble of risks and liability. This has been the fall of history. Mahler believed in his RESURRECTION SYMPHONY, though he suffered greatly, and won glory--chancing the gambit of Music.
Mahler! Mahler! Mahler, pray for this poor blogger!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

At Seal of Grey White High Tower and Pillar

For Dean James P. Levine, PBK_CRJ God-Pater

Leaves fall as the rain, hibiscus, lotus petals blossom in snow.
Virtue ethics, and prosaics of Bakhtin and Auden
with the inestimable mind of criminal justice governance,
and program policy evaluation.
Your words to me I remember: "Do your homework."
And the Biblical curse: "Pride is the Kiss of Death."
For this brought the Fall into this world.
More succint than Milton.
Better to drink hemlock than suffer from this incurable sin, folly
and ignorance.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Laws of Cyber-Warfare: Wittgenstein in re to Moses Maimonides's Meditation on A Psalm of David

"Lay still on your bed, and know that I am God (and meditate on My Precepts") {in diacritical paraphrasis\



Ludwig Wittgenstein's remarks on "HOW TO FOLLOW A RULE," that is "blindly."

W's debate with Sir Karl Popper, in which Wittgenstein's replies "there are no moral one?"

Are there such rules in cyber-terrorist warfare? Or on the War on the Terror?

Counterfeit Currency, Living, Death and the Decadent Saintly Libertine le Criminelle Orientalisme Terrorisme

For Dr. Mary Gibson, Aunty C. Elena Czechowicz, Adina Schwartz, John Kleinig, with much love and gratitude

The eyes of the stars mattered more to his mind's eye than His studying of the Lotus Sutra.
For all would be corrupted by the Counterfeit-Dharma.
So being the iIrish-Parisian with a Manchurian Aunt he dealt in the American dollar counter-feit schemes to buy sexual slaves, and gave them sanctuary, to feed them, school them in the High fashion salon of the garment and fashion industry and cosmetology, near the College de France.
He was an educated at Princeton in mathematics and political philosophy, and was a Presbyterian convert to Sino-Latin Rite Vatican II Catholicism.
A French scion he inherited a fortune, and sold his inheritance on crystal-meth, and global sexual tourism. A lover of male and femme, and rough limit experiences of sexuality.
But when Victor saw the sexual torture and sexual homicide of a slave boy in an infernal salon, he repented of his sin of his prodigality and de Sadian nihilism.
Systemic counter-feiting from N. Korea to Pan Eurasia to Paris to buy slaves off the market, and assasinate mass sexual traders was his Orientalisme terrorisme missionary work.
Who knows this man, or has even heard of him? I don't know. Neither did he know! Sacrum Silentium ex Nihilo Vacuo ad Ecclessiam in muerteque Resurrectionem of the Communion of the unknown, broken, broken, bones and flesh and drunken wine of the SAINTS.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Counter-Surveillance and the Grail in Wagner's PARSIFAL

For In Substitutio Patris Prof. Don B.L. & my Spiritual Master, Fr. K.K., & Roger L. Deakins, Shakespearean Textual Editor and Critic

Forensic Theological Investigations (2)

How to Save the Bewitched Lady, the Fisher King as Ascesis of Western and Eastern Tradition of the Spiritual Underworld???

Why was Parsifal annointed with Gawain to be a Knight of the Grail? To save King Arthur's Court they must endure trials of mortal combat and spiritual struggles to renounce the glories of earthy power and dominion, pride, sensuality, and conquest of usurping an "other world" of heavenly spirits, which is not theirs to possess. By this temporal and spiritual renunciation of unrivaled mortal strength and spiritual asceticism, which can be found in the Wagner's understanding of German Mayahana Buddhism ("bodhisattva vow and ideal"), and cenobitic asceticism of Catholicism, which exemplifies the Grail Knight--the curse of the witch on Kundri, and wounds of Fisher King is uplifted and healed. The spiritual underworld of the demonic forces which possess wicked rival knights for the Grail as earthly conquest is destroyed by the asceticism and renunciation of Parsifal's self-sacrifice to save Kundri and the Fisher King. This is perforce the supernal counter-surveillance of the the THEORETIKON in the Passion Scene of the Mass. It is ironic that it was considered blasphemous to stage a Mass dramaturgy in musical theatre by the Church. Moreover, the ascesis and kenotic ouevre of the GOOD FRIDAY MUSIC leads to the finding of the lost and cursed Kundri, whom Parsifal saves from the witche's curse, with Parsifal saving the Fisher King from his immortal wounds through the healing spear. Kundri can only wish to bewed Parsifal at the end, while dying--while Parsifal must renounce any temporal desire to fulfill his sensual desires to consumate Kundri's love. Does that make Parsifal or Wagner Buddhist. The verdict is out, other than that Wagner leads us and makes us imagine that the belief of renunciation of all that one truly possses in the soul in light of the Passion "Good Friday" Musical Dramaturgy interculturates Buddhism into an almost "Unsaid Catholicism of the heart," in which the counter-surveillance of all that is against world, flesh and Satan (the Medieval enemies of the soul) is championed by the ultimate silence of Parsifal, who in the exile of his desires and love of Kundri reaches a level of a sui generis Teutonic Buddhist-Christian kenosis (a self-emptying) which resonates the renunciation of the Buddha and the Christ. For this is Parsifal's "Third Eye" of "Counter-Surveillance," which saves him from all his fiery ordeals and his life to quest for the Holy Grail.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nicholas Birns's, THEORY AFTER THEORY: Soon Hot Off the Press

