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Toward a Meta-Analytic Philosophy & Understanding "A-Bridging West" Ipso Converso "East" Relatio---To All Whom Are Most Dear*** to My Hearte Potentia Est Lux Fiat--Shalom,, Pax--Shantih, Shantