Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pray for Peace of Holy Names + Against Spiritual & Ontological Avatars of Wickedness of Kaos + & Healing for Sick & Afflicted-------Grace of God Gives All Comfort & Healing-0----


Omnipens + Dominus +Christus + Dominus + Messias + Sother +
Origo +  Emmanuel + Manus + Kyrios + Chi + Ro +
Origo + Spes + Moishe + Elijiah + Davidica + Turrica + Ezekiel + Hosea +
Isiah + Nahum + Ex + Nihilo + Vacuo
Spes + Fide + Agape + Abrahamicae + Urbe + Terra + Nuevo + Israel +
Jerasulamicae + El Shadai + Adonai + O Theotokos + Tetragrammaton +
Angelus+ Mikhail + Grabriel + Metatron + Ariel

"Retro Vada Satana"  "Vada Satana"  "Retro Vada Satana"

"Not the God of Philosophers"
"God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob"
         "Fire (AGNI)"
"& of Christ"---"Your God and My God"

                                  ---Blaise Pascal                            

Monday, April 28, 2014

A List--In Brevis Memo IN RE: ATTN--Understanding Vajra/Zen as Meta---Intuition + Insight of Dharma Eye of Buddha (


To & For Most Distinguished Profs. FW Ned Benton, John I Kleinig, Dean JP Levine, Roger L. Deakins,  John H. Morgan, Christina E.H.Chzc, MGibson, BLatzer, JT Choi, BX Liu, ASchwartz,
ASoto, MD, JP Kelleher, MD, CHANDU R, MD,  MLowrie----JMaynard---CLieberman, NBirns-------

Please, see below--as Buddhist Vajra/Public Ethics of Buddhist Law of Abbhidharma, Vinayana + Foundational Sutras (IE TRIPITAKA)--Melbourne Divinity School+ Religious Studies +Theology + & supra cites, Meditation Practice, Mens + Actus+ "What is Mind???" to avoid the "Mind-Body (DUALISM) Fly trap" of Spirtual or Discursive "Materialism" as Ghosts in the Machine (Phantasm of Paranoiac or Neurotic-Psychotic Mind in Crisis--->disembodied & hungry "for quid est quid"--Heidegger's refrain to Sino-Korean-Japanese (--Sino--Nihon--CHIN_MOKU) SILENCE & quieting of the Body, Mind, Heart & Seoul--scribble + scrabble with out "Corpus of Text ("Soma)--Prolepsis/Gnosis/)+ Mind + Spirit---of transcendental signs, with transitory signified in which Time, Space & Matter, is Destroyed & then Recreated. Last Chs. of REV. "A NEW CREATION OF HEAVEN & EARTH."

"Let us rejoice now, for we shall rejoice together in heaven."----among the Last words of St Andrew Tae Gyeon Kim, + 30,000 Martyrs of the First, officially, Christians in Korea, from Chinese Jesuit Missions---Shang--Hai, China----

"How did Won Hyo become a Patriarch of Buddhism in Korea?"

"He got lost, and never went to China."

Abbotus Bpeu Wheol
Ideogram + Philosophy of Logic, Abbot Society
NYU-Founation & University Scholar
Robert E. Gilleece Fellow (1995-2001)
City University of New York--Law & Philosophy + Criminal Justice
& Public Management


  1. surveillancecrimephilosophy.blogspot.com.br
    Richard SY Kim Research Fellow John ... Philosophy of Logic & Ideogram Societas--Filepie.us.com, ... A WESTERN VAJRA/ZEN MATHEMATICAL-PHILOSOPHICAL LOGICAL
  2. Tibeto-logic: The Vajra in Vajrayāna - blogspot.com

    May 18, 2012 · In the earlier Buddhist art of Gandhāra the Vajra was portrayed, ... Most Recent Tibeto-logic Blogs (latest one first) ... Richard
  3. Tibeto-logic: The Vajra in the Sūtras - blogspot.com

