Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Omniscienct DIVINE and the LOTUS SUTRA

How do we understand the co-linear temporality of free-will and determinancy. Martin Luther believed that all acts are dependent on God's choice, which led to controversy over free-will. The Catholic Church believes that God gives a person free will, and He will know how he or she will make a choice. The question of both Lutheran and Catholic doctrine of free will is that all thing through faith, if Moderns fail, or still believe in Divine Providence---the question of free will and determinacy may be resolved.

For as the tradtioal belief that God is All Knowing, All Powerful, and All Seeing, and All Merciful and Just, out of religious faith and piety--we keep legal and criiminal justice politics of cyber-surveillance, and surveillance at a balanced, stasis level--an equilibrium. The government cannot afford to play God, nor is it suidical to prevent terrorist attack.

In the LOTUS SUTRA, those who follow the Buddhaharma of the Law will be blessed with gift of omniscience.

"Such a person gains eight hundred benefits of superior eyes."

And will climb the summit of Heaven.

These is a parallax between a Judeo-Christian God and Buddhist saint.

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