Monday, July 20, 2009

Counter-Surveillance and the Grail in Wagner's PARSIFAL

For In Substitutio Patris Prof. Don B.L. & my Spiritual Master, Fr. K.K., & Roger L. Deakins, Shakespearean Textual Editor and Critic

Forensic Theological Investigations (2)

How to Save the Bewitched Lady, the Fisher King as Ascesis of Western and Eastern Tradition of the Spiritual Underworld???

Why was Parsifal annointed with Gawain to be a Knight of the Grail? To save King Arthur's Court they must endure trials of mortal combat and spiritual struggles to renounce the glories of earthy power and dominion, pride, sensuality, and conquest of usurping an "other world" of heavenly spirits, which is not theirs to possess. By this temporal and spiritual renunciation of unrivaled mortal strength and spiritual asceticism, which can be found in the Wagner's understanding of German Mayahana Buddhism ("bodhisattva vow and ideal"), and cenobitic asceticism of Catholicism, which exemplifies the Grail Knight--the curse of the witch on Kundri, and wounds of Fisher King is uplifted and healed. The spiritual underworld of the demonic forces which possess wicked rival knights for the Grail as earthly conquest is destroyed by the asceticism and renunciation of Parsifal's self-sacrifice to save Kundri and the Fisher King. This is perforce the supernal counter-surveillance of the the THEORETIKON in the Passion Scene of the Mass. It is ironic that it was considered blasphemous to stage a Mass dramaturgy in musical theatre by the Church. Moreover, the ascesis and kenotic ouevre of the GOOD FRIDAY MUSIC leads to the finding of the lost and cursed Kundri, whom Parsifal saves from the witche's curse, with Parsifal saving the Fisher King from his immortal wounds through the healing spear. Kundri can only wish to bewed Parsifal at the end, while dying--while Parsifal must renounce any temporal desire to fulfill his sensual desires to consumate Kundri's love. Does that make Parsifal or Wagner Buddhist. The verdict is out, other than that Wagner leads us and makes us imagine that the belief of renunciation of all that one truly possses in the soul in light of the Passion "Good Friday" Musical Dramaturgy interculturates Buddhism into an almost "Unsaid Catholicism of the heart," in which the counter-surveillance of all that is against world, flesh and Satan (the Medieval enemies of the soul) is championed by the ultimate silence of Parsifal, who in the exile of his desires and love of Kundri reaches a level of a sui generis Teutonic Buddhist-Christian kenosis (a self-emptying) which resonates the renunciation of the Buddha and the Christ. For this is Parsifal's "Third Eye" of "Counter-Surveillance," which saves him from all his fiery ordeals and his life to quest for the Holy Grail.

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