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To Prof Dr Douglas Patterson--Nueva Terra in Analytica Philosophia--A 0 Seasons in Social Sciences-----Analtytic (Sapiens & Sciences of A.Tarski Lingua-Philo-Scientific Method--and Co.---


 Analytic Wisdom of "Semantics of Truth"of Alfred Tarski--- as Scientific Method &  Buddhist-Taoist Logic & Mind

for Douglas Patterson, PhD (U of Pittsburgh, Philosophy) &

E.H. Chzc--, A. Schwartz--L. Tucker +Fr. Kaz--J. Kleinig- FW Ned Benton, J. Maynard,  JP Levine, M.Gibson, A. Soto, MD Gautama Ramakrishna, MD, John T.Choi, Benjamin X Liu, JP Weiner, C. Lieberman--
& Sigmund Freud: "Interpretation of Dreams as conscience (S-Ego)/sub-conscious wish fulfillment."
Daniel-- (the "man/prophet of desire") in the Lion's Den-
[A terse memoir-Ardsley High School Counselor, 88'--suggested me to apply to only 4 schools for Philosophical Studies & Mathematics & Dramatic Studies: NYU, U of Pitt, SUNY Stony Brook & Sorbonne, U Paris]
"Sages do not argue."--Robert Smullyan
"Why argue? What's the main-point & use of arguments?"--Steve & Jane Kim

    That which is true, does not mean(as semantic emblem-marker, Aristotle's
"mimesis" subject-object predicate is conjuctive, or disjunctive---and both the
false positives & true negatives, which cannot falsify what is not true (
for a true positive) which has been one of thorniest issues in experimental
Scientific Method--
    Is this classical symbol logic wagers a bet that--Logic (of Semantics
realization of  Alfred Tarski does not offer argumentation, but how "Meaning" is
revealed as not by conditions of epistemological certainties, but by how the "use
of language, as directed to action/praxis (in Hebrew parallax trans. Mitzvah****)
of what involves not as an "ontology of being," but the "Silence, Ethics & Faith" +
a bridge to Ludwig Wittgenstein's "aporia" of from moving to Logical Positivism,
and to "Subjective" Perception. As Hilary Putnam's argues-in which I
interpret in light of the fundamental + medieval firs philosophy of experimental
science that is that of which a a realist epistemology of "psycho-cognitive
realization of "individual difference" of "internal realism" of what is real or unreal
as "Value" (surplus "capital"-"profit & Margins + Yields + a "structural reading of
Late capitalism of China, and Russia--but "governed & alloted to so a few
"families, clan-kins or shall I say "PROFESSIONAL SYNDICATES" of Multi-Global
Cor., (Please see general over-view report in WS Journal & NYT on the distribution of wealth,
a political onomy of en masse stratificaton of Asian Nations for the past decade)..

What is of Value is the Spiritual Enlightenment as a Way of Life (in communicado--Elder Takashi Tanikawa, Rhoda Fisher (Slavic Orthodox Jew,
RIP) as Buddhist "liminology" as peace and enlightenment & all hallow's ground
for reflection, meditation & prayer.

1st Dean- Bpweoul, OSSTB
Rome, Istanbul, Kiev, Kerala, Bombay,  Hong Kong, Shang Hai, Seoul & Tokyo
SCPC Inst.__NYU/JJC Affiliate with ALG-London-- (Applied Logic Group)

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