Friday, April 11, 2014

Meditatio pro Fide & Englightenment---as to what is the "meaning of Faith"***--Buddhist--[Late Modern] Judaeo-Catholic/Christin tradition

Problems of Seeking What is True Dharma & Zen Teaching

To & For FW Ned Benton, James P Levine, John Maynard, John Kleinig & Barry Latzer
Christina CHC, Mary Gibson, Adina Schwartz & Michele Lowrie

"Although they are supposed to seek for buddha-dharma, they lack right aspiration for buddha-dharma and so even in India they did not meet a true teacher but only teachers of treatisess and sutras. The reasons for this is that although there are true teachers in India to search for true dharma cannot find it.//Since they went to India, and could not fine true teachers, so "they did not speak about it."

---Dae ("Han" Indo=Chine-Korean + Nihon) Zenji Dogen

"Work out your Englightenment (Internal Liberation, MOKSHA) with great effort & diligence"--Buddha
Of "Fear & Trembling"--"A Knight of Abrahamic Faith"--"Attack on Christianity of the Present Age (19th C.)"--Soren Kierkegarrd as Elijiah's Chariot---Quantum-Relative Unified Theory--Spear--as of Asiatic "Herme's" of Exegetical Text, Canon, Deuterical-Canonical--SHIN-KYO--MIND---FAITH/(LOGOS) TEXT-MEDITATION SCHOOL---
+++++++&&&&&&----A Great Defender of the Faith--------What is Faith? As fragment of Sacred Systematic Theology--------------

In re Catholic Christianity-Avery Cardinal Dulles S.J. (Late) writes "Faith is Obscure" "It lays hold of its object not directly but through signs and testimonies that present the object only in partial & inadequate ways in a mirror dimly"


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