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Lost Sheep Back into Fold of Many & Lattices of Horizon + Differance of Faith + Hope + INTER_FAITH + WISDOM + "Tradition" of Tribe, Clan, Kin-Folk---


 Post-Symbolist Poetry of the the New Millenium

To Brilliance + Genius of Adina Schwartz,(Mater Professeur) JD, PhD, FW Ned Benton "What is National Security in light of the Fear of Alarmist--Schizoid--by a TOTO EN MASSE SOCIETY (here I might say--Fear of Martial Law) & Phantasm of Suspicion & Madness+
"Public Affairs as Conceptual Models (quantitative + qualitative Math--Models--Historical Case Narrative-Historical Method  CFR--with the assistance of Dr Mary Gibson, Endowed Chair--Todd Clear)+ Grounded Method) Dr FW Ned Benton the Great+ with John Ian Kleinig--most greatly to be privileged with Research "genealogical" bring me into fold--as a "Lost Sheep" w.  John Ian Kleining--& Never a Lupine Deadly Wolves--

&To _For John Maynard, Roger L. Deakins, Michele Lowrie & Christina C.H.Czech00
This is the future experiment which must challenge and embrace the Anglo-Orientalist logic of the English/Australian Philosopher-CUNY Graduate Center, DISTINGUISHED PROF. Graham Priest, & University Chair at  U Melbourne, late  Oxford + Andrewes-- and were Baudelaire, and the Tang  Dynasty Post Romanticist Buddhist-Taoist Poetics (inter alia Classical Chinese read by Koreans + Japanese) in the Eliotic and the revival of Yeats and Tagore Movement. And of the  mundane, prosaic lyrics of Joyce's CHAMBER POT!
Great Grand Lama Rinpoche--Choygam Trumpa--IN  RE "Spirtualist Materialism" & Vajrahana  Thunder/Diamond/Tantra Vechile of Quantum Philosophy (more detail in re minimalist Japanese Zen--of Philip Glass + DT Suzuki both +at Columbia & NYU--Eric Fromm + D.T. Suzuki (NYU & Columbia + Dept. Psychology + Philosophy)----& Logic of Quantum Mechanics (CFR Mathematical Physics of John Von Neumann)---Both And/OR-Neither/Nor--Both & Neither Both  nor IFF then Conterfactual--No Null Hypothesis (in life the infinite aon + kalpa of sets, subsets in line with Mathematical Certainty is not the Orderof Iron Fist, but metta sutta (universal love) compassionate wisdom---(prajna paramita) Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Moise, Turrica Davidica+ Jesus Christi--*Sanctus + Petras + Paulus-----& Church of Suffering & Martyrs--all together--Jews, Catholics, Christian, Muslim, Hindus + Buddhist-- of Diamond Sutra--Heart Sutra + Awakening of the Faith Sutra----Diamond  Sutra (as for Most Distinguished  Endowed Chair Hilary Putnam--Indic Disapora of Hindu or Buddhist Jews in India + Nepal Himalayas Indo_Tibet, Mongol, Ukraine, Russia, China + Old Choson (Jumon Period!!!!Both One Kingdom of Korea + Japan by blood-line + Trace of Geneology @ 2333 BC--Indo-Tibet (when married to Tang Dynasty Princess--) via  Mongolia--in line of the Balkanized Post Russian Empire/booth Russian Empire & Soviet Union--
SO I Declare so "As a Peaceful Warrior' (CFR Trumpa--Shambalaha Publishers)----
Thank you always for your consideration--
Richard SY Kim--
"Sincerely Yours, in Mercy & to Never Return Evil for Good, but Good for Good--" Rich SYCA

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