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A List--In Brevis Memo IN RE: ATTN--Understanding Vajra/Zen as Meta---Intuition + Insight of Dharma Eye of Buddha (


To & For Most Distinguished Profs. FW Ned Benton, John I Kleinig, Dean JP Levine, Roger L. Deakins,  John H. Morgan, Christina E.H.Chzc, MGibson, BLatzer, JT Choi, BX Liu, ASchwartz,
ASoto, MD, JP Kelleher, MD, CHANDU R, MD,  MLowrie----JMaynard---CLieberman, NBirns-------

Please, see below--as Buddhist Vajra/Public Ethics of Buddhist Law of Abbhidharma, Vinayana + Foundational Sutras (IE TRIPITAKA)--Melbourne Divinity School+ Religious Studies +Theology + & supra cites, Meditation Practice, Mens + Actus+ "What is Mind???" to avoid the "Mind-Body (DUALISM) Fly trap" of Spirtual or Discursive "Materialism" as Ghosts in the Machine (Phantasm of Paranoiac or Neurotic-Psychotic Mind in Crisis--->disembodied & hungry "for quid est quid"--Heidegger's refrain to Sino-Korean-Japanese (--Sino--Nihon--CHIN_MOKU) SILENCE & quieting of the Body, Mind, Heart & Seoul--scribble + scrabble with out "Corpus of Text ("Soma)--Prolepsis/Gnosis/)+ Mind + Spirit---of transcendental signs, with transitory signified in which Time, Space & Matter, is Destroyed & then Recreated. Last Chs. of REV. "A NEW CREATION OF HEAVEN & EARTH."

"Let us rejoice now, for we shall rejoice together in heaven."----among the Last words of St Andrew Tae Gyeon Kim, + 30,000 Martyrs of the First, officially, Christians in Korea, from Chinese Jesuit Missions---Shang--Hai, China----

"How did Won Hyo become a Patriarch of Buddhism in Korea?"

"He got lost, and never went to China."

Abbotus Bpeu Wheol
Ideogram + Philosophy of Logic, Abbot Society
NYU-Founation & University Scholar
Robert E. Gilleece Fellow (1995-2001)
City University of New York--Law & Philosophy + Criminal Justice
& Public Management


    Richard SY Kim Research Fellow John ... Philosophy of Logic & Ideogram, ... A WESTERN VAJRA/ZEN MATHEMATICAL-PHILOSOPHICAL LOGICAL
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