Thursday, March 18, 2010

Genocide in Asia & The Western Anglo-Germanic/Italian and French Buddhas who saved Korea and China prior to the Communist Revolution

During the Absolutist Militarist Japanese occupation and colonialization of China, and Korea and the Pacific, as resulting in close to the "genocide" of 10 million Koreans, Chinese, and Philipines from 1900 to the close of WWII--Christian missionaries did everything possible and imaginable to protect the Chinese and Korean monarchy and their people, that the Chinese and the Koreans called these Misssionaries and their governmental-political constituents "BUDDHAS OF THE WEST" in protecting the monarchy, and states colonialized; and systemically destroyed by the Japanese military government.

This piece is to totally condemn the miserific absolute militarist history of the Japan, who systemically exterminated Japanese resisters of peaceful conscience who opposed the militarized conquest of Asia and the Trans-Pacific.

It was a humane conscripted Nazi German Medical Doctor, who was referred to as a " German Buddha" who led a faction of the Nazi troops. who created a "a safety, protective zone" for Nanking Chinese from the total annihilation and destruction of the second capital city of classical China.

---Trevalyn Yi Chang, whose lineage, an Ural-Altaic Chinese Anglo-Saxon Roman Catholic, of the Tribe of St. Patrick, & J.R.R. Tolkien & C.S. Lewis

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