Thursday, March 25, 2010

J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, Owen Barfield, THE INKLINGS, the 2nd Oxford Movement, and Hope for Western Renewal for Democracy and Stasis for Universal Surveillance

JRR Tolkien, the greatest historical linguist of Western and Eastern philogical mythography refuted Rudyard Kipling's "Great Twain" hypothesis of the divisiveness and acculturation of Western and Orientalism (Middle Eastern and S & E. Asiaticism and the Nordicism culture, and history.)

C.S. Lewis followed suit in ABOLITION OF MAN.

We are living in a pluralistc (E-Pluribus Unum) society of the Founding Constitutional Founders of America.

Like LORD OF THE RINGS, the "RING" must to conquer the world must be destroyed, but it must first begin in the renunciation of power in the self, and episteme of such relations which was was Magnum Opus of Michele Foucault, who has been claimed by Richard Wolin, as a Dark "Neo-Humanist."

I was in great pain and distressed to read DR. Ronald Dworkin's late work, IS DEMOCRACY POSSIBLE?

I take hope in the sun, light, and hope of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitmans's praise of American Democracy as one of greatest Democratic experiments surpassing the monarchical inheritance of both Euorpe and Asia. He was influenced by Hindu and Buddhist mystagogy to the commmon folk of the ordinary, and good will of man, and the fragility of spirit of oppression of the dispossed laboring class and the marginalized poor, but he never gave up on hope

Though Western civilization has been greatly secularized, there is hope that the INKLINGS offers sacred-secular Judeo-Christian Renewal.

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