Nicholas Birns's experimental, yet classical literary and interdisciplinary theory and survey on literary criticism, and the the philosophy of literature and historicism in a late/post modernity.
THEORY AFTER THEORY (Westview Press, forthcoming-February 2010). Very exceptional, and highly recommended for lay readers, and professional academic theorists.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mathematical Interpolation of Great Zen Master Jui Zhi and Kurt Goedel (If the Future Can Bear the Chronos of Calm)

F(x)=1/ox X 0=1

3x X 3=9

18ox X o= 18o

In veritable and loving memory of S. Ramanujan, Ind0-Cambridge Immortal

The Question of Meditation is the Answer, or is it the contra-negative, converse & transverse-the contra-postive!

Anti-Metaphysical Buddhist-Taoist Western Scientific Mathematic Probality-Combinatix Form Pattern onf Black Belt Master Level: IL-YEO.

Scholastic Metaphysical Question & Orthodox Thought & Zen

"Why is there something than nothing?"

My good friend replied: "Why is water wet?"

---Gabriel Yakubov, President & CEO & Benny Dezoraiev, VP.

Central Barber Shop Inc., Hartsdale, NY.


"If there is no water, there is no nature of wetness, nor its attributes."

__S.Y.R. Kim

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Risk Assessment, Wittgenstein on "Mistake" & "Objectivity" to Quote the Great Master

While overcoming a nicotine withdrawal, I need a cigar, or to smoke a pipe to pacify my mind and nerves, at least once a day.

"It needs to be shown that no mistake was possible. Giving the assurance "I know" doesn't suffice. For it is after all only an assurance that I can't be mistaken, and it needs to be objectively established that I am not making a mistake about that."


Do I give up nicotine completely in every way? How sure can about assessing and analyzing risk for cyber-terrorism, and warfare. Surely, we can be mistaken about our analysis. I would respectfully say to Wittgenstein's previous maxim: yes, there are "no simple guarantees," as my dad have alway told me in life. This is unpredictability of the human world reflecting through a convex and concave lens (either which perfects your vision) fallible human nature--where decision making can be lethal, dangerous, and deadly. Perhaps, a metaphor for Bruce Lee's popular film: "Game of Death," which I belive was his last film before his sad, tragic death. (R.I.P.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mirror dome of Surveillance in the Sky's Eye

Orbital satellites in space, and wire
below the depths.
Has the time to unleash the artifice of Leviathan
catapulted itself in a world crisises of a pre-destined world destruction.
Surveillance in the Eye's Sky.
For, this the All Seeing Eye of God
no divan bed of murderers and seers can terminate, or foresee.
We are left with mere "city of man" of globally destructive,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Shiva Code Re-Visited and Considered: Crime, Sacrilege and the Anti-Christ"

Forensic Theological Investigations I (b)

Shiva Code Re-visited and Considered."> > In Memory of Dom Bede Griffith--to Profess0r John R. Maynard, Mentor-- GF LoL, and ever so gentle elder friend> > The myth Of Shiva,> the spiraling gyration of destruction, the destruction of the cosmos,> with three steps, a Diamond Bolt vehichle brush stroke of creation.> It's all a myth, as Baudelaire's orthodoxy that Satan is the Prince of > this world.> Corruption, Mammon, irreovocable depravity, polymorphous sexuality, dispossessed deviancy and crime, discourtesy and > savagery,> and scandal lay hold impeccable, secret throttle and sway of this world.> Were the Anti-Christ to destroy the world, would he be Shiva. Q.E.D.> No he could not re-create the cosmos.> I believe because I cannot believe. LORD, save me from my unbelief,> for I drink from the blood and host of the anti-christ of the anti-christ of the Christ.> That is St. Tertulian's dictum: "I believe because it is impossible," and > his agonizing> self-mulitation which excised him from canonization by the Church.> Is it complete madness that I desire and struggle, and discern to seek vocation of Holy Orders of the Church of Rome? O Phantom, Unreal City!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Mushashi Minamoto,the greatest known swordsman of Japanese martial samurai history, authored a treatise: BOOK OF FIVE RINGS. He was a martial philosopher influenced by Zen Buddhism. Ideogramtically the Sino-Japanese character for "Samurai" are two Chinese characters: the first, Man, and the second, Temple.

