Friday, March 12, 2010

On Primitive and Ancient Corruption of Korea: A Fantastical History or a Nightmare, & Hope

Since the time of the Three Kingdoms and the corruption, yet resistance to corruption of Tribe, clan, and kin, and the estate system, corruption of the kingdom and military leaves a legacy amidst the Communist revolution in China, Russia and Korea. Because of such infra and intra conflict and bloodshed within these structures of power, capital and influence to control these spheres of such social-political,and economic system, corruption is almost legitimized as inevitable for survival because it is so ancient, and inescapable. But it is the most organized form of legitigimized corruption, that is more ordered than a purely democratic state, which Korea is young offshoot. There is still hope, and Christianity was its cause, and will be for the next millenium. "Who is without sin, cast the the the first stone."

Sirach-"We all deserve punishment."

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