Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tao of Crime and Punishment According to Wen Tzu

Lao Tzu said: "The rewards and punishments dealt out by enlightened rulers are not done for what the people have done for the ruler themselves, but what they have done for the country. To those who please the ruler themselves, but do nothing for the country, on those who offend the rulers but are useful who are not punished.

Therefore, when justice and duty rest on what is appropriate, one embodies this is called an exemplary person. Those who neglect appropriate justice and duty are called small people."


In the U.S. we have no monarchy, or empire as old Europe--but we have a hierarchy of stratifications in which each and every citizens must be given the opportunity to contribute to the common good, make and sustain capital, bread and butter. If opportunities are denied--the liberal democratic system fails, and the crime rate I would predict would rise due to illicit way of attaining capital. This analytic utilitarian-structural Marxism that is built into the Western capitalist system.

Let each and every citizen contribute to the common good as a community, where no one is excluded or marginalized, provided that offenders who intentionally violated the criminal law be punished, or rehabilitated.

For this is by which the "people" who VITALLY contribute TO MODALITY OF the U.S. E PLURIBUS UNUM DEMOCROCACY; which, heretofore, can maintain the ante-status quo ante of becoming a Great Nation, as the Past Century with peace with all nations states, which are not rogue states or terrorist groups.

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