    Apr 29, 2012 · ... or Vajra Vehicle? ... An early Buddhist work of praise, ... Most Recent Tibeto-logic Blogs (latest one first) Eye Shades;
  4. Nio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ... standing today at the entrance of many Buddhist temples all ... is a symbol of overt violence: he wields a vajra mallet "vajra ... and Mật tích kim ...
  5. Vajrapani - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Vajrapāṇi (from Sanskrit vajra, ... Kim cương thủ bồ tát, ... Richard Foltz, "Religions of the Silk Road", ...
  6. Richard S.Y. Kim: perfil de Google

    Richard S.Y. Kim - Criminologist-Criminal Justice professor/Anti=[philosopher=meta/logician - Ph.D, ... S.J. and Classical Buddhist Phenemo=Logic

    blekko.com/ws/?q=Richard-S.y-Kim%2C-Quantum-Asiatic-Logic< javascript: toggleToolLinks( 1, 'tools2', 'tool-link2', ...
  8. Vajra Body - World News

    Om Ah Hung Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hung Music: "Padmasambhava", Anael & Bradfield, Buddha ...
  9. Vajrasattva Mantra - World News

    ... Karma Choeling Buddhist Monastery. ... Richard Parsonson ... Thần Chú Phật Kim Cang Tát Đoạn 100 Chữ, ...
  10. Kumgang yoksa - The Free Online Dictionary and ...

    ... and Mật tích kim cương in Vietnamese. It is equivalent to Guhyapāda vajra in Sanskrit. [3] ... Religions and the Silk Road by Richard C. Foltz ...
  11. Vajrapani : definition of Vajrapani and synonyms of ...

    Vajrapani was used extensively in Buddhist iconography as one of the three ... Kim cương thủ ... "Religions of the Silk Road" by Richard Foltz, 2nd ...
  12. Encyclopedia of buddhism - SlideShare

    Sep 08, 2013 · ... School Jongmyung Kim Christianity and ... O. Gómez Meiji Buddhist Reform Richard M. Jaffe ... Buddhist Philosophy of Logic Mindfulness ...
  13. Vajrapani - The Full Wiki

    Vajrapani was used extensively in Buddhist iconography as one of the ... Vajrapani is also known as vajra ... "Religions and the Silk Road" by Richard C ...
  14. Frühlingstanz Im Goa Wald [Trance Gold Records] :: Beatport

    ... Astral Projection, Gaudi, Zen Lemonade, Logic Bomb, Loud, Benji Vaughan ... Vajra Gaudi, Cell ... Gizzmodj, Kim Harris, I5land, Volka Kent, Frozen ...

Interlude--Buddhist Logic & Liminology


Search Results

To & For Christina EH C, MGibson, A.Schwartz, M.Lowrie


    14 hours ago - Including results for Richard SY Kim, Philosophy, Buddhist Ontology Search only for .... Syncretism of Faiths and/or Liminology In which what we ..... Web Results - Richard S.y Kim, Quantum Asiatic Logic. SURVEILLANCE ...
    You've visited this page many times. Last visit: 4/28/14

    Apr 15, 2014 - 3)& Neo-Classical Asiatic Meditative Praxis as Action Philosophy of Body .... Web Results - Richard S.y Kim, Quantum Asiatic Logic .... BIMAL KRISHNA MATILAL / Buddhist Logic and Epistemology RICHARD P. HAYES / An ..
    You've visited this page 3 times. Last visit: 4/28/14

    21 hours ago - Showing results for Richard SY Kim, philosopher, Bodhisattva Philosophy ... Missing: ‎ Buddhists, Existentialists & Situationists: Waking up in . ... Richard Wollheim, former Grote Professor of Philosophy of Mind and Logic at .
  4. E-Conferences & Letters, Digital Pro-List Inst ...

    Oct 15, 2013 - and Contemporary bi-roads of American Buddhism. Richard S.Y. Cyprianne Andrewson Kim, PhD Abbot, Philosophy of Logic, & Ideogram ...
    You've visited this page many times. Last visit: 3/18/14
  5. Academic Senate, University of California Santa Barbara

    University of California, Santa Barbara
    Richard W. Hebdige, MA, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (cultural ... Kim T. Yasuda, MFA, University of Southern California (sculpture, spatial studies, ..... molecule spectroscopy of dye molecules, polymer molecules, si quantum dots) ...... Professor (Tibetan Buddhism, Indo-Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, Buddhism ...
  6. [PDF]

    Arts & Sciences, JOUR-ZOO - University of Hawaii at Manoa ...

