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An Adage of Nicheren: Zen-faith-mind enlighmentment Samurai Buddhism & a Phyronic Skeptic on Question of Justice

to S.M.S.B

What did Nicheren mean: "At the coming close to an end of cosmological aeon, arm yourself to the teeth."

A mind of a true Samurai in trying to read the an orthodox hermeneutics of the LOTUS SUTRA.

It's debatable, which I don't know, since I am not a Japanese Buddhist scholar, whether he split the Japanese Buddhist Church, though he founded a school, like Martin Luther, who Erasmus an early counter-reformer of the Church who failed in his attempt to persuade Luther to not revolt against the Catholic Church.

Does it still hold true for today, for the common, ordinary Tom, Mike, Jane & Harry of the world today?

Trying to swat a mosquito with a frying pan is of no avail. There is no point of freeing the fly out of the bottle, if there is no bottles to make flies captive, unless it's a invidious fruit fly or viral pests.

Metallica's First Album-"Kill Em' All." And their other, JUSTICE FOR ALL.

The Yang Effect:

Prior to Nichiren, Sun Tzu, a moral, martial philosopher proclaims that the "Ruler who embraces and possesses the Tao will be victorious in battle." The Life-giving and fulfilling Tao of Peace & Harmony betwixt Heaven and Earth.

M.K. Ghandi: "I have nothing knew to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills."

We are still left with prophecy or oracle of HEBREW SCRIPTURES of the Final Battle at Megido, BOOK OF EZEKIEL, and the REVELATION of the NEW TESTAMENT.



St. Michael the Arch-Angel & Metatron, Ariel, Isfrael intercede in our behest.


"Do we wait for or don't wait for Godot?" By not waiting, if we can no longer wait, are we still regressively waiting for the future of a form of universal redemption, or universal peace, or a catastrophic end to the world of CYBER-WMD "END GAMES?????"


A karmic re-loop in the turtle cove by the lily pond\.

On Nietzsche and Marx & Resentiment and "Splitting the Deck of Cards:" Episteme of Power & Surveillance

Confucius-"Poverty is the mother of crime."

T.S. Eliot-"The Mystery of Iniquity is a pit too deep for mortal eyes to plumb."

They are fiscal and political economic rules of making bread.The dispossessed and poor break them, when they have no capital.Who owns Las Vegas, and the vice tax regulations of monies accrued to the the Federal Government.A counter-intuitive prosposition: you earn what you lose. The origins and the birth of taxes and death.Those in control posssesss this intuition, and resource in light of the "perils of the knowleldge acquistion" (please, see Dr. John Kleinig's private paper on this subject).Who wins or loses? It's a matter of splitting the 8 deck of cards, so to speak.Or can we would be so innocent to be play a child's game of "blind man's bluff" and NOT LIAR'S POKERS in den of thieves of those who worship Mammon and Avarice,and leave the poor in pale shelters, only to be cannibalized by criminality, degeneration and depravity. A note of caution: There are things better not knowing than hazarding a guess,unless you are annointed to be Supreme Son of Heaven and General of ancient classical Oriental Lore, or still believe in the Divine Right of King and the Holy Roman Empire.Dante may have been skeptical about the Bad, Ugly and Corrupt Popes and Prelates, and traitors, frauds in his Circles of the Lowerchy of Hell.But will say one thing to quote Holy Writ: the rich and the poor are a vanity, they all disappear like ashes and dust.Curse this wisdom which is Imerishable and Inestructible:3 SealsThe Seal of the Spirit of YHWH, the Holy Spirit.The Seal of Solomon.And 3 Dharma Seals of the Amida Buddha.Abandon this, it is what has been the case of the realism and atheism of Hobbes, Nietzsche, Marx, "war against all"--man, woman, child, sexes, class, race, tribal clan struggle, nation-state, terrorist warfare, and mugged and being beaten to death by thugs in the day hour by thugs--with an ailing global economy, unemployment, seeds of conspiracy and subconscious oppression and revolt. Can a Marxist, Communist ever enjoy reading J.R.R. Tolkien's LORD OF THE RINGS????Who ever mentioned a Leviathan of global and miro-surveillance of the world with rogue states and world super-powers, transnational syndicate crime, corruption and WMD's.One classmate said to me: "If you die, you die."I can only pray there is a heaven, nirvana, or intergalactic transmigration (metampsychosis) of souls to an unknown galaxy where all things are restored, as Einstein theoretically believe as transfusion of energy to another cosmsos UNKOWN. The mind and spirit has been split like a deck of card, one's whole life on all level is a gamble of risks and liability. This has been the fall of history. Mahler believed in his RESURRECTION SYMPHONY, though he suffered greatly, and won glory--chancing the gambit of Music.Mahler! Mahler! Mahler, pray for this poor blogger!
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