Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gangster of the Lotus of the Rose

Manchuria 1910, occupied by Japan.
Mr. Kimitake enslaved to work in the coal
mines with more than 4 millions resisters in Korea & China to the Land of the Rising Sun.
In Japan, he sold radishes, until he was falsely accused
robbery by the Police. Innocence.
So many he met like himself in the temporal miserific vision.
No way to survive at all after his incarceration.
Violence, casino, loan sharking, prostitution with the Yakuza.
In the late 60's he became Boss of real estate ventures.
The others engaged in global sexual slavery-he was in league because he was head.
A slave girl from N. Korea became innured to become Madame.
She confesses to a Holy Priest in Pusan. He is committed to the sacramental seals of confession.
Kimitake monitors her, and says he will kill the Priest.
Madame re-sells her self into slavery to Amsterdam to save the life of Priest.
Kimitake wants out of the trade.
He confesses to the Priest. He preaches the Divine Mercy. Thus, the Boss is assassinated by another Oyabun.
It is reported in the news. The Priest becomes a hermit on Diamond Mt. and takes a vow of silence. What is Truth?
The slave girl dies of AIDS, and is buried in potter's field.

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