I will discourse on the central martial metaphors for the spirit and philosophy of swordsmanship.

Fire. The strategic movement, and over-lay of the body, mind and spirit of handling the sword must be as unpredictable and torrentially powerful as a conflagration of the flames of fire in its speed and its destructive power in mortal combat.

Wind. The sword striking techniques must be hollow, engulfing and empty without form that the opponent cannot predict or calculate one's series of, or next attack.

Void. All strategy, attack, posture, attack, and parrying must be executed without any mental obstruction or blockage. It must flow into the void, mu-shin (no-mind).

Timing. This is like rhythmic balance of coordinating and synchronizing all attacks according to an allotment of time like a dance.

The rest of Mimamoto's treatise is when these rules no longer hold "cash value" in winning the battle, when the opponent violates all orthodox rules of fighting, Or* when orthodox techniques can no longer be used to attain victory. This remains controversial even till day in martial arts philosophy; but life and death at its dire moment can unravel the legitimacy of such unorthodox movements.

It is like asking the question are their just rules of warfare? That is, terrorism by a rogue group or nation-state using computers and cyber-surveillance, which break all rules of global-cyber law? If not, Minamoto's ultimate conclusion that to win by any any means--symetric or asymetric, whether orthodox or unorthodox to defeat your mortal enemy is a legitimate necessity for one's survival, and national security and defense.

It is a Season of invisible digital assassins, and rogue states! If we read Dr. Greunter Lewy's history on the military strategy and tactics of the Northern Vietnamese, who used absolutely unorthodox tactics to defeat the U.S., Minamoto's assessment and strategy of when to use orthodox tactics at any cost, and when to violate them is literally on the front-burner of strategic battlegrounds of cyber-terrorists who declare war, and who are invisible enemies to global national security, peace and justice.

A Legendary Remark from Alan F. Westin

Systematic physical observation has long been a traditional tool of the anthropologist, psychologist, sociologist, medical researcher, and politcal scientist, as well as marketing and advertising research agencies......scientific methods decribe two way mirors and built-in listening devices to observe behavior to observe......



Now the epoch of cyber-surveillance has reached the advent of a "policy paradox" of post-global millenial vertigo--where we can't detect who the enemy is, or is not; as much as we are attacked from within and without. Statistical mechanics of data-mining for en-masse
cyber-surveillance, national and domestic cyber-surveillance in respect to national military and national defense without a strong fort or fenced boundaries? A digital NO_MAN'S LAND. Where can we run to hills far away?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rest in Peace

Robert McNnamara, Richard E. Kim, novelist, Professor of English, U-Mass, Amherst, Michael Jackson, depart in the peace of Light of God and Peace.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

For Late John Dewey Professor, Sidney Morgenbesser

For his moral grave noble soul, moral responsiblity, and espistemological commitments and the philosophy of the logic of applied probality and statistics in the social sciences.
Your penned letter nearing your departure from this world in trying to advise my doctoral research in philosophy of social science of criminological research, though I had no sense of your stature was that of a Rabbinical Sage, and saint was a signature of my naivete and true ignorance. You should have ignored me, and casted me out into the nonsense rhyme of 19th Century English poets. Requeim IN Pace, Good Noble, Sir!

I thank Dr. Adina Schwartz for introducing me to you and your works.

As I quote you-"Yeah, Yeah, Right!" In sure good sense of the most proverbial sense of wisdom in the Spirit of Hillel and RAM BAM.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Post Fall 2009 Forthcoming---Issues

Commentary On the Status of Cyber-Attack, Military Defense Systems, and Infrastructural Vulnerabilities

Jacques Ellul's magnum opus on the TECHNOLOGICAL BLUFF in relation to Cyber Security Act

North Korean Terrorism

Cyber Organized Crime

On Minamoto's BOOK OF FIVE RINGS & the Rule of Orthodox and Unorthodox Strategems of Swordsmanship as Metaphor for Asymetrical Terrorist Warfare

Pascal's Fiery Triangle,
Zen mathematical logic of non-attachment, emptiness as fullness:
emptiness is form, form is emptiness,
neither emptiness is form, nor form is emptiness,
and neither there is emptiness nor form,
there is no mind, yes, indeed-not even this:

for those who suffer, but give and lend a helping hand
& to Ruth, M.S.W. Abbhidharmist, and Zen analyst, St. Vincent's Hospital

Paradox of the Excluded Middle: "Nothing can be taught."

