Friday, July 31, 2009

Laws of Cyber-Warfare: Wittgenstein in re to Moses Maimonides's Meditation on A Psalm of David

"Lay still on your bed, and know that I am God (and meditate on My Precepts") {in diacritical paraphrasis\



Ludwig Wittgenstein's remarks on "HOW TO FOLLOW A RULE," that is "blindly."

W's debate with Sir Karl Popper, in which Wittgenstein's replies "there are no moral one?"

Are there such rules in cyber-terrorist warfare? Or on the War on the Terror?

Counterfeit Currency, Living, Death and the Decadent Saintly Libertine le Criminelle Orientalisme Terrorisme

For Dr. Mary Gibson, Aunty C. Elena Czechowicz, Adina Schwartz, John Kleinig, with much love and gratitude

The eyes of the stars mattered more to his mind's eye than His studying of the Lotus Sutra.
For all would be corrupted by the Counterfeit-Dharma.
So being the iIrish-Parisian with a Manchurian Aunt he dealt in the American dollar counter-feit schemes to buy sexual slaves, and gave them sanctuary, to feed them, school them in the High fashion salon of the garment and fashion industry and cosmetology, near the College de France.
He was an educated at Princeton in mathematics and political philosophy, and was a Presbyterian convert to Sino-Latin Rite Vatican II Catholicism.
A French scion he inherited a fortune, and sold his inheritance on crystal-meth, and global sexual tourism. A lover of male and femme, and rough limit experiences of sexuality.
But when Victor saw the sexual torture and sexual homicide of a slave boy in an infernal salon, he repented of his sin of his prodigality and de Sadian nihilism.
Systemic counter-feiting from N. Korea to Pan Eurasia to Paris to buy slaves off the market, and assasinate mass sexual traders was his Orientalisme terrorisme missionary work.
Who knows this man, or has even heard of him? I don't know. Neither did he know! Sacrum Silentium ex Nihilo Vacuo ad Ecclessiam in muerteque Resurrectionem of the Communion of the unknown, broken, broken, bones and flesh and drunken wine of the SAINTS.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Counter-Surveillance and the Grail in Wagner's PARSIFAL

For In Substitutio Patris Prof. Don B.L. & my Spiritual Master, Fr. K.K., & Roger L. Deakins, Shakespearean Textual Editor and Critic

Forensic Theological Investigations (2)

How to Save the Bewitched Lady, the Fisher King as Ascesis of Western and Eastern Tradition of the Spiritual Underworld???

Why was Parsifal annointed with Gawain to be a Knight of the Grail? To save King Arthur's Court they must endure trials of mortal combat and spiritual struggles to renounce the glories of earthy power and dominion, pride, sensuality, and conquest of usurping an "other world" of heavenly spirits, which is not theirs to possess. By this temporal and spiritual renunciation of unrivaled mortal strength and spiritual asceticism, which can be found in the Wagner's understanding of German Mayahana Buddhism ("bodhisattva vow and ideal"), and cenobitic asceticism of Catholicism, which exemplifies the Grail Knight--the curse of the witch on Kundri, and wounds of Fisher King is uplifted and healed. The spiritual underworld of the demonic forces which possess wicked rival knights for the Grail as earthly conquest is destroyed by the asceticism and renunciation of Parsifal's self-sacrifice to save Kundri and the Fisher King. This is perforce the supernal counter-surveillance of the the THEORETIKON in the Passion Scene of the Mass. It is ironic that it was considered blasphemous to stage a Mass dramaturgy in musical theatre by the Church. Moreover, the ascesis and kenotic ouevre of the GOOD FRIDAY MUSIC leads to the finding of the lost and cursed Kundri, whom Parsifal saves from the witche's curse, with Parsifal saving the Fisher King from his immortal wounds through the healing spear. Kundri can only wish to bewed Parsifal at the end, while dying--while Parsifal must renounce any temporal desire to fulfill his sensual desires to consumate Kundri's love. Does that make Parsifal or Wagner Buddhist. The verdict is out, other than that Wagner leads us and makes us imagine that the belief of renunciation of all that one truly possses in the soul in light of the Passion "Good Friday" Musical Dramaturgy interculturates Buddhism into an almost "Unsaid Catholicism of the heart," in which the counter-surveillance of all that is against world, flesh and Satan (the Medieval enemies of the soul) is championed by the ultimate silence of Parsifal, who in the exile of his desires and love of Kundri reaches a level of a sui generis Teutonic Buddhist-Christian kenosis (a self-emptying) which resonates the renunciation of the Buddha and the Christ. For this is Parsifal's "Third Eye" of "Counter-Surveillance," which saves him from all his fiery ordeals and his life to quest for the Holy Grail.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nicholas Birns's, THEORY AFTER THEORY: Soon Hot Off the Press