    Indian and Chinese Buddhist philosophy, comparative ... philosophy, philosophical logic, philosophy of science ..... Richard Kosaki Student Assistance Fund—. $250, first .... *S. I. Shapiro, PhD—psychology of knowledge and wisdom .... K. Kim, PhD—planning information systems. K. Lowry ...... marine ecology, limnology.
  7. [PDF]

    Arts & Sciences - University of Hawaii at Manoa Catalog

    by U Cert - ‎Related articles
    Dean: Richard Dubanoski. Interim Associate .... Doctoral Degrees: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in ...... Buddhist); sacred places and biodiversity; peace, human rights, ethics; SE ...... Kim, PhD—modern Korean women writers; modern Korean literature ...... *S. Y. Itoga, PhD—database systems, expert systems, logic.
  8. [PDF]

    Arts & Sciences (82-185) - University of Hawaii at Manoa ...

    University of Hawaiʻi
    by U Cert - ‎Related articles
    Dean: Richard Dubanoski. Interim Associate .... Doctoral Degrees: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in ...... Buddhist); sacred places and biodiversity; peace, human rights, ethics; SE ...... Kim, PhD—modern Korean women writers; modern Korean literature ...... *S. Y. Itoga, PhD—database systems, expert systems, logic.
  9. PBS Ombudsman | Climate Etc.

    Sep 22, 2012 - In summary: the show was centered around Richard Muller, and his ..... So much for female logic, sense of orientation and justice. .... I have a philosophy that it doesn't do any good to go and make ..... kim, I think I'm falling in love with you. ..... class I took in geology happened to be a course on limnology. :).
  10. [PDF]

    Research Report 2006 - Melbourne Research - University of ...

    University of Melbourne
    Philosophy and Centre for Applied Philosophy & Public Ethics . ...... George Richard Tibbits, BArch ...... Kim On Chong-Gossard, BA ...... Philosophical Logic. ... Buddhism's struggle with the ...... CSK, Watkins S, Pascu SI, ...... Limnology and.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

O Paramgate, gate, gate, gate, Oh Boddhisatva--the "Charism of Reading of "Hearte Sutra via Great Grand Master Mu Seong's--Most Excellent Reading of "Quantum Reality"--To my Mentors @ PS 8, St. Phillip Neri, BX, NY, Ardsley HS, NYU, John Jay College of Criminal Justice PhD Program/CUNY


Showing results for Richard SY Kim, philosopher, Bodhisattva Philosophy
Search instead for Richard SY Kim, philosopher, Boddhisattva Philosophy

To and For Gautama & Chandu & Dr Prof Byranna (MD, Late) &Vajra-Catholic (*Zen) god-son Vivek Ramakrisha who live the Dharma of the Yogacara--as my dear dear friends--- 

Search Results
22 hours ago - Including results for Richard SY Kim, Philosophy, Buddhist Ontology .... what is wisdom + discerning the spiritual of Buddhism of the Buddha.