180 x 0= 180
3 x 3= 9

f(x)=1/0 x 0= 1

2 millenial Sutra of Kayaspa, Nargajuna, Boddhidharma, Sextus Empiricus, Hui Neng, Anthony and Mary of Egypt, Ram Bam, Won Hyo, Wang Gyun (Tae Jo) Shakespeare, Ko Bong, Dogen, Nicheren, Tagore, John Donne,William Blake, G.M. Hopkins, T.S. Eliot, W.B. Yeats, Huh Sook, Geum Soon, J.M. Synge, W. Stevens, Seung Sahn, Shinryu Suzuki, Martin L. King, Jr., Mu-Seong, Thich Nhat Hahn, Rev. Fr. James LeBar, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus-Cardinal Kung (R.I.P.) inter alia Wagner's-Goedel (Wittgenstein) PARSIFAL

Sunday, June 7, 2009

MANY GREAT AND HEART-FELT THANKS TO OUR READERS: Editorial & Advisory Board on Sabbatical

Dear Readers, thank you very much for your readership and interest in SCP--Blog Bulletin. Our readers are vey important to us for the interest, craft, and concerns and aims for the issues and topoi of our on-line publication.
Many great thanks!

The Editorial Staff, Writers & Advisory Board of SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY are on Summer Sabatical, and would like to thank ALL our readers for their interest and support.

Our post will continue in early and late in the Fall 2009.

Love all people, or try to--- we tell ourselves---and the rest will follow with the peace and calm of a good conscience with solidarity for all who labor for what is good in the sincerity (in Sino-Korean: Jin Shil Ma-Eum, Sino-Japanese: Ma-Koto) of honesty and humilty of hope, as we search for the golden fleece of truth and happiness. Perhaps, we may hear the whispers of truth in rest of our waking hours in our reflections, contemplations, prayers, and in all our struggles and labors to seek peace and love in our neighbors, in ourselves, and in ONE GOD of all which is within and transcends Us, and of Creation----we may without fault honestly doubt, or not know this; but may THIS not destoy the love of common humanity, universal love and compassionate understanding for all living things.

Thank you, Readers!

-----Editors, Staff, Writers and Advisory Board

Sanskrit: ATYAVARACARYA---"transcending the mind of logic and the logic of mind."

Until, we proceed further, then, we pray and hope for PEACE In World, Agape, Ubi Caritas, Shalom, Assalumm Ailakim, let us go

Friday, May 29, 2009


It is a conditional proposition that in a classical trilema we can only opt for one choice out of 3 factors, that are least favorable, among one choice which is by necessity the only choice. In regard to privacy interests, civil liberties and national security--eliminating any two factor for one out of necessity is a significant form of decision analtyic impassse, and fox-hole. The alternative may be a tetralemma of Nargajuna in which each factor is in tandem affirmed and negated simultaneoulsy to reach a state of equilibrium to off set the tyranny of one set of conditions over or versus the other.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Toward a Fundamental Decision Theoretic Grid of Risk and Cyber Threat

What is the greater probality that a cyber attack will occur versus that it will not occur as a random event which cannot be predicted, outside of fully secured intelligence data (that is "bullet-fool" proof, parlance.) This cannot be done outside of cyber-intrusion, and detection of assessing the the threat level to which there may be an attack. 1-->0--->1, in binary, odds/even probalistic ratio on a Baysian subjective logical view that an attack will occur or not-- in contradistinction to its converse relationships. This is the limits to which we can order any estimation of a decision theoretic model than any attack can happen or not happen, at any time, any place, any where. Can we prepare for such a assault on the any type of epistemological-logical reasoning in relation to cyber-Intelligence, and surveillance, if we are under cyber-attack?

An Analect and Riddle for Our Times

What is the sound of a dog barking,
if and when he or she can no longer bite?

Is it a dog's dream to satisfy his or her hunger for morsel and grub?

"Tum intelleges qui voluptatem maxime sequantur, eos mimime consequi; iucunditatemque
victus esse in desiderio, non in satiete"


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Global Surveilllance, Cyberterrorism, and Hobbesian Collective Soveign State & War

The nature of the classical political philosophical doctrine of the "State of Nature" has been in criminology of conlict theory of indiviuals and collective groups, which on a social level is not able to cohere into an unified organizaion, a political formation or state of individuals.

