Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Global Surveilllance, Cyberterrorism, and Hobbesian Collective Soveign State & War

The nature of the classical political philosophical doctrine of the "State of Nature" has been in criminology of conlict theory of indiviuals and collective groups, which on a social level is not able to cohere into an unified organizaion, a political formation or state of individuals.

The universal global forces of internet does not render any boundaries to which there can be any legimated, or multi-laterally agreed upon jurisdiction of enforcing international law. It is an anarchic enteprise, and one without borders to which cyberterrorist attacks can hapen in any parts of the world--at worst war.

The regression into a form of nuanced Hobbesan collective security by de jure lure Executive & Military powers to address this great travesty and instabiity that may lead to cyberwarfare and terrorism; which is seemingly the very much the emblematic staple and symbol of Hobbes's "Christian Atheism." Post-Fall, and after the the Medieval and Rennaissance Period-we are tempted to believe that we can no longer believe in God, or a Supreme Benevolent Power of Justice or Good. Cyberterrorism and Cyberwarfare and if there is not a defeat against Radical Jihad may be a prelude to a demise of Western liberal (civic-republican or libertarian) Democracy with all its hallowed traditions.

But to be contrarian, or offer a counter-hypothesis: what are the viable aternatives, as we are shuffling a deck of cards on the table?

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