Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simone Weil's Sharp Edged Compassion on the Problem of Penal Justice

"The apparatus of penal justice has been so contaminated with evil, after all centuries during which it has, without any compensatory purification, been in contact with evil-doers, that condemnation is a tranference*** of evil from the penal apparatus to the condemned man; and that he is guilty and the punishment is out of proportion."


The final tragic conclusion to do the penal rehabilative failure, if his meta-analysis was valid and consistent in "DOES ANYTHING WORK" lead to to the suicide of Robert Martinson's life of despair as a penologist.

In contrast, do impose an absolute zero-tolerance policy from detterence of punishment as a classicist, rational choice criminology?

Society must be re-deemed, with the victim and the offender.

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