The universal global forces of internet does not render any boundaries to which there can be any legimated, or multi-laterally agreed upon jurisdiction of enforcing international law. It is an anarchic enteprise, and one without borders to which cyberterrorist attacks can hapen in any parts of the world--at worst war.

The regression into a form of nuanced Hobbesan collective security by de jure lure Executive & Military powers to address this great travesty and instabiity that may lead to cyberwarfare and terrorism; which is seemingly the very much the emblematic staple and symbol of Hobbes's "Christian Atheism." Post-Fall, and after the the Medieval and Rennaissance Period-we are tempted to believe that we can no longer believe in God, or a Supreme Benevolent Power of Justice or Good. Cyberterrorism and Cyberwarfare and if there is not a defeat against Radical Jihad may be a prelude to a demise of Western liberal (civic-republican or libertarian) Democracy with all its hallowed traditions.

But to be contrarian, or offer a counter-hypothesis: what are the viable aternatives, as we are shuffling a deck of cards on the table?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Global Cyber Espionage & Warfare from Zen Angle

In Memory of Teresa of Avila, C.S. Pierce, William James, Gustav Mahler, John Von Neumann, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Thomas Merton, M.K. Ghandi, Franz Kafka, James Joyce, Walker Percy, Huao Wang, W.B. Yeats, R. Tagore, and in honor of Hilary Putnam, Henry Feingold, Barry Latzer, James P. Levine, F. Warren Ned Benton, John I. Kleinig, Mary Gibson, Christina Czechowicz, Adolf Soto, Nicholas Birns, Rev. Kazmierz Kowalski, Lucy & Thomas Tucker, Roger Lee Deakins, Robert Kelly, John A. Maynard, Dorothy Bracey, Antony Simpson, Andrew Karmen, Adina Schwartz, Rhoda Fisher, Karma, Grace K. Kim & Greenburgh Police Department

The smile of the half lotus mudra of Maitryea!
An eternal sword of justice lays upon chrysanthemum bed of lilies in a River of Death and Glory,
what accursed mortal will claim this throne, heretofore after, saecula saeculorum!
We must wait in silence in the fnal hours of star-light and dawn.
Pray for the redemption of all for this is the Way & the Light, which has come into World.
The teaching of Lao Tzu: "For he who takes on the scum, wreckage and refuse of the world on one's bare back is True Person of the Tao."
I who have alway been guided by my primordial Mongol-Indo Chinese Spirits, and fear their Wrath of the Emperors in unknown tombs of their divine mysteries.
"When I was I was hungry, you fed me gruel; when I was naked, you clothed me; when I was in prison, you visited me." When I was held captive, you ransomed me. "When I was thirsty, you gave me drink."
Even Christ taught honor among thieves for which I have become an afflicted fool.
O Prajnamparamita, Cano arma virumque, Pax Vobiscum! Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus!
Tis who I honor are as spiritualis of blood folk which transcend culture, race, lineage, and clan & ancestral tribe. The Heart of this yearning beautiful earth, AMERICA!
In a land of exile, and strangers, a prophet is truly without honor.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What is Sovereign Immunity and Cyber Security Act?

An Anodyne Close Reading of legal policy implications in re Masse global cybersurveillance with the most powerful diminuition of 4th Amendment privacy interests on a fortissmo scale. Jewel v. NSA has been not been dismised, and the hearing for appeal with be heard by Chief Justice Walke in 9th District Court. The Cyber Security Act gives immense power under the exclusive authority of the President, and powers mandated to the Depts. of Commerce and Defense. It is being debated in both Houses the proposed Bill. We may be moving toward a a greater cybersurveillance industrial state if one or the other ruling loses and Bill passes, without Federal and Political Ovesight. As a mater of prudence, much has yet to be seen. There are no crystal balls, or tea leaves or I-Ching coins to divine or predict the future!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gangster of the Lotus of the Rose