Nicholas Birns's experimental, yet classical literary and interdisciplinary theory and survey on literary criticism, and the the philosophy of literature and historicism in a late/post modernity.
THEORY AFTER THEORY (Westview Press, forthcoming-February 2010). Very exceptional, and highly recommended for lay readers, and professional academic theorists.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mathematical Interpolation of Great Zen Master Jui Zhi and Kurt Goedel (If the Future Can Bear the Chronos of Calm)

F(x)=1/ox X 0=1

3x X 3=9

18ox X o= 18o

In veritable and loving memory of S. Ramanujan, Ind0-Cambridge Immortal

The Question of Meditation is the Answer, or is it the contra-negative, converse & transverse-the contra-postive!

Anti-Metaphysical Buddhist-Taoist Western Scientific Mathematic Probality-Combinatix Form Pattern onf Black Belt Master Level: IL-YEO.

Scholastic Metaphysical Question & Orthodox Thought & Zen

"Why is there something than nothing?"

My good friend replied: "Why is water wet?"

---Gabriel Yakubov, President & CEO & Benny Dezoraiev, VP.

Central Barber Shop Inc., Hartsdale, NY.


"If there is no water, there is no nature of wetness, nor its attributes."

__S.Y.R. Kim

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Risk Assessment, Wittgenstein on "Mistake" & "Objectivity" to Quote the Great Master

While overcoming a nicotine withdrawal, I need a cigar, or to smoke a pipe to pacify my mind and nerves, at least once a day.

"It needs to be shown that no mistake was possible. Giving the assurance "I know" doesn't suffice. For it is after all only an assurance that I can't be mistaken, and it needs to be objectively established that I am not making a mistake about that."


Do I give up nicotine completely in every way? How sure can about assessing and analyzing risk for cyber-terrorism, and warfare. Surely, we can be mistaken about our analysis. I would respectfully say to Wittgenstein's previous maxim: yes, there are "no simple guarantees," as my dad have alway told me in life. This is unpredictability of the human world reflecting through a convex and concave lens (either which perfects your vision) fallible human nature--where decision making can be lethal, dangerous, and deadly. Perhaps, a metaphor for Bruce Lee's popular film: "Game of Death," which I belive was his last film before his sad, tragic death. (R.I.P.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mirror dome of Surveillance in the Sky's Eye

Orbital satellites in space, and wire
below the depths.
Has the time to unleash the artifice of Leviathan
catapulted itself in a world crisises of a pre-destined world destruction.
Surveillance in the Eye's Sky.
For, this the All Seeing Eye of God
no divan bed of murderers and seers can terminate, or foresee.
We are left with mere "city of man" of globally destructive,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Shiva Code Re-Visited and Considered: Crime, Sacrilege and the Anti-Christ"

Forensic Theological Investigations I (b)

Shiva Code Re-visited and Considered."> > In Memory of Dom Bede Griffith--to Profess0r John R. Maynard, Mentor-- GF LoL, and ever so gentle elder friend> > The myth Of Shiva,> the spiraling gyration of destruction, the destruction of the cosmos,> with three steps, a Diamond Bolt vehichle brush stroke of creation.> It's all a myth, as Baudelaire's orthodoxy that Satan is the Prince of > this world.> Corruption, Mammon, irreovocable depravity, polymorphous sexuality, dispossessed deviancy and crime, discourtesy and > savagery,> and scandal lay hold impeccable, secret throttle and sway of this world.> Were the Anti-Christ to destroy the world, would he be Shiva. Q.E.D.> No he could not re-create the cosmos.> I believe because I cannot believe. LORD, save me from my unbelief,> for I drink from the blood and host of the anti-christ of the anti-christ of the Christ.> That is St. Tertulian's dictum: "I believe because it is impossible," and > his agonizing> self-mulitation which excised him from canonization by the Church.> Is it complete madness that I desire and struggle, and discern to seek vocation of Holy Orders of the Church of Rome? O Phantom, Unreal City!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Mushashi Minamoto,the greatest known swordsman of Japanese martial samurai history, authored a treatise: BOOK OF FIVE RINGS. He was a martial philosopher influenced by Zen Buddhism. Ideogramtically the Sino-Japanese character for "Samurai" are two Chinese characters: the first, Man, and the second, Temple.

