Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lenten Poem: Salve, Theotokos---of Asia + South Korea


To the Myth of Boddhisatva Avilototesheva Vow of Indo-Mongolia Tantra + Zen  Catholicism of the Orient-(SIN-LATIN-KOREAN-JAPANESE RITE-in Communion of Roman Church + Eastern Orthodoxy (KOINE)----Who she is T.S.E???? TS.Eliot & Not T.S. Becker????? But Ms. Jin Min--of Korean PCUSA Church--Tantric Vision of Optics of Mind Conciliation infra Cognitive Behavioral & Diatlectical Behavioral Psychology---

"Don't give a world a cherry"--C.S.Lewis

"Truth is Truth"--fundamental lattices of 4 vertexes of 4 margin of INFINITE to left + right + R &

T=Pre=Condition for TORK=Distance__0/0==Lemma 1/0=1xy Cubed solve=1/0/0=1/0 solve for Y--

Ora Pro--Salve-Our Divine Lady who calms
 the sea & tows of Hudson River Islet +
in the Land of the Morning Calm to the ocean,
Spring Tide, + fishing boats & colonies-----
have mercy on my body + soul+ spirit of demons
+ half possessed, public humiliation--
by seed of grandiose fantastique +
daemon delusion--so I drown & cross the
shore---gratia plena te cum--show me
the Blessed Child of Burning Most Holy
Babe--so I desire the mortification
of the labile + febrile temper--of hearte---
to wage war in every in topological
dimension of neither Time, Space + Matter-
of No Time, Space Matter; Matter, Not
Time, Space, & Matter, & not Matter---
against the Accursed One--
more afflicted as where the Re-Incarnation
of Prometheus Unbound Myth--- of the lineage
of the Yellow Emperor--to such travails--
the Yellow House--stands by Blue
House + Red House--Hear my people-----
fear the Judgments of the Apocalypse---
to which prayers are answered + and now=t+
by patience, we will endure+++
Ignominy of the Cross + the Precept of
Cruciform, to which "I am crucified to the world"--

---St. ......333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Paul of Tarsus----

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