Manchuria 1910, occupied by Japan.
Mr. Kimitake enslaved to work in the coal
mines with more than 4 millions resisters in Korea & China to the Land of the Rising Sun.
In Japan, he sold radishes, until he was falsely accused
robbery by the Police. Innocence.
So many he met like himself in the temporal miserific vision.
No way to survive at all after his incarceration.
Violence, casino, loan sharking, prostitution with the Yakuza.
In the late 60's he became Boss of real estate ventures.
The others engaged in global sexual slavery-he was in league because he was head.
A slave girl from N. Korea became innured to become Madame.
She confesses to a Holy Priest in Pusan. He is committed to the sacramental seals of confession.
Kimitake monitors her, and says he will kill the Priest.
Madame re-sells her self into slavery to Amsterdam to save the life of Priest.
Kimitake wants out of the trade.
He confesses to the Priest. He preaches the Divine Mercy. Thus, the Boss is assassinated by another Oyabun.
It is reported in the news. The Priest becomes a hermit on Diamond Mt. and takes a vow of silence. What is Truth?
The slave girl dies of AIDS, and is buried in potter's field.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hans Jonas, Ethics of Responsibility of Surveillance Modalities

Hans Jonas, one of the seminal thinkers on the ethics of technology, whose philosophy is that of the future cautionary view of the universalized effects of how technology can impair, or destroy humanity by the purely utilitarian grounds of technology which has no limit, other than the functionalist purposes to unharness new powers to control human nature.

He writes: "The univeralization is a thought experiment by the private agent not to test the immanent morality of his action. Indeed, real consequences are not considered at all, and the principle is one not of objective responsibilty, but the subjective quality of self determination."

If we consider the growing mass industrial effects of surveillance and cybersurveillance machinery and its effect on society, politics, criminal justice and the global intelligence community, we must consider how much qua freedom does one exercise through collective agency or personhood, if we are under the watch of a surveilling eye. The crux of matter--- society or the individual has become more observed under the surveilling eye of technological powers that does not manifest in itself in a matter of public accountability or transparency.

On a final note, Jonas writes: "This consumation of [his] power, which may well portend the overpowering of man, this final imposition of nature, call upon the utter resources of ethical thought, which has never been faced with elective alternatives to what considered the definite terms of human condition."

In this regard the theme of "Techne" of Heidegger, Ellul, Jonas and Foucault resonate in a polyphony of a precautionary conondrum and perplexity. We are left to ponder and reflect upon such difficult questions in a dark cave seeking light.

R.S.Y. Kim

Monday, April 6, 2009

Foucault's Neo-Humanism in DISCIPLINE & PUNISH

Michel Foucault was not a professional criminologist, but observed the history of prisons and incarneration (notably-Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon, which was never fully constructed).
The Panopticon prison aims to surveil all its inmates through cells within a radius of a circumference of a circle.

If we look at how police patrol or CCTV on the streets, or residential complexes surveil not just targeted offenders, but the vast population who pass by them, or who under the eye of the police investigations-the dire ambivalence of a surveillance society can either be anticipated with promise to control crime, at its best-or that we no longer have the right to anonymity and privacy in public spaces.

Foucault never prescribes a way out of this vortex of technology of surveillance, which has become gargantuan.

R.S.Y. Kim

Fouauldian Neo-Humanism on DISCIPLINE & PUNISH

Michel Foucault was not professional criminologist. He wrote D&P from an hermeneutic, historiographical epistemologist of Europe, the Western CLassical world, religion and institutions.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Technological Legal Philosophy of Electronic Surveillance

The byzantine mazes of judicial decision making in respect to the Electronic Communication Privacy Act (1986)--ECPA--has not been conclusively decided other than controversy of the Wire Tap Act (Title I) and its skewed relation with the Stored Communication Act (Title II) in U.S. v. Councilman. The controversial case, U.S. v. Councilman is not all together clear as to what e-mail transmissions are protected in contradistinction to when it is stored in ISP storage. The technological legal jurisprudence is very much lacking in drawing the line between the Wire Tap Act provisions and Stored Communication Act Provisions. Since there have been no landmark Supreme Court precedent in regard to Electronic Mail Interception, the courts have been left in murky, if not "swamp" lands to provide legal remedies in which there is no 4th Amendment protections for search and seizures, and legal remedies. This is an uncharted, and yet to be seen area of contest between the state, and all who seek a shield for privacy protections. It is coin toss in the technological jurisprudence of computer surveillance.

R.S.Y. Kim


“Analytics of a Paralytic Crown: Alarums of Love”

[philosophia cordis]

Jeden Teil des Satzes, der sienen Sinn charakterisiert,
Nenne ich einen Ausdruck (ein Symbol).

Die operation kann verschwinden (z. B. die Verneinung
In “~~p”. ~~p= p).

- --Ludwig Wittgenstein

Rev. Fr. K.. Rev. Msgr. P.C.,
Rev. Canon J.K, JIK, ML, AS, R.R.S.


Chrysanthemum wine
and pitted pomegranates on table laid

in Caesar’s colonnade and garden
cracked vessels, water.

Mikhail’s spear.
severed wings
in the desert: Impenetrable
shelter of Octavia in blind
avenues without signs,
that only a perverse
generation wouldst seek.