22 hours ago - Including results for Richard SY Kim, Philosophy, Buddhist Ontology ... The meaning of life is a philosophical question concerning the ...
Meaning of life - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The meaning of life is a philosophical question concerning the significance of life or .... "When we say ... that pleasure is the end and aim, we do not mean the ...... explicitly teach that bodhisattvas should refrain from full liberation, allowing .... biologists George C. Williams, Richard Dawkins, David Haig, among others, ...
Korean philosophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Philosophy in Korea was substantially influenced by Chinese philosophy, .... North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, his father Kim Il-sung and his natural mother Kim ...
Missing: ‎
Buddhists, Existentialists & Situationists: Waking up in ...
University of Western Ontario
Richard Linklater's 2002 film Waking Life is all about dreaming, and how we can ... Yet it's also about some broad philosophical issues, including one of the oldest ... Signifier and Signified, Kim Krizan tells Wiley that words are inert, dead symbols. ... Say Yes to Existence, Otto Hoffman, a Quaker, wants us to be free from ...
Professor Graham Collingridge - University of Bristol
374 - 390; Kim, JL, Lee, HR, Sim, SE, Baek, J, Yu, NK, Choi, JH, Ko, HG, Lee, YS, Park, SW, Kwak, ... Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London.
Missing: ‎
Past Conferences | International Network of Philosophy and ...
Philosophical Issues in Psychiatry: Natural Kinds, Mental Taxonomy and the .... Dominic Murphy (CalTech/University of Sydney): Psychiatry as cognitive ... Richard Wollheim, former Grote Professor of Philosophy of Mind and Logic at ...... Ginsberg answered him with flower power and the need for Bodhisattva conduct.
Korean History Bibliography: Religion and Philosophy ...
University of Hawaiʻi
Religion and Philosophy: Buddhism. ... In Buddhist Culture in Korea, ed. International Cultural Foundation. Seoul: The Si-sa-yong-o-sa Publishers, Inc., 1982.
The Genesis of the Bodhisattva Ideal - Numata Zentrum für ...
University of Hamburg
bodhisattva, who was to become the Buddha Gautama, and the former Buddha ...... 59 MN 81 at MN II 46,11: kiṃ pana tena muṇḍakena samaṇakena diṭṭhena? ..... Bodhisatta is made to say and do things unbecoming of a Bodhisatta, a being on ...... tical Notes, and Glossaries”, Transactions of the American Philosophical.
{"items":[{"type":"articleInfo","url":"http:\/\/journals.sfu.ca ...
Simon Fraser University
This article introduces and examines Bodhisattva compassion from the Buddhist .... authorString":"Susan Walsh, Fabiana Gonzalez, Phillip Joy, Kim MacCaulay" ..... Today, however, philosophy as a way of life has ceased to be an integral part of ...... u201d We begin our discussion with Richard Rudner's classic 1953 essay, ...
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Saturday, April 26, 2014

What is Hollow of Heart of True & "Righteous" Sage (of Brush & "Dragon Spear of St Mikhail, Ark Angel +Dominon of Holy Angels"--)--Bikkhu Philosopher of the Heart of Christ & Bhavagana of Vajra/Zen Buddha + Tao of E to West, and from Horizons, Infra QUO VADIS DOMINE???


Including results for Richard SY Kim, Philosophy, Buddhist Ontology
Search only for Richard SY Kim, Philosopher, Buddhist Ontology

This heading dedicated in SCP--- to Dean Jame  P. Levine + Dr Ned Benton + Dr John Kleinig--
+ Christin E.H.C most sober, and wise on that by writing or speaking either words to destroy or
gives life--Juris (prudentia) + fortitudine+patiens, sapientia +sciens

Salve, Theotokos, mihi
Salve, Theotokos, mihi'

nos, nos, nos,
in our exile, show us the blessed
fruit of your womb----

16th Last Teaching of Shaolin Kung Fu
"Lord Buddha Have Mercy"

Prayer of Fatima, Ora Pro mihi et nobis

Holy God of Israel, Holy one of  us All
Have Mercy on the whole world-----

Rev: 12--

Search Results
CachedSimilar3 days ago - In sum the relation to ontology of being & with others is in toto ... and meta--inference to what Buddhist theory of language points to. ... 2nd Dean, OSSTB--Richard SY Kim, (Johh Jay College/CUNY) for the past two years--

Meaning of life - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia++++
The meaning of life is a philosophical question concerning the significance of life or existence in general. ... such as symbolic meaning, ontology, value, purpose, ethics, good and evil, free will, ... Early Buddhism; Mahayana Buddhism .... "When we say ... that pleasure is the end and aim, we do not mean the ...
Philosophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
By some classifications, there are six schools of orthodox Hindu philosophy and three ... is dārśanika, one who is familiar with the systems of philosophy, or darśanas. ..... and Husserl to propose an unconventional existential approach to ontology. ... Like postmodern neo-pragmatist Richard Rorty, many are convinced that ...

E-Conferences & Letters, Digital Pro-List Inst ...+++++++
CachedOct 15, 2013 - Richard S.Y Kim, BA, NYU-SUNY Purchase College- .... In what way has the history and Philosophy of the Buddhist Faith influenced the Culture ...

