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Some Perspectives for Spiritualist Personalism of Individual Souls in a Collective Commons of Trust, Mercy, Reconcilation, Forebearance + Forgiveness + Love-------------------------------------------------


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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


 I have heard from Tek.Sytems--Multi-Global INC--subsidiary of Aegelis--Multi-Global Corp--has "blessed" quickness
that I am not "dead" in the interim of 2 hours--+I hope that I will run--this "sudden death" finalist to finalist competition----but back to life by God-in Love for All things + wonders; which is the greatest nightmare + bewilderment to salvage my mind, body + spirit--of that which much ever still, but filled with "Incorruptible" spiritualisme--of which is SUPERNATURAL; as I lived in 133 Bennet Ave, 1 Street down for Cabrini BLVD, where St. Mother [Teresa] Cabrini--
body did not suffer decomposition or "de muertis"--in Washington Heights--in a glass casket!
Alan, John & "Harry Dulles" + Lord J.A.CardinalDulles, my Tutor in Classical--High Classical Church of Rome in Sermon-Homily in 5 sentences--as for Dr Ned Benton--proffered Minimalist--Parallel Structure--in which I take a Liberal Version of the Buddhist/Jamesian "PARALLEX" ANGLO-BUDDHIST LOGIC--ROBERT BUSHELL, UCLA, Chogye/Mt Diamond/Orthodox Buddhism/Mu-Seong--the SuccessorAbbot  to Dae Doe Sa Nim Seung Sahn (RIP, the Great) Founder of both Men + Women Married __Nuptial Bounded Orders in CE Europe, USA + Japan=Graham Priest---&Shingon+ Zen+TENDAI+ NICHEREN++++++Apocalyptic Budddhism as GOD_SON OF WON HYO--in re Awakening of Faith--Dr SOE INN Dr Director Benton's Brother-Law--at UVA-Classical Japanese Buddhologist + History + Philosophical of Religion & Indirect as Floral
Knitting Design as Aesthetics by Fire + Idedogram In-Printed to burn with this Hungry Ghost to exorcise the Bhavagan Demons that no longer have the power to haunt or kill or be killed---

For + To My ille migliore fabro-Dr  FW Ned Benton,
Supreme I-G--Director + Chair
Public Mangement/CRJ_IT/PAD Economic
PhD Program + Legal & Judicial Oversight & Planning
Policy---City University of New York-GC, JJC---

Sow unto truth
from the land of
perennial season of
the Locust, Land
of Milk & Honey--
& Goat Curd
of Cicacia red leaves
flower Orchard--\
when we understand
that we have walked all
the way to Artic Zone
we have gone far
beyond from no-where
as to have awaken sleep
for mat hay straw
bed to find the needle
in the haystack--to which
as Christ said is the "Heaven
 Is Within"--& to "set on
fire" those Innocent Lives'
who are taken by force
& murdered as "violence
attacks the Kingdom of Heaven"
in which Blondel say unto
the EFFX--"Holy Spirit unravels
ALL Conspiracy as to how
King David survived & in good
weal + stand fast in the Final Judgment
of the Next Life---

Richard S.Y. Andrews Kim,

Thank You Always, for your consideration---!

Truly am Yours, AM Yours--

RsycAndrews Kim, Ph.D
1st Dean--------------------
Order & Society of SS Thomas & Bartholomew--
Wiki Project/
 Associate Research Faculty Fellow
City University of New York-Graduate Center
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Dept. Public Management--Philosophy/CJ--I-Technology

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