Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Prospect for Cyber War Treaty at Davos 2010

In the future Davos Meetiog (2010)--one of the primary agenda is to set in writing or an international treaty for treaty for cyber-warfare for the top twenty economically most powerful nations. A joint US and Chinese treaty is under negotiation to make a truce accord. Yet, much must be seen with other powerful IT tech nations in Asia, whi h were part of the Cold War axis since WWII are willing cease cyber cease fire. Nothing can be said, as the wager of cyber hegemony for global internet traffic amongst the super powerful nation involved in respect to military, strategic and economic considerations of the highest* penultimate concerns and risk of loss and damage to national security, and assent to hegemonic global power on all levels.
We must hope for the best for the security of all nations, and peace on earth. Pax in Terra.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The statistics of risk analysis and cyber-warfare

Can we ever effectively use mathematical risk analytic simulation as a fool proof hard physical science to predict cyber-attacks? This raises a question on environmental criminology on national security, intelligence and law enforcement in relation risk management rather than straight thinking about how to prevent cyber-terrorism and warfare. We have not reached the level of mathematical physics of a "Manhattan Project" where there is bullet proof, or nucleur hazardous, pale shelter to make such a claim. I am a skeptic until the proof is in the pudding that not even one cyber-hack attack can be deterred through risk management. Of course, the level of security breaches are all classified information, but CERT at Carnegie Mellon has been "shut down" because the cyber atacks have been beyond countless that to foresee a quantitative risk analyis on the level of quantum computing physics is perfected. It must categorically perfected, or we are in harm's way, and are governmental, and infrastructural protection systems very vulnerable weakened to the greatest extent of alarm and invasion by our enemies.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hactivism, Espionage, Cyber-terrrorism, Global Security

The U.S. Pentagon and Federal Agencies and New York Police Department are getting hacked many thousand times a day. China, Russia and North Korea have hacked into the data base of the Pentagon, and are continuing to do so. I would make the case this is global espionage and cyber-terrorism. We have not created strong anti-virus, intrusion defense software and hardware to prevent such attacks.

But what is most institutionally defeatist about this situation is that there are no international laws on espionage, and hacking and cyber-terrorism since all nations have been doing this since the creation of the modern sovereign state.

It is like the fiction meets reality case of Joseph Conrad's great novel: THE SECRET AGENT-of global espionage and terrorism.

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