Alumni | Department of Philosophy - University of Hawaii
CachedSimilarUniversity of Hawaiʻi
The Significance of Metaphor in Metaphilosophy: A Philosophical Activity as ... and Moral Personhood: Rethinking Kant through the Cases of Down Syndrome, .... The Ontological Status of the Transcendental Self: A Comparative Study of Kant ... A Study of Early Buddhist Ethics in Comparison with Classical Confucian Ethics

Philosophy Dissertations
CachedJung-Yeup Kim, An Investigation of qi in the Philosophy of Zhang Zai ... Eiho Baba, Property and Patterns: Bridging Zhu Xi's Metaphysics of Li and the Si-Meng Tradition .... Ramon R. Sewnath, The Ontological Status of the Transcendental Self: A ... Ok-Sun An, A Study of Early Buddhist Ethics in Comparison with Classical ...

Master Sheng Yen – Orthodox Chinese Buddhism++++
SimilarBuddhists say that everything arises from conditions and hence is empty of ..... Buddhist philosophy in de-emphasizing the value of a permanent self, but at the ...

Early Buddhist Metaphysics: The Making of a Philosophica++++l ...
Similarby N Ronkin - ‎Cited by 23 - ‎Related articlesIn the Indian arena philosophical systems ordinarily commence with episte- ..... Richard Gombrich has suggested, 'the development of a Buddhist ontology, per ...... momentariness, Wan Doo Kim examines the khandha, ayatana and dhatu lists.

21 richard dawkins___the_god_delusion - SlideShare++++
Jan 15, 2014 - Perhaps you have been taught that philosophers and theologians have put ...... ('I am a Hindu, I am a Moslem, I am a Jew, I am a Christian, I am a Buddhist! ...... is the ontological argument, proposed by St Anselm of Canterbury in 1078 ...... The New Zealand/Australian philosopher of science Kim Sterelny ..

Experimental Theology: The Ontological Argument
CachedSimilarAug 13, 2013 - The argument then goes on to say that existence must be, necessarily, a part of that vision. ... Kim Fabricius on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 said: ... Grenz traces the history of ontology all the way back to the early Greek philosophers and the .... I keep hoping Richard will consider the subject of the passibility of ...
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Ontology Philosophers‎
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Martin Heidegger's "Analects" of "truth" + Theological Language of "Destruktion" IN Re S. Endo's "Sillence"


for and to My God-Pater of Language of Literature (for which the past memories of Dr.  John Maynard teaching theory as Mentor in 19 C. text & Bakhtin & Robert Browning's 'Sordello'"-& and like to thank Nicholas Birns (New School) for his assistance as NYU since 1990--

Ad Multos Annos for a Later Retirement, NYU (Emeritus)---

(BEING & TIME, Joan Sambaugh, SUNY Press, 1996. P. 211)

As Heideger believed that the conceptual quest for truth as identity for an "onto-theological" identity of self--hood (Being & Time, 211) as remainder & legacy of how Plato has constructed what is apriori--idein as being a metaphysical "frame of reference" of Forms (Viz., Plato's_PHAEDO). That in the Socratic Cave--that the Shadows outside & exteriori to which Visions of cognitive + Perceptual faculty doesn't prove real or false--other than to attempt to record what and how we "invent a discourse" for the fundamental problem solving "practicum" + ancient "axiological"--theorem via language to re-present how we understand language as a reference point, or a historical convention of "diaspora of travels among the Ancient Tribes, Races, Clans + Kin-folk--which exercise the Sovereign Natural Law Rights of the "Polis" or the Greek--"Acropolis" (please, see Catherine Pickstock,  AFTER-WRITING: ON THE LITURGICAL-CONSUMATION OF PHILOSOPHY."