Fig leaves built on stilts—the castle of heaven.
I am no castle lord,

But a diseased supplicant.
No, a penitent of sorts.
To whom I give alms---

Awakened, were you to sip loose tea leaves.
The cypress trees that cover and provide shade
from congenital heat.

A Serial-Sexual Homicide, dysthymic
Mental pulse.

The wheel comes full circle toward none.
Shall not enter my rest.

And for my crime.

Just gods have severed my limbs.

Ac hoc enim est—meum corpum.

Blood spatter, no DNA trace.

Ricard, a loathsome fool of murderous lusts,
Repeated the word of his father-“I-M-I”-


Does he now dare to forget
the curse of Adam’s dust.
Down trodden, sterile heath.

Felix Culpa.

Does heaven descend
Now upon the earth,
Of the den of opium
And monstrous visions
and recursive accidents.

Aggrieved and sorrowful;
Await the palm of a slain
and resurrected King for no day
too soon.

The sword of Maccabeus,
& Judith, shavo (a) d
of Davywid,

a throne unbeknownst
only to heart of the cosmopolitan masses,
but on the hillside in remote land—

of harvest of millet, barley and wheat,
the unveiled scabbard of Juan Shellei-Hopkins,
pressed upon his synoptic purple ink,
spraying seed on peeled, parched papyrus sheets.


And the children weep embracing an olive branch;
They who remember with joy,

Sancta Papa Joannes Pablo II wearily made pilgrimage from Krakow,

To the springs and viaduct of the blood of Rome & Iona,
@ Central Park, 1995.

The coliseum, a spectacle, festal Broadway of
forgotten past times.

And the narrow the way, to forestall the razing open pit of destruction,

Whether I can ever surmise the race of Genghis preferred to eat good ole country-style BBQ, or the bellied intestines of whom they conquered, or lick with relish the moist tendon and clavicle of Missionary trespassers?


The sacramentalist Oxford script of Nikolai Blake & Edwardian Church of England-transmitted in triadic vagaries of space in Village-Square:
at Spellman Hall, and she said:

Da-mitzvah & the Police.

herein the Bronx, mi probeza,

El Senor Diego!

a fallen spirit cast out, like a chink
of a chain, from thine eyes torn, by hearing
the holy Cardinal Dulles in whispers,
and Fr. K, philosphe, of the laurelled Fiorenza poet,
and Jaspers, unworthy am I to listen to their words
in silence.

gazing at the lofty, terror, trembling off


(the cliff aside Mon Salvatt and Mt. Tae-Baek, pray in spirit,

a holy delirious fool doth pray- have she met him and felt- untidy, foul despicably grotesque, rat-faced beggar, in-deed, as always given in too much talk

in nakedness of conscience and Law unbending the fastening of

the frail incendiary body and flesh given).

Both were first evicted, and then convicted, and made a solemn act of contrition in jail,
While passing a false yearly $10, 000 check, to pay off their debts.

stricken by a whip and cane of discipline,


with only a dry, hardly feverish kiss, enamored was he by a cheap cheap peck.

none other the gift of peace of the cross ,
of an unrequited dream world of observance.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Security, Stasis As Equilibrium in Surveillance Policy

There are certain conceptual, legal and philosophical difficulties and goals of the relations between privacy, liberty and security. I believe there needs to be a "stasis" (in contrast to balance), an equilibrium in which only if there is clear and present danger that there can be a trade off of privacy for public security. Because governmental surveillance can range from decoding cryptography through concealed viruses, and surveil vast populations--whereby policy, operations can claim claim the cover of state secret privilege--it may be a fatal effect to our privacy protections.

R.S.Y. Kim. I would like to thank Dr. John I. Kleinig (CUNY Graduate Center and Australian National University )for his reading parts of the forthcoming manuscript.

Thursday, February 19, 2009



Untitled: Cell & Prison

Where is the sun and the stars which glimmers in the

dark, hollow Corridors of the Cell & in Prison block 69?

Solitary confinement for stabbing an inmate for attempted

Rape. What was the loss of your mentally afflicted Zen practicing

Mother, And your deceased beloved Father. an aggrieved Episcopal Methodist

Pastor who committed suicide.

Only to be deserted into the blind alleys without no family.

A magnate high school pupil in the Bronx living in the ghettoes,

Selling heroin and crack abandoning a foster home.

Here I stand waiting judgment for parole for 7 years in a cell.

A very late DSM VI borderline, bi-polar monitored through

A digital bracelet, the mode of disciple and surveilng.

