Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Intro-oit--SCPC Inst: E Conference, Cyber-Studies + Letters (Arts & Science)----

  • --Charles Lieberman, PhD- NYPD Commander/FBI Task Force---Co-President
    National Security & Public Safety Director Director
    Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice
    University of New Haven---infra Yale (Political Science, I-R, MPA, DPM_PP)--ARPA/DARPA-
    MS-Intelligence Management (International, Federal, State + Local)_

    John T Choi,
    B.S. MIT--Harvard (Computer Science Architecture) + Applied Math
    Yi Suen Shin Senior V. President----
    Cape Elizabeth, ME

    Senior/Associate Creative Director--Shaun Van Beverhaudt & Glen X . Francis--, MBA

A Non Profit Organization Group on "Mindfullness" + Hope of Calmness + Peace of Heart, Mind, Body & Soul + & Understanding Cyber-Issues in Inter-Disciplinary Format---in light of Spec. Opps. Discusiion of the Local, State, Nation State + Global Evaluation + Assessment of "where to plug into" a DIGITALChrono-Meter of  Understanding Current Public Affairs in Government, Infra-Structure + Financial World + 
   Culture . As also to Contribute  Humane Letters of "Discourse" for Understanding International Conflict + Civil Unrest in Politics + Social + Economic Exchange for Equity for the Poor & Human Rights Across the Globe-

2.  To Understand the cross-exchange of political economy+ Cyber-Technology + Global Consequence + Preventionof Cyber-Crime, Terrorism + Warfare, hopefully with not a proliferation of WMD's + WWWIII. In the West & Middle East & Far East------Clearance w. White Papers--Tactical Strategic Policy + Technology Reviews--under the Most Strict Screening Test--for all Staff+& those who wish to contribute to this SCPC-Pro-List Inst., & Letters----

3.   Digital Conferencing from SKYPE or MPEG+ (or the most current Graphics Videos of Face to Face Screening Technology----for Future of Graphic WEBINAR LECTURE SERIES---)

4. & Lastly--to Publish in the Content + Policy -NARRATIVE TEXTS+ "Asiatic-Hybrid Genre" of Philosophy + History =both Ancient, Classical + Late Modern---yet "conservative-liberal"***** (phrase coined by Nicholas Birns-)+++- of TS.Eliot + Graham Green, Evelyn Waugh & WH Auden + Anthony Powell understanding English + Anglo-American Diplomacy + Military Philosophy (in Europe (both Eastern + Western + Asia Minor + Asia Proper--with the Dharma Seal, Crucifux Seal of Holy Spirit+Magdala Davidica+ Dharma Seal + the Way of the Tao + "Post" Late Modern Understanding Theology, as Not "language of words,"but words of language"---+++W.B. Yeats: "How can you separate a dancer from the dance (Ipso Converso)?" & w. Pressing International Issues+++

Editor, Publisher + Ceo-President--Publisher Richard S.Y. Kim, Ph.D   
CIO--Mr Larry Morisson--Project Manager
Executive Senior Silla-Tang Editor-Nicholas Birns, PhD + Co-President---
Gautama & Chandu Ramakrishna, MD------General Secretariat--
Koryeo--Han Senior Vice President----Robert Turley
Executive Senior Vice Chang K. Shek Vice Pres.--Ben X. Liu
 Senior Assoc. Creative Directors-Shaun Van Beverhaudt + Glen Francix--B, MBA

 To Be Affiliated John Jay College/City University of New York Graduate

Center--PM=Philosophy+ Crj + I-T+/Econ---or Not to Be, Not, Right--
I Say + have lived my time of "dying' (Led Zepelin) since NYU til Now
--"All bets are on."



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Koryeo(Executive) Senior Editor, Robert Turly--Asian Art & Humanities

R.S.Y Kim, Ph.D., Order & Society of SS. Thomas and Bartholomew, who studied Law,_LIT, Math @ NYU; John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY Graduate Center Research Foundation Fellow (Dept.Management, Law, Criminal Justice; CO-Editor-BEN LIU, BROWN U< West/East PSYCH: Senior Math/Stats Editor, Editor. S. VAN BEVERHAUT; Assoc. Communications Ed. Michael Reyes, Hamilton College: Hon. Supreme THEORETICAL MATHEMATICS ED. ALGIRDAS.T. University at LITHUANIA-POLAND;Film Editor-"Voltaire," SUNY-BINGHAMTON U. SR Assoc. Math.Ed. Arsen Yakubov, U of Israel-Princeton U----Advisory Board--Gautam Ramakrishna, MD,(EMERITUS) Executive Secretary, Nada Pues Nada (Mayo Clinic Research Group)- C. Lieberman, PhD, NYPD, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, Investigation and Policing Philosophy, John Jay College-University of New Haven(EMERITUS) *AFFIL=DULLES/BENTON/KLEINIG/SCHWARTZ/LEVINE/KIM/WANG PAN AMERICAN-ASIAN INSTITUTE FOR PEACE, WAR, ECONOMICS & JUSTICE-Legal and Political Advisor: Barry Latzer, JD, PhD (EMERITUS); ; ;Nicholas Birns PhD GPBNEW SCH0OL U=Executive V. President, B.Liu. Senior Ed. Glen Slaby--