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What is Hollow of Heart of True & "Righteous" Sage (of Brush & "Dragon Spear of St Mikhail, Ark Angel +Dominon of Holy Angels"--)--Bikkhu Philosopher of the Heart of Christ & Bhavagana of Vajra/Zen Buddha + Tao of E to West, and from Horizons, Infra QUO VADIS DOMINE???


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This heading dedicated in SCP--- to Dean Jame  P. Levine + Dr Ned Benton + Dr John Kleinig--
+ Christin E.H.C most sober, and wise on that by writing or speaking either words to destroy or
gives life--Juris (prudentia) + fortitudine+patiens, sapientia +sciens

Salve, Theotokos, mihi
Salve, Theotokos, mihi'

nos, nos, nos,
in our exile, show us the blessed
fruit of your womb----

16th Last Teaching of Shaolin Kung Fu
"Lord Buddha Have Mercy"

Prayer of Fatima, Ora Pro mihi et nobis

Holy God of Israel, Holy one of  us All
Have Mercy on the whole world-----

Rev: 12--

Search Results
CachedSimilar3 days ago - In sum the relation to ontology of being & with others is in toto ... and meta--inference to what Buddhist theory of language points to. ... 2nd Dean, OSSTB--Richard SY Kim, (Johh Jay College/CUNY) for the past two years--

Meaning of life - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia++++‎
The meaning of life is a philosophical question concerning the significance of life or existence in general. ... such as symbolic meaning, ontology, value, purpose, ethics, good and evil, free will, ... Early Buddhism; Mahayana Buddhism .... "When we say ... that pleasure is the end and aim, we do not mean the ...
Philosophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
By some classifications, there are six schools of orthodox Hindu philosophy and three ... is dārśanika, one who is familiar with the systems of philosophy, or darśanas. ..... and Husserl to propose an unconventional existential approach to ontology. ... Like postmodern neo-pragmatist Richard Rorty, many are convinced that ...

E-Conferences & Letters, Digital Pro-List Inst ...+++++++‎
CachedOct 15, 2013 - Richard S.Y Kim, BA, NYU-SUNY Purchase College- .... In what way has the history and Philosophy of the Buddhist Faith influenced the Culture ...

Alumni | Department of Philosophy - University of Hawaii‎
CachedSimilarUniversity of Hawaiʻi
The Significance of Metaphor in Metaphilosophy: A Philosophical Activity as ... and Moral Personhood: Rethinking Kant through the Cases of Down Syndrome, .... The Ontological Status of the Transcendental Self: A Comparative Study of Kant ... A Study of Early Buddhist Ethics in Comparison with Classical Confucian Ethics

Philosophy Dissertations‎
CachedJung-Yeup Kim, An Investigation of qi in the Philosophy of Zhang Zai ... Eiho Baba, Property and Patterns: Bridging Zhu Xi's Metaphysics of Li and the Si-Meng Tradition .... Ramon R. Sewnath, The Ontological Status of the Transcendental Self: A ... Ok-Sun An, A Study of Early Buddhist Ethics in Comparison with Classical ...

Master Sheng Yen – Orthodox Chinese Buddhism++++‎
SimilarBuddhists say that everything arises from conditions and hence is empty of ..... Buddhist philosophy in de-emphasizing the value of a permanent self, but at the ...

Early Buddhist Metaphysics: The Making of a Philosophica++++l ...‎
Similarby N Ronkin - ‎Cited by 23 - ‎Related articlesIn the Indian arena philosophical systems ordinarily commence with episte- ..... Richard Gombrich has suggested, 'the development of a Buddhist ontology, per ...... momentariness, Wan Doo Kim examines the khandha, ayatana and dhatu lists.

21 richard dawkins___the_god_delusion - SlideShare++++
Jan 15, 2014 - Perhaps you have been taught that philosophers and theologians have put ...... ('I am a Hindu, I am a Moslem, I am a Jew, I am a Christian, I am a Buddhist! ...... is the ontological argument, proposed by St Anselm of Canterbury in 1078 ...... The New Zealand/Australian philosopher of science Kim Sterelny ..

Experimental Theology: The Ontological Argument‎
CachedSimilarAug 13, 2013 - The argument then goes on to say that existence must be, necessarily, a part of that vision. ... Kim Fabricius on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 said: ... Grenz traces the history of ontology all the way back to the early Greek philosophers and the .... I keep hoping Richard will consider the subject of the passibility of ...
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