To say that prior to very Early Heidegger, who may have profoundly moved by Plato, Philo, and Aristotle, Practical, but deploys a Meta-Philosophy, though his departure from English, late "Oridinary Language School" inter alia--Ludwig Wittgenstein & John Austin; Heidegger's indirect gloss of an inference shepards a Late sense of what has been lost in words of "Death of God" metaphysical & ontology of nihilism, which is stated as Heidegger still still clings (B &T, 211) to the burdensome rupture or inter-locking relation, as where for--if the responibility, and sacred & fundamental goal of both Edmund Husserl's Mentoring Heidegger is in "relatio" to the search of truth & Dasein (Being) than it is in contradiction to say that Heidegger did not guage out the sense of a phenemological interpretation of God, Ethics, and Later Anti-Metaphysics (in re in his profound exchanges and dialogue With D.T. Suzuki, who was a lay Monastic Zen Philospher (RCF
See also the Dialogue of Eric Fromm + DT Suzuki, "Psycho-Analysis & Zen"***** at NYU & Columbia University, Psychology, Psychiatry, Philosophy Department,

In sum, Heidegger writes with clarity, grace, and penetration: "And in definition of (this inquiry) in its truth, the inquiry will have be ontologically defined as the discovery of beings and their truths."

In sum the relation to ontology of being & with others is in toto involves the question of (Da-Sein) as to without "truth(S)" as infinite gambit risk to bear upon as Juan De La Cruz, & Meister Ekhart,  to be dispossed of self, and even in the despair of a God, who in Da Dae So Nim: is not a religious, dogmatic, philosophical, metaphysical, historical, and so......but "LOVE." The Silence of the Budda: & the internal Dramaturgy of being union with out God, from which we not only return to "dust & ashes" but the "ex nihil vacuo"----of the "ABYSS OF VIRTUE OF GOD."  To the "Cruciform, of the agony of souls, illness of the body & Avatar of Chaos in the world, our doubts" which we are like new cars in  a parking lot, and dream that we owned them, & not knowing who owns them+ with without Keys--

Great Zen Master Dogen + Shuzaku Endo--`17C. Novel--"SILENCE" as Meta-inference +
Syncretism of Faiths and/or Liminology

In which what we mirror the 12 gates of Zen (of Dogen's Teaching) is with out our writing, language, gesture, we still communicate what is wisdom + discerning spirtual of Buddhism of the Buddha.

It is to use a wonderful, and pioneering intercultuturation of East to West Pop-Culture "Asian + Western Fusion: Spock--"Mind Meld-Mending" Seal of Logic & New Scientific Humanitarianism of the Vulcan Tribe + "Next of Kin."

"Who is Buddha, Buddha is Mind, Mind is Buddha"--->The Buddhist Compassion of syncretic Religion between Mid-Late 17th C. Buddhism--"One cannot disavow God in Buddhism, because percetory faculty should not render any iconic--ideogram---which destroys the Re-presentation, and meta--inference to what Buddhist theory of language points to. Just look, "frog leaps from lotos pond by to mud."

Rsy Cyprianne Andreweson Kim, PhD, 2nd Dean, OOSTB
Research Fellow
Public Management/CRJ-IT/Philosophy


On Terse Reflection Past Memory of a Chrysanthem Wine + Western Mediaval + Renaissance Liberal Art--as Exit-Re-Entrance to What Was, Is, & Futurist Legacy


for FW Ned Benton, my Great, Gentilesse + Wise Master

That wich is beginning next to red & white+ exit signs,
can well intend the happiness, and felicitiousness of our
neighbors and ourselves.
In not recognizing the importance of social harmony
of what is just in law, policy, and political & social
structures and "inner I-O (Indusrial--Organizational Behavioral
Psycho-Physics (experimental + clinical) for the happiness
of all, not on a consequential ethical basis--but for the company
& co-workers, and a Managerial System--which does not oppress
and exploits their labor production of surplus value***not given to
all who give their werewithal for minimum wage,
 as they are beneath a "fair & just wage,"
is still the remainder of legacy of Prophets of  Sacred Scriptures,
as an Internal Foundation of Vineyards of Flower Wines of
the Orient, with a closure that that West & East will there
be bridge of 3 Dragons + Tempest of White-Blue, Red & White Cranes
painted in Rice Paper with Sanskrit, Pali, & Classical Chinese + Korean
+ Japanese & "Queens's English" + Webster Dictionary+ with a Black
Oil charcoal Calligraphy brush--
, as to hitheto-fore + the true Classical Liberal of the Mediavel
& Renaissance Liberal Science of the Arts & Sciences---
of the Orient glossed in a cheladon12 Century Koryeo antique vase-
exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum, NY, NY-where
Blakes infinity in a grain of sand lets the eye shut rest, &
keep even the wheels of his chariot to spheres of Heaven-
FWB-riding the fire of Shakepeare & Wheel of Fire
Mentor, Roger Deakins--Medaival and Rennaisance
Studies, CAS--"Praestare, Praestare, Praestare!"

