Monday, October 26, 2009

An Adieu, and Farewell to Our Readers- from SCP

In blind visions there is no justification for the acts and deeds that are meaninglesss without string of straw, and strident chord of the avatar of chaos.

I have done all that I could do--the rest is a departure and and adventure for the quest of prudential security, liberty, and spiritual peace, and end to conflict to the war.

But the sword will rise once againe to the those who are meek, humble and righteous, without giving to intellecutal pretension, or monomia, schizotypal egomania or tryanny of any sorts.

"You reap what you sow." This is Karma. Christian or Buddhist, and experimental-cogntive causation of consequences of unwarranted, ill behavior of wrong doing, crime and sins, and may the good, and those who have always acted out of good conscience and good will, and peace, and love of truth and conciliation be always praised.

I am no Dante to damn infernal fiends, but I fear G+D's wrath, and all who are you are his just ministers of Fire, as eagles riding on the burial shores of the mountain and oceanic shores!

"Play at your Own Risk"/////

"Suffer unto truth"

Let God judge history and the historians, and let the historiographers and us, we, observe the ebb and flow of events.

---Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euryipides


RsyK, Editor in Chief, Editoral Staff and Advisory Board

Thank you Most Heartedly and Gratefully to Our Loyal Readers, and those who found our Blog Bulletin interesting, and of some use!

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