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Folio Version (Work in Progress)--Sum is Equal to its Parts--but not Whole lest Whole--


In Honor of Dean James P. Levine & Dr Professor FW Ned Benton & Christina CEH, s
John I. Kleinig, & Mary Gibson, Barry Latzer & Adina Schwartz, Omega Spectra Point--Roger  L. Deakins

On Hans-George Gadamer's Concept of Time as History: Genesis, Aristotle, Madyamika, Mose Maimonides, Thomas Aquinas: A Sample Text Infra Op. Cit., Ibid

In Memory of Dae Do Sa Nim Seung Sahn (RIP), & Shin Ryu Suzuki (RIP)
Patriarchs of Buddhism from to S.E. Asia, India, China, Korea & Japan & Vietnam to the Neo-Buddhism of USA--
Kayasapya, Nargajuna, Boddhidharma, Hui Neng, Won Hyo, Nichiren, Shinran, Ryoken, Kgoe Boeng
"To think historically means, to perform the transposition that the concepts under go***when we try to think in them"
(H.G-Gadamer, Truth & Method, 2 Ed., 397)
"God does not throw dice with the universe."--Albert Einstein
We are haunted by love in the twighlight hours between dusk & the rising of the sun, as it sets in the West (a Sino-Korean "Parallax" ideographic reading of C.S. Lewis's magnum opus, 4 LOVES--the last words--"to not show one's face," as a sign of "humility which is truth." (St Mother Teresa de Avila)
To the Schema, Seal of Holy Spirit, Dharma Seal & Magdala of David, which protects & defends the just and pure in heart, from that which the corrupt & unjust which makes assunder the innocent--as Scriptural Oracle says the wicked will perish.
"The righteous are in the hands of God" as He protected them, as they died for the truth of 1st Covenant (Mosaic-Davidic) & 2nd Convenant (Jesus Christ) & Universal Reign of God, as full engraftment (RCF, BL Pope John Paul II--CROSSING THE THRESHOLD OF HOPE)***to the loins of Father of Faith--Abraham & YHWH--Hebrew Scriptures.
In Honor of John Maynard, Roger L Deakins, & Dean James P. Levine, FW Ned Benton, Barry Latzer, John Kleinig--adolf soto, md, my Secularis-Spirtualis Mentors-
Pro-Roma_Vaticana Priests: Rev'd Fr. Kazmierz A. Piotr Kowalski, & Rev'd Fr. Richard Terga, Ph.D, JH Morgan
In Honor of M.Gibson, A.Schwartz, L. Tucker & A.Soto, MD, J.P. Kelleher, MD--

"After the full treatment of this subject....we shall discuss the theoria*** of creatio ex nihilo. For the best arguments in favour of this theory of Intelligences****be well to be understood, and also the Method***which I adopt in proving its existence."
In GENESIS the creation of the world was created ex nihil vacuo. What was before the nihil vacuo-of what is emptiness of Meister Ekhart refers to as the "Emptiness of the God-head" as hypo-stasis-and via negativa theology of first the Jewish Biblical Editors (Redackter Editors(s), as the canonically authorized Version of the Hebrew Scriptures). All things being equal, Moses Maimonides also as philosophical theologian believed that via negativa that God is Ineffable, and cannot be represented in iconic form as revealing the "depositum fidei" as Revelation to the Jewish People.
As St. Thomas Aquinas as being influenced by Aristotle via Averroes, & with Moses Maimonides believes the language of via negativa is under the rubric of speculative theology, as a theological synthesizing faith and reason following Philosophy of Aristole---Teacher of Natural Law. What is revealed to Jewish People as what is language of positive Tribal & Ritual substance & procedures of Priests*** in the Torah is the Jewish Law.
How long did it take for these sacral events to take place? Can it be read as an analytic philosphical-theological symbolism & use of metaphorical language, as an analogate (RCF Franz Rosenweig, STAR OF REDEMPTION & Rev. Rev'd Fr. Donald Keefe, S.J., COVENANTAL THEOLOGY) of (RCF, Simone Weil, WAITING FOR GOD) for how many years of many a millenia prior to primordial Axiological Age after the Fall from Paradise?
What is there to say or not to say?
"The cat will meow & the dog will have its day."
---William Shakespeare, HAMLET
As for the MADYAMIKA, one meditates on pacification of the mind accepting that time is not a cognitive reality outside the faculty of perception, as not substance of pure matter, time & space; but that which gives in to the wails of pains & sorrow guarding the "buddha body" of Kuan Yin, Kwan Seum Bo-Sal & Cannon. Thus far, there is no defilement or taint in one's personalist self, or whether or not such is the case of the matter--or in the other way--the very subject-object relations to one self engenders the converse proportionate ratio. This meditation as epistemology of the "Middle Way" as to lend it self to the Great & Supernal***Diamond Sutra" + "Awakening of the Faith Sutra."

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Richard SY Cyprianne Andreweson Kim, OSSTB, Ph.D
Research Fellow
John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY Graduate Center

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