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In Eternal Memory of Arch=bishop--Joe Inn---What is there to resolved in an Argument--there is no Argument of Oriental Humanist Buddhist + Taoist Willown Trees of Mystogogue--Pray for me---- Arch-Bishop Joe--Inn--Founder of Order & Society of SS Thomas + Bartholomew


That which is neither false or true-
is the displacement of "law of excluded (
CRF-Bertrand Russell, which has
unverified because for the reason in
statistical logic one is left with null--
so as cognitive abstract--one is left
with Soren Kierkegaard's understanding
of Revelation--"tis which to believe or
not believe--be ready for the consequent
+ antecedent from both Socratic apriori +
Aristotles's A posteriori Logic of Effects
+ not Causes--as Plato's extension of
Aristotle Against Demon Philospher-
of the Heart of Nature Theologians
of Raimon Pannikar---"Paleandrithic +
On Germanic Proto-European More Ancient
Source of what
can be said Proto-Indo-European Language, 
Tribe, Clan-Kin__Family Nodal Groups--
middle" is nothing that inverse of 
of negative infinity, towards the
destruction of numbers (As Dark Matter)
were I to be YHWH curse the
Darkness+ to Re-Order the Solar
Revolution of Time, Space + Matter+
to say that God is a particle--
are nothing more than mercenary
fools, who think they can catch
Hooks, which such Largesse Feat--
the People of
Niveneh with God has crafted +
as a feed to the Nevenites because
they can neither  tell the difference,
between their right & left hand----
permanent infinite regression+
so what is the present time of
sacramental presence of which
as return to orthodoxstatic + 
not the eternal return, but
chrono--poliasm of all recorded
in tempore et aeternam ad
Mater Eclesiam, hic & sic
 Civitas Dei  & Hominis--mirabalis
dictu domus de Arch Angel
crush the head of the serpent--- 
+ Sword of Heavenly + Staff in Divine + 
Spritual Kombat--
Every war is never finished
from the beginning of time--
so why we have written Catalog
of History, Civilization, Language,
*Philosophy+ the whole Universal gamut
to see that we acknowledge
which is 
: "Enlightened Privilege"
which excludes the poor, neglected,
the underground pathos of
every illness, disease + malady
beyond the sickness of madness+
of which the poor there is no remedy--
in forlorn, desolate place+
in Africa, Asia + where we
to count the notion of Governance +
+ Social Reform---

Do I dare to become become ordinand--Anglo-Asiatic
Catholic of the + of the Anglican Communion
of Asia (ME-SEA+ EASA)+ Church of England--
where there is much to bet  met as "social welfare"
theology & humble & modest priest of the THEORTIKON
 + Salve, Theotokos, Mihi--& as a Missionary of the
Sacred Heart ofChrist, & Immaculate Heart of Mary--\
to which underground Abbot Societies-- of only there is 
less than 40 Abbots--
so Forgive & Bless Me Father, 
I have not gone to confession in 3 years of
the Order & Society, SS Thomas & Bartholomew--
For this I have come into this world---

    Sang Yeong Andrews Kim


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