Dr. Feinstein, his psychiatrist, an Orthodox Jew, had said

Exorcist ritual prayers in silent whispers. The vortex of his Afro-Asiatic

mind meditated on the Heart Sutra of emptiness, and suffering-- yielding

To compassionate healing of the Doctor’s rehabilitative treatment.

Even his love of the crack whore flower was illusory void to which

He was enlightened of mortality and curse of dust.

Liberation and freedom came to alas as a janitor at Penn Station, and

Public works volunteer on the weekends.

Blaine F. Parkson studied Psychology of Religion & Creative Writing at SUNY Purchase College

Eyes as fallen Pearls

for J.M. & R.L.D, J.L.

The jewel of the vanishing twilight

I can never speak of,

Until I rest to rot and spoil.

And wish the very worms

Will have me consumed, the ‘pearls

That were his eyes,’ devour

My poisoned kidney and liver;

disemboweled in frost and snow,

Whereby, that very dagger,

My spleen, severed my tongue,

Which my ancestors said of chin-mook

Of silence that speaks, by never saying

anything at the drop of a dime.

Maidens of youth, were I ever

to love; I can’t ever say that I have-

Or is it a lie told by

the “God haunted,

Cruel Talent of Russ,”

Which has become the truth?

Tell her if you see him, he remains dead

And buried on a fragrant bed of lilies.

The sisters of Mercy and Terror

of Retribution, shall know, wielding

staff and sword, for a remnant of

seven thousand reserved from

the annals of time, vanguard those

who are left dead in tawdry barber

and salon shops--- far corners of

the metropolis, pilfered lots---

the fallen tropical torrential rain,

was shot when she repented

and confessed,

The rackets of the flesh.

The mercenaries of beasts,

sold her pound for pound,

Flesh for flesh, picked their teeth

with a mint deck of laminated

Chosun cards, with the soft

metallic polish of finishing nails.

Circles and Spirals of Light,

The gentle cadence of broken sibilants,

Deferred gutturals, which cry

Out from the hidden fount and portents

of creation of primeval sorrow and glory,

dusk, shadow and tempest.

The ubiquitous dawn, now, let us arise

and go.

O Rider of the raging seas

of lies, perennial doubt, and the

illusory devils, demon gods,

overthrowing my enemies.

You stretched out your shriveled

hand to save my child from drowning

by the salty shores at bay across

the fishing colony.

Sovereign divine you sold yourself

into slavery to set captives free.

One’s eyes, awaken, to hear,

The pupils and retina burnt by

the Sun, no longer burn with the passion

And pride of life, and lust of the eyes,

but fulfilled in the hope

Of the eskaton of the return,

Of divers dominion, times and deadly straits

reported, but the sequence of the

Actual left unsaid.

Kristavara & Ann [a] ya-mariam wanted it that Way,

a resident of the Eastern Isle Prefect

via Diamond Junction.

She remembered the discourse of the pre-eminent

Theologist who scripted: “She Who is,” and

read while drinking chrysanthemum tea, the novelle,

just released translation of Lombroso’s La donna delinquente

by the renowned City historian.

Luxury and the high life of thieves were all too much

a bane; she figured that it was mass bankruptcy or

global robbery?

And the woman was blessed though the breaking of chains.

Would you deceive yourself to be an auditor

of the wise, when your folly and idiocy, has twisted

And breached upon what was never said?

The flame burned in my heart,

which cried out in exhortation and admonition:

[“sancta mea amor crucifixus est”]

Father Juan, tortured and kidnapped,

a night of consecrated purgation;

wherefore, ascending the ladders of suffering,

did not confound darkness with the light,

light from the darkness, thick smoke from fire.

So did I fall prey to the imprisoned conundrums

of hallucinatory and spiritual vertigo, not like Father


She the Mystical Bride to whom

De La Cruz was wed.


at the shrine in Tagaste. . .

the martial mind of calm of the Tatagatha [aside]

history, culture and philosophy.

It is snuffed at the break of day to chase demons away,

Though rekindled within a lamp at nightfall…

Come l’augello, intra l’amate fronde,

posato al nido de’ suoi dolci nati

la notte che le cose ci nasconde,

For the world has become a stone pitted cherry.


Dehydrating, and rushed to the hospital, in steed of rails and barbed and quartered

Fenced halls, where I soon owe much more to time, than I shall ever know.

This the wager of Pilgrim’s Regress?


ora pro……

R.S.Y. Kim

[1] In Sino-Korean characters means “silence.”

[2] The traditional name for ancient Korea.

Koryeo(Executive) Senior Editor, Robert Turly--Asian Art & Humanities

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