Thursday, August 6, 2009

Iconic Forensic Psycho-theological: Investigations III--Ancient Oracles

In Tribute to the Teachings of Robert Nozick, may it long endure

Delphic Oracle: "Physician cure thyself."

Jesus Christ: "Your faith has saved you" to the cripple.

The Rod with the Serpent on Mt. Sinai.

Boddhidharma: "Do not have a heart or mind of doubt." (Kyo School)

Lao Tze was a Court Archivist who left for the mountains because the kingdom became so corrupt.

Confucius waited 5 months to recieve his Master, Lao Tze in a solitary cottage down the mountain.

Confucius's pupil in the madness of his mind cried out to the Immortal Sage: "Master Pacify, my Mind." His Master replied: "Show me your mind?"

Buddha's first disciple Kayasapa asked him what is your last true teaching. Sayakumini simply dropped a flower. Kayasapa smiled and understood.


In light of Wittgenstein's work on certainty--"how can I be mistaken about a thing, when I am devoid of doubt, that I cannot be wrong or talking nonsense."

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