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To & For Arya of AHS-India--abode--Far, Gone, Gone Paramgate=Boddhisatva----Indo-European Aesthicus +Eastern-Indo-Nepal (as its own dynastic kingdom???) than of Now N & S India-----Theologicus Tractate Asyrian Rite, Eastern Orthodoxy, Byzantine Catholic infra E. Asian-Sino-Latin Korean+ Japanese Rite + Modern Orthodox Judaism Rite, & Xsia Islam of Love, Peace Mercy & Justice--Dedicated all readers have made this Blog a "sucessful one"---The Staff & Publisher Thanks you for Great & Warm +Coridal + Sincere Readership==w/out which I have no fuel in my Engines to "keep" flames of Eternal Fire of "EloHIM" of Gods to Sustains + Deliver Us when We tempted to do evil, rather the Good--"for which we have followed too much the "DEVICES & DESIRES OF THE HEART"--SARUM MISSAL CONFESSIO


To & For Arya--whose accidental wanders upon my my Fellowship as Associate Research Faculty Fellow/
CUNY Graduate Center/Inter-Disciplinary-- Dept. Public Management--Philosophy/CRJ-IT/Economics---

You are so "beautiful." What is beauty, but Eyes of God00 in "hearte of the body--of emerald-sapphire of Gold--in the Agni of dispossesion, but great liberality of soul and giving to the who have less, or inhabit the Samsara of sentient being toward "Death" & Sorge(Care)--in communicado of who hold as "as what Beethoven" dubbed his reference to his "Mistress"--IMMORTAL BELOVED, as all whom I admire as a conceal CV-
  • Richard Kimc 'concealed 57+++pp VC (Blog)-with help-Christina, Mary Gibson, Adina Schwartz, Mom, & all My Aunties & "Uncles" as child til now--thanks to my Mentors & Family & Ben & Ramakrisha, & Charles, Dr. Barry Latzer, Ned Benton, & J. Kleinig, J, Levine & J. Maynard + Roger L. Deakins & N. Birns--&friends from AHS, NYU, CUNY John Jay--

  • Richard Kimc in what dearth that buries past memory,

  • Richard Kimc and the hallow of both joy & pain-

  • Richard Kimc and not silence of stillness, but the speech of Light,

  • Richard Kimc that enlightens all who, cry at birth of the wonders

  • Richard Kimc of the world--to be enthroned the Throne of God-by Mercy & Love

  • Richard Kimc ecce puella & pulchra, clemens + pieta PIA--Mater-figlia--of Ganges River in 12th Cantica/Circle of PARADISO-(rcf--Dante's PARADISO)--totus tuus--salve, theotokos, nos--Sino-Korean Latin Rite--18-19th C. Missions; so you illuminate

  • Richard Kimc the Dark Matter of the Terror of Night-Fall, as Vision center the cortex of Light-

  • Richard Kimc & to rise to a Resurrection of more 7 ions of Kalpa in Eternity and Time--
    ecce puella, pulchra + pia--of my Indo-Nepal line as "trace"--as missing

  • Richard Kimc in the coat of arms-"Darkness into Sight" (r.c.f. BY Kim) Trans. USA & Seoul, S. Korea--

  • Richard Kimc what is the vision of the Roselotos in the Deer Park of the Tatagatha last "FLOWER SERMON"--O Makayasapa is Dharma, and true freedom--neither knowledge: but the Silence of God--what is held back as I refrain to see that flower dropping in Deer Park-is ...See More

  • Richard Kimc of the heart--in Romance and oblation to Ineffable Name + and binded to hope that we shall in good time, over a cup of ginger-jasmine teach + crysantheum wine--if will it see--eye to eye--hopefully shall meet in passage of quick time of morrows of new twigh light of renewal of lifeword (Liebensweld)--

  • Richard Kimc "teach"-"tea" * (White Root Ginseng Tea) *(which I gave to her for Christmas)--Aunty C.Czechowicz---Late Associate Director of John Jay College PhD Program--in matrix grid which I did not "opt" to or for to Princeton U-- MPA & Philosophy--to "hard" but "ever faithful" to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY--Dept. Public Management, Criminal Justice, I-T, Philosophy Economics--

  • Richard Kimc I settled with U of Hongn Kong--Doctoral Research Member, U O HK/China Consortium--Oxford University & gate with Macau + HK gate of Catholic Missions since the Jouney of SS Thomas & Bartholmew--

  • Richard Kimc That is U of Hong Kong + City University of Hong--member, Digital PhD Dissertation, Member

  • Richard Kimc I can not doubt that GOD IS, and that you are truly beautiful! Let me know of how you "met" my correspondence (on Face Book>>>)

  • Richard Kimc More glimmer in the crescent seas of great light. sjhe as beautiful & thee....

  • Richard Kimc Forgive me, Arya--if I have been already been intrigued of your prescence beyond the Atlantic + Trans-Pacific--Rim, to which

  • Richard Kimc if I were Submariner of Alantis I would swim to the Indian Ocean to meet & greet with stillness of the how St Augustine cried out to Our Father--"For so long I have burnt for Thy Peace1" in re his St Monica! Happy Birthday!

  • Richard Kimc Dear Arya Shi (honorific particle for pronouns in Korean)--it will be take 5-7 years to be fully operational with Profession, as a Legal-Social (Action & Post-Empiricist Methodological Philosopher + soon to short, or far to apply to Foundation House/Ox...See More

  • Richard Kimc But before anything--when fully solvent & in the block I would like to meet you, to see if we are compatible + well suited for one another--

  • Richard Kimc Love Much, Sincerely in Christ, Respectfully

  • Richard Kimc Dear Arya--will you ever write back to me, without any kind of "taint" that you are too young too begin a Trans=Pacific Relationship. I've found no women in my life as physically beautiful as you---or is this kind of Indian Trans-National Organized -in which you are A DOUBLE AGENT--a "MATA HAERI"

  • Richard Kimc Much Love in God of us All--RSYCAK


  • Richard Kimc That is Silence--

  • Richard Kimc To renounce all that which is bereft of silence--the world can swing on spindle

  • Richard Kimc &thread the vajra-Diamond Bolt Vehicle to

  • Richard Kimc destroy the Anti-Dharma as MIMI Voices of Eloi-HIM of GENESIS--

    • Richard Kimc

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