Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Risk Assessment, Wittgenstein on "Mistake" & "Objectivity" to Quote the Great Master

While overcoming a nicotine withdrawal, I need a cigar, or to smoke a pipe to pacify my mind and nerves, at least once a day.

"It needs to be shown that no mistake was possible. Giving the assurance "I know" doesn't suffice. For it is after all only an assurance that I can't be mistaken, and it needs to be objectively established that I am not making a mistake about that."


Do I give up nicotine completely in every way? How sure can about assessing and analyzing risk for cyber-terrorism, and warfare. Surely, we can be mistaken about our analysis. I would respectfully say to Wittgenstein's previous maxim: yes, there are "no simple guarantees," as my dad have alway told me in life. This is unpredictability of the human world reflecting through a convex and concave lens (either which perfects your vision) fallible human nature--where decision making can be lethal, dangerous, and deadly. Perhaps, a metaphor for Bruce Lee's popular film: "Game of Death," which I belive was his last film before his sad, tragic death. (R.I.P.)

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