Sunday, April 20, 2014


On the Novice (Intensive + Extensive) Philosophical Mastery of Vajra/Zen attn: Poetics of Episteme of Verifcation--


What is left to the Risen Jesus Christ,
of the symbol of the lotos river of the
Greek Temples of the Early Patristic
Church &Desert Fathers & Mothers-
as to the diamond/thunder-bolt vehicle,
(from Prior Buddhism of King Ashoka &
his Wheel----Persia & Greece
Rome & Babylonian Diaspora to the West
& East----------Deutero-Canonical Text & History--
an most heatedly dedicated to my readers & a Post Exilic
Asiatic of Far East Reading of the Masada---
all around the world--& my friends & Mentors
Dedicated to FW Ned Benton, among the greats****of I-O  Psychology + Computer-Information Systems in Criminal Justice & JH Morgan, Karl Manheimm Professor of Philosophy & History & Psychology of Behavioral Science--Dean James P. Levine,  Christina EH Czc, Mary Gibson--Adol Soto, MD,  John Kleinig--Chandu & Gautam Ramakrishna, John Maynard--Dr Barry Latzer & Adina Schwartz,& not least, Dr Prof. Michele Lowrie, Roger L. Deakins

Lucy & Tom Tucker,  my Dad & Mom, Great Gandfather & Grandmother--

The1st Dean, Bpeuwhol--OSSTB--

2nd Dean, OSSTB--Richard SY Kim,  (Johh Jay College/CUNY) for the past two years--

Applicant Cand.  FH/Oxford-Christ Church College--

Prospectus: "Quantum---Relative Structures of Belief, Jewish & Christian Phenemo--Logic of Personalim & Awakening of Faith Sutra"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To & For, Always--Lord ("Soe-Inn") DR Ned Benton---My Grand Magister unto Christ Like Boddhisatva (Mue) of Iron Ox of Zen (sounding of a Bamboo Flute on the Rice Fields of Oriental of the Lotose of Rose of Behavioral--Experimental/Clinical Psychology Science & Pro Criminal Justice Services & Statisticall Arts & Science---




 On Simple Base Level Foundation of Neo-Classical Temporal  Greek & Indic  Logic:


 To & For FW Ned Benton, my Grand Magister &


 Great Mentor & Supervisor (He knows too well attn: designs of no's (#'S) Hearte of

Research Methodology)---A Boddhisatva of Jhizo--(morpheme+-Kystigarbha + Maitreya--


 ---Sino-Japanese Ipso Coverso_Korean-Classical Indo-Chine)


with Love Admiration & Gratitude, Sempiternal, Sempiternaem---


Post antecedent, simul at que A Posteriori (Consequent)<----------->A Priori (Empty Set of All Numbers & Universal Sets of Sub-sets of All***Sets***.

 Is this the "meta-logic" of Neti of the Tetrelemma & Zeno Paradox.Neither Infinite Regress or Ad infinidum  trace of aeon of Infinite Invisible Universes. Do you dare to wager a bet against that which is neither Past or Future, but
Eternally "Here & Now."  As Thomas Merton writes: "Every Thing That is: is Holy."
As to the "Sacrament of the  Present Moment" (Leonard Foley: Believing in Jesus: A Popular
View of the Catholic Faith, 2000)

"In the end is my beginning"--TS Eiot, 4 Quartets

Humbly Submitted,Truly am Yours

Richard C Adrewe(s) S Yeong Kim, devoted pupil

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Toward a Meta-Analytic Philosophy & Understanding "A-Bridging West" Ipso Converso "East" Relatio---To All Whom Are Most Dear*** to My Hearte Potentia Est Lux Fiat--Shalom,, Pax--Shantih, Shantih--Peace----