I will discourse on the central martial metaphors for the spirit and philosophy of swordsmanship.

Fire. The strategic movement, and over-lay of the body, mind and spirit of handling the sword must be as unpredictable and torrentially powerful as a conflagration of the flames of fire in its speed and its destructive power in mortal combat.

Wind. The sword striking techniques must be hollow, engulfing and empty without form that the opponent cannot predict or calculate one's series of, or next attack.

Void. All strategy, attack, posture, attack, and parrying must be executed without any mental obstruction or blockage. It must flow into the void, mu-shin (no-mind).

Timing. This is like rhythmic balance of coordinating and synchronizing all attacks according to an allotment of time like a dance.

The rest of Mimamoto's treatise is when these rules no longer hold "cash value" in winning the battle, when the opponent violates all orthodox rules of fighting, Or* when orthodox techniques can no longer be used to attain victory. This remains controversial even till day in martial arts philosophy; but life and death at its dire moment can unravel the legitimacy of such unorthodox movements.

It is like asking the question are their just rules of warfare? That is, terrorism by a rogue group or nation-state using computers and cyber-surveillance, which break all rules of global-cyber law? If not, Minamoto's ultimate conclusion that to win by any any means--symetric or asymetric, whether orthodox or unorthodox to defeat your mortal enemy is a legitimate necessity for one's survival, and national security and defense.

It is a Season of invisible digital assassins, and rogue states! If we read Dr. Greunter Lewy's history on the military strategy and tactics of the Northern Vietnamese, who used absolutely unorthodox tactics to defeat the U.S., Minamoto's assessment and strategy of when to use orthodox tactics at any cost, and when to violate them is literally on the front-burner of strategic battlegrounds of cyber-terrorists who declare war, and who are invisible enemies to global national security, peace and justice.

A Legendary Remark from Alan F. Westin

Systematic physical observation has long been a traditional tool of the anthropologist, psychologist, sociologist, medical researcher, and politcal scientist, as well as marketing and advertising research agencies......scientific methods decribe two way mirors and built-in listening devices to observe behavior to observe......



Now the epoch of cyber-surveillance has reached the advent of a "policy paradox" of post-global millenial vertigo--where we can't detect who the enemy is, or is not; as much as we are attacked from within and without. Statistical mechanics of data-mining for en-masse
cyber-surveillance, national and domestic cyber-surveillance in respect to national military and national defense without a strong fort or fenced boundaries? A digital NO_MAN'S LAND. Where can we run to hills far away?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rest in Peace

Robert McNnamara, Richard E. Kim, novelist, Professor of English, U-Mass, Amherst, Michael Jackson, depart in the peace of Light of God and Peace.

Koryeo(Executive) Senior Editor, Robert Turly--Asian Art & Humanities

R.S.Y Kim, Ph.D., Order & Society of SS. Thomas and Bartholomew, who studied Law,_LIT, Math @ NYU; John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY Graduate Center Research Foundation Fellow (Dept.Management, Law, Criminal Justice; CO-Editor-BEN LIU, BROWN U< West/East PSYCH: Senior Math/Stats Editor, Editor. S. VAN BEVERHAUT; Assoc. Communications Ed. Michael Reyes, Hamilton College: Hon. Supreme THEORETICAL MATHEMATICS ED. ALGIRDAS.T. University at LITHUANIA-POLAND;Film Editor-"Voltaire," SUNY-BINGHAMTON U. SR Assoc. Math.Ed. Arsen Yakubov, U of Israel-Princeton U----Advisory Board--Gautam Ramakrishna, MD,(EMERITUS) Executive Secretary, Nada Pues Nada (Mayo Clinic Research Group)- C. Lieberman, PhD, NYPD, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, Investigation and Policing Philosophy, John Jay College-University of New Haven(EMERITUS) *AFFIL=DULLES/BENTON/KLEINIG/SCHWARTZ/LEVINE/KIM/WANG PAN AMERICAN-ASIAN INSTITUTE FOR PEACE, WAR, ECONOMICS & JUSTICE-Legal and Political Advisor: Barry Latzer, JD, PhD (EMERITUS); ; ;Nicholas Birns PhD GPBNEW SCH0OL U=Executive V. President, B.Liu. Senior Ed. Glen Slaby--