Thursday, August 13, 2009

Confession of an Assassin: In Holy Honor of HANNAH, ANNE, THEOTOKOS, BVM, Avakolkiteshvara-Kuan Yin, Desert Mothers & Sisters

Salve, Salve Regina nos ab culpaque, our exile.
Of the lotos in the quantum heart of reality, for we are tormented by plague, feverish disease and fire.
Pray and have mercy, and compassion for all who cannot pray, or turn to your intercession on snow mountain and forest,
in the desert where Satan attacks with his hordes,
I turn to light of Veda, Elijiah, Tatagatha and Christ to confess to a nameless holy hermit.
He says: "It is not sacrifices that I seek, but a broken and a contrite spirit."
And I the son of general who have slaughtered the sinews, and muscles, tissues, vultures ravaging on eye balls of my enemies in the desert plains repented of my sins.
"Because of your confession, your karma will be transversed, and you will not suffer punishment in nether world, but will help others in the nether world on this earth"
"Preach the Mercy of YHWH, and the Divine Mercy" &
"The Mercy of the Buddha."
"Strict Law Against Killing without just cause or to protect the innocent."
The hermit gave him his walking staff and his healing sword, and passed away.
After he buried the holy man, the desert became an islet for a River.

Sung_Mo Nim
necesse est lux veritatis esse ad ergo santificationis pro misercordia et ius.
Kwan Seum Bo Sal Nim,
bpe beul lo jeu jip sheo ship yeo yo!

I would like to thank Great Professor Michele Lowrie, an Indo-European Classicist of Latin for teaching me Latin,,,,,Cicero and Virgil, ubi caritas.

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