Thursday, July 31, 2014

To & Tribute for Beloved Anglo-American Prof Director-Roger L. Deakins--of Shakespeare & 17 C Poetry + His Mentor--GB Evan, Ed. Riverside Shakespeare w. Textual ANNOT***


To & For Roger L Deakins, my great Anglo-American Pater of Shakespeare & 17 Century Poetry of England-with great love + gratitude-as my First Mentor,--NYU (College of Arts & Science) &RK+ RLD2'S Mentor--- GB Evans--Pre-eminent Editor of Riverside Shakespeare w. Annotation
"As it were to set fire on the earth"--Jesus Christ
Upon the islet of desert of the Liffey
crossed the River Styx:
Dante the Sacred River--Ganges
in the Cantica of Paradiso--
as to follow the eternal jews--
of the Rabbi Ram Ban--
following the Levitical
of the Un Ballo Masquerade
--with the salt of the Dead
Sea Scroll & Red Sorgum
of Cathay--
As of Ireland-England
Diamond Blue
& Scepter Emeralds,
& Sapphires
--to ameliorate & reconcile--
at to-----
ministering the
forebearance of Justice
& Mercy, beyond
Titus Androncus--crying
like a Banshee of the death
of his imperial sacrifice
of his daughter, soon
to be given overn to
"Terra Relictus Est"--
The question of Poetic
Justice--as for CS Lewis quip-
of surreal divinity of flights + plight
of gross, extreme melancholia
of bile & humors of the
ABBA--reverso caputo est-
As to Lord Prince Hamlet--
as to yield a Sword of the Rhua
& cried out in high castle--
"Stay Illusion"--
"Prince or Poem:--Legacy of Hamlet
exegetical commentary of the
commons--& aristocracy--
ending in Tragedy--
"Of what is the Quintessence of Dust")
G. Wilson Knight--"Shakespeare & Wheel
of Fire"-
Shakespeare, Great Bard-where he prophesy
about the past inter=meshed with "dramaturgical
present"--& light of the Sun--on scorched
plains--wailing the cries of Aviltosevara-which
she can no longer here or administer
who have gone the abuse & corruption,
genocide, murder, sexual homicidem\, rapine
of war, and booty--
"Even Budhha Punished Evil"
"For those those who slay a Buddha--
Necro-nomicon of the Book of Dead
mercilessly punishes that which is of
of threen jewels & 3 crowns-of a Boddhisatva"
Of the Ancient Ural-0Altaic Tribe among
the Jutes of the Breadth of the Power
of Odin--the Scandinavian Dongyi--
 of Hamletn Narrative of Classical
Sino +Sino-Korean: "Hamyhool"
__Wittgenstein as "Family Semblance"
Of Ashoka the Great's prophesies of the Reform
of the Penal Code of India-& penitent
to the Abbidharma, Vinayana & Sutra
of the Fiery Wheel of monks of Asoka-
of lineage & migration, diaspora to Greece,
Rome & Turkey, and prior &/or after the Court
of Solomon take a route to India-
or to West of Germany, England & Ireland-
where the travel never ends which in eternal
time--Paradise is in the "Kingdom of God
It is a waiting game, until the ringer on our
cells (I_phones)-which I have none-
but the Muses of the World Parthenon
to which we assent as Grammar of
belief which Shakepeard rivaled the Church--
as Creation in internal realism (Hilary Putnam)
of Mind-Language (Cambridge)
to which I say--
I don't know Shakespeare-
than to see the World as Globe, and Stage-
as what dream of language of
is "All Much A Do About Nada, W classical
Asiatic poesy


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

End Results as Air Ball sinks in Loop-Hole!!!???


Thank you most graciously and sincerely--in which at 52-55--- of professional & research labors-- with the Help of God---apply to St. Joseph's Seminary--Dunwoodie, Yonkers--NY-- (MDIV-BST-thereof the Angelicum University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Vaticana Roma + Ecumenical + Inter-Faith & Religious Mutual Dialogue)-
Gratias Tibi, Credo-Action/Praxis as both pre-cedent + causal effect for belief on relying & dependent in re GRACE & Mercy of God-->Of Contemplation of Silence, Calm & Stillness---& Rest & Peace
Thank you\Sincerely
Richard SY Kim
Abbot Society, Dean--OSSTB-
Secular Monastic Inst.--(CCC-Rome, Istanbul, Kiev)

World Council of Churches

Temple Israel, Wailing Wall for "All" suffering people of the world, herein which we
are exilee, & pilgrim immigrants--------Jerasulem--------

Dharma.Net Shin-Ran, Ryoken--Post-Kyoto/Kamakura
Dhyanna, Sunyatta, Metta Sutta

Won Hyo & Nicheren--Boddhisatvas of the Buddhist Apocalypse--

Commentary in Re LOTUS SUTRA---

Thursday, July 24, 2014




Her voice was low & soft,
her manners, silent & meek-
a peasant women-
more beatifulle in a harem,,
as virtuous
of  a Buddhist nun,
as beautifual as white
waves of crest of the bikkhus,
arhats, beggar monks, mendicants
Amidda Buddha of Medicine=-
Buddha Bless,
Blesss You,
who smote the heart of the
King--who made her his queen----
RSYCA Andrewes Kim

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Poem in Tribute to Arch-Priest---Joe-Inn---Founder of Order & Society of SS Thomas & Bartholomew


Between the loss of the white crane,
and your pale white face of the purple rice
sillouette paper of the screen door-so

I wait for Lord Jesus Christ,
as patient for the suffering
of the world--yet
the triiiumphal march--
in her prayers, the hermitess
in the galactic heraldry,
I ate nothing, only water

"give us this day, our daily--"
prayed for ancestors for myself to enter
the Heaven, to whom
the Sky King of Kings

"for Thine is the Kingdom, Now More & Ever"

let them in to Paradiso of Beatissima Visione--
as fasting--
past & Beyond mortification--
& desire made right of Holy Spirit

Cyprianne Andrewes, OSSTB, PhD

Koryeo(Executive) Senior Editor, Robert Turly--Asian Art & Humanities

R.S.Y Kim, Ph.D., Order & Society of SS. Thomas and Bartholomew, who studied Law,_LIT, Math @ NYU; John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY Graduate Center Research Foundation Fellow (Dept.Management, Law, Criminal Justice; CO-Editor-BEN LIU, BROWN U< West/East PSYCH: Senior Math/Stats Editor, Editor. S. VAN BEVERHAUT; Assoc. Communications Ed. Michael Reyes, Hamilton College: Hon. Supreme THEORETICAL MATHEMATICS ED. ALGIRDAS.T. University at LITHUANIA-POLAND;Film Editor-"Voltaire," SUNY-BINGHAMTON U. SR Assoc. Math.Ed. Arsen Yakubov, U of Israel-Princeton U----Advisory Board--Gautam Ramakrishna, MD,(EMERITUS) Executive Secretary, Nada Pues Nada (Mayo Clinic Research Group)- C. Lieberman, PhD, NYPD, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, Investigation and Policing Philosophy, John Jay College-University of New Haven(EMERITUS) *AFFIL=DULLES/BENTON/KLEINIG/SCHWARTZ/LEVINE/KIM/WANG PAN AMERICAN-ASIAN INSTITUTE FOR PEACE, WAR, ECONOMICS & JUSTICE-Legal and Political Advisor: Barry Latzer, JD, PhD (EMERITUS); ; ;Nicholas Birns PhD GPBNEW SCH0OL U=Executive V. President, B.Liu. Senior Ed. Glen Slaby--