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Technological Legal Philosophy of Electronic Surveillance

The byzantine mazes of judicial decision making in respect to the Electronic Communication Privacy Act (1986)--ECPA--has not been conclusively decided other than controversy of the Wire Tap Act (Title I) and its skewed relation with the Stored Communication Act (Title II) in U.S. v. Councilman. The controversial case, U.S. v. Councilman is not all together clear as to what e-mail transmissions are protected in contradistinction to when it is stored in ISP storage. The technological legal jurisprudence is very much lacking in drawing the line between the Wire Tap Act provisions and Stored Communication Act Provisions. Since there have been no landmark Supreme Court precedent in regard to Electronic Mail Interception, the courts have been left in murky, if not "swamp" lands to provide legal remedies in which there is no 4th Amendment protections for search and seizures, and legal remedies. This is an uncharted, and yet to be seen area of contest between the state, and all who seek a shield for privacy protections. It is coin toss in the technological jurisprudence of computer surveillance.

R.S.Y. Kim


“Analytics of a Paralytic Crown: Alarums of Love”

[philosophia cordis]

Jeden Teil des Satzes, der sienen Sinn charakterisiert,
Nenne ich einen Ausdruck (ein Symbol).

Die operation kann verschwinden (z. B. die Verneinung
In “~~p”. ~~p= p).

- --Ludwig Wittgenstein

Rev. Fr. K.. Rev. Msgr. P.C.,
Rev. Canon J.K, JIK, ML, AS, R.R.S.


Chrysanthemum wine
and pitted pomegranates on table laid

in Caesar’s colonnade and garden
cracked vessels, water.

Mikhail’s spear.
severed wings
in the desert: Impenetrable
shelter of Octavia in blind
avenues without signs,
that only a perverse
generation wouldst seek.


Fig leaves built on stilts—the castle of heaven.
I am no castle lord,

But a diseased supplicant.
No, a penitent of sorts.
To whom I give alms---

Awakened, were you to sip loose tea leaves.
The cypress trees that cover and provide shade
from congenital heat.

A Serial-Sexual Homicide, dysthymic
Mental pulse.

The wheel comes full circle toward none.
Shall not enter my rest.

And for my crime.

Just gods have severed my limbs.

Ac hoc enim est—meum corpum.

Blood spatter, no DNA trace.

Ricard, a loathsome fool of murderous lusts,
Repeated the word of his father-“I-M-I”-


Does he now dare to forget
the curse of Adam’s dust.
Down trodden, sterile heath.

Felix Culpa.

Does heaven descend
Now upon the earth,
Of the den of opium
And monstrous visions
and recursive accidents.

Aggrieved and sorrowful;
Await the palm of a slain
and resurrected King for no day
too soon.

The sword of Maccabeus,
& Judith, shavo (a) d
of Davywid,

a throne unbeknownst
only to heart of the cosmopolitan masses,
but on the hillside in remote land—

of harvest of millet, barley and wheat,
the unveiled scabbard of Juan Shellei-Hopkins,
pressed upon his synoptic purple ink,
spraying seed on peeled, parched papyrus sheets.


And the children weep embracing an olive branch;
They who remember with joy,

Sancta Papa Joannes Pablo II wearily made pilgrimage from Krakow,

To the springs and viaduct of the blood of Rome & Iona,
@ Central Park, 1995.

The coliseum, a spectacle, festal Broadway of
forgotten past times.

And the narrow the way, to forestall the razing open pit of destruction,

Whether I can ever surmise the race of Genghis preferred to eat good ole country-style BBQ, or the bellied intestines of whom they conquered, or lick with relish the moist tendon and clavicle of Missionary trespassers?


The sacramentalist Oxford script of Nikolai Blake & Edwardian Church of England-transmitted in triadic vagaries of space in Village-Square:
at Spellman Hall, and she said:

Da-mitzvah & the Police.

herein the Bronx, mi probeza,

El Senor Diego!

a fallen spirit cast out, like a chink
of a chain, from thine eyes torn, by hearing
the holy Cardinal Dulles in whispers,
and Fr. K, philosphe, of the laurelled Fiorenza poet,
and Jaspers, unworthy am I to listen to their words
in silence.

gazing at the lofty, terror, trembling off


(the cliff aside Mon Salvatt and Mt. Tae-Baek, pray in spirit,

a holy delirious fool doth pray- have she met him and felt- untidy, foul despicably grotesque, rat-faced beggar, in-deed, as always given in too much talk

in nakedness of conscience and Law unbending the fastening of

the frail incendiary body and flesh given).

Both were first evicted, and then convicted, and made a solemn act of contrition in jail,
While passing a false yearly $10, 000 check, to pay off their debts.

stricken by a whip and cane of discipline,


with only a dry, hardly feverish kiss, enamored was he by a cheap cheap peck.

none other the gift of peace of the cross ,
of an unrequited dream world of observance.

Koryeo(Executive) Senior Editor, Robert Turly--Asian Art & Humanities

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