New Rochelle, NY
edit location

1)Of Meta-logic of Post-Empirical Observation--of Quantum Philosophy

1A)& Inter-Subjectivity (Indo-European)

2A(One Mind Stream of Consciousness of Zen) & Objectivity of Truth Statement

(Faith of Abrahamic Structures of Belief)

3)& Neo-Classical Asiatic Meditative Praxis as Action Philosophy of Body

& Heart of Soul of Compassion & Renewal---



With suspenseful mystery & intrigue a sponsored advertisement in the public domain, which brought to my attention in terms of Google's Blog & Journal of good & Topical Listings of such included SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE of top 10-20 wonderful Bulletins on Security & Privacy between 2008-2010.

This was at the cusp when I was completing my final proposal draft with

Dr. FW Ned Benton (my Chair, Mentor-Supervisor), Dr John I Kleing, & Dr Adina Schwartz & Dean James P Levine

& Evan Mandery. They all in a company of such relevant, & rigorous research questions made me to consider En Mass Surveillance, Legal Oversight & Policy of the Federal Intelligence & Investigations on a global scale, which ***now***threatens internatiational geo-politics in light of cyber-warfare, terrorism & crime & WMD's.

It was adamantly difficult to address these policy issues, and the development for such a proposal to be completed, which passed as a dissertation. I "owe them my four limbs & nomadic, wandering mind & spirit that with out the assistance of CHRISTINA EH CZH, MARY GIBSON. & W/O God--I would have never made it, as if I were to play Russian Roulette, while blind-folded & in a rave of delirium & instability of Post/911 Law & NS & Privacy + Civil Liberties.

& MOM & DAD--I WELL BE "DEAD"-& GK KIM & S-J Lee Family, GAUTAM RAMAKRISHNA, MD, Lucy & Tom Tucker, & Rev'd Fr. K. Appollo Piotr Kowalski & Adolf Soto, MD.

I very gratefully thank Roger L. Deakins, John Maynard, Nicholas Birns for
counseling & most sagaciously encouraging me, during my Graduate Studies, since 1990 at NYU, CAS-til the point of completing my PhD. With out them, and their Letters of References--I believe I would not have been admitted to John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY Graduate School & University Center.

I owe an especial debt of gratitude, and true respect to Barry Latzer, who held the rope as tightly that I did not sink to the "madness" of getting a Ph.D in Criminal Justice, & to Adolf Soto, MD whose wisdom of a Doctor pulled me through the peaks & nadir of (Liebensweld)--"life world"---

I very much thank Dr Charles Liebeberman as beinf the first Co-Chair & President (of SCPC Inst.), a and Co-Founder of SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE; and DR Barry Latzer, as being on the Founding Advisory Board with Nicholas Birns.

I am most gratefully am in  debt to & of whom I mentioned  previously for their guidance, and generosity & wisdom & patience.
I would like to thank Benjamin X Liu for giving me the idea of creating blog in a bulletin & journal style form & template.


Richard S.Y. Kim

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"Posterior Analytics". Richard. HarperResource. Buchanan. tufts. in Zalta. ... (2001).S. London. "The Logic of Quantum Mechanics". The Monist 72(1)..) ...

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... H.-H Cheng, "Schottky Barrier Quantum Well Resonant Tunneling Transistor (SBQWRTT ... Mei Kim Ding, Richard B ... R. B. Brown, K. L Rho, S. Y. Yun, H. J ...

Quantum Physics authors/titles Jul 2002 - arXiv.org e-Print ...
arxiv-web3.library.cornell.edu/list/quant-ph/0207?show=232<javascript: toggleToolLinks( 9, 'tools10', 'tool-link10', 'http%3A%2F%2Farxiv-web3.library.cornell.edu%2Flist%2Fquant-ph%2F0207%3Fshow%3D232', 'arxiv-web3.library.cornell.edu')>
... Richard A. Mould. Comments: ... Relation of the Bell inequalities with quantum logic, ... I.M. Tsai, S.Y. Kuo. Comments: 24 pages, 16 figures, ...

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