Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Broken Hilt of Snow: Not as Malcontent-but Wonder-----"


"Broken Hilt of Snow, as Not With Malcontent, but Wonder!"

Professors Robert Turley, Nicholas Birns & Margaret Boe Birns, 
Master theorists/philosophers--of Humanites & Fine Arts----
Mary Gibson, Ned Benton, John Kleinig, Adina Schwartz, John Maynard--
Christina Czechowicz, + my Late Father Ki "Steve" Kim, + always + my
Mother & Grace K-- Lucy & Tom Tucker + Michele Lowrie, Julie, Sang-hyub,
Michelle, niece & God-daugher + always --Anna ("Banana") Lee

That is which the moment 
of expiring under the
shadows of the SUN-
I turned to caverns of my 
heart of Tatagatha in the
Sacred Heart of Christ-
as a Teacher-Tripikata,
Law, Sutra + Koans--
to be self-possessed
other than oblation
to Most Holy Trinity+
Lord Jesus Christ 
+ Ammitabha
they Came to Heal--
I have resisted + rebelled
against Thy Precepts, Lord
God,YHWH-with by putting
cow dung on my face as
the penance of true sovereigns
who shows no partiality between
the rulers of this world, princes,
princess, & the landed hereditary
aristocracy--& the poor--that which
I must------------------------------------------------
say I cannot say--because
it is the Way of Tao Moves, ungraspable
as water, and flames of fire--&
 Of all there is to know+
you neither knew me, nor
you did not know me--

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