Monday, September 28, 2009

In Loving Memory of Great Zen Master Seung Sahn & Bohrs-Heisenberg

F (x)= 1/0 x=0/1 y squared
=0/1y=1/0 x squared

14th Amendment, Equal Protection Under the Law, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Don't be bewitched by Tang Romanticism, less you be a wayward drunkard wayfarer, not casting your sandals before you go way to sleep or taking naps, or become Webster's WHITE DEVIL.

Move and dance with with the Spiritual Moral Dao of the Universe, and then soil your white wild oats.

There is forest tale of winter monks who had no wood so they burnt the statue of the Buddha to survive the storm.

So too Christ offered himself as unblemished holy, incarnate sacrifice--the Eternal Lamb of the Last Supper.

So I remember, and bathe in and drink holy water as a memory of baptismal rite on Yom Kimpur. What an extricable, and monstrous, hideous, beastly Bad Roman Catholic!

So Unpredicatable as philosphy of mathematical physics. But, as Einstein says-God does not throw dice with the Universe.\

All this my consolation.

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