Monday, March 23, 2015

Devil's Acre----


To & fortissimo gentilesse--nobilesse: Ned Benton, John Maynard, John Kleinig +
Roger Deakins + Gautam, Ben, Jin, Charles, John C----

Christina, Mary, Adina,  ML---

That which moves as concentric circles + of the Triangle + Square + Circle-=-
Move in equal distance to revolutions of the Sun, and Moon Light
Harvest of our ancestors, to which we can neither say what is the passing of
time, nor the scourge of the whip, & understanding to which--we deny
the presence of truth + as a mystery of iniquity + a they filled with to murder
their hearts to the deny the reality of what is not real, but a auxiliary
insight which not the Mystagogy of Aristotles & Aquinas + Maimonides
Logic, and the Way of Madkaymika--so we loose our the nature of the mind
whence, to which the morality of the times, is always less than
the convenience which we sell ourselves to Devil's Acre--- of
of the death of the capital--+ what is not to ever lose the innocence,
truth, peace, mercy + justice as defense of Divine Philosophyers

All rest deception of your common neighbor, +
the purgation of fault, + sin
+ Time sempiternal--the rest
consciousness of folly
+ of what count as Wisdom+
Lost---- the Golden thread
+ Nonsense passed off as Ox-Dung
in which we worship devils-
for our sanctity of psych-pathology
of that which is normative--
pathologie de follie---------
Shall We cross the RUBRICON--
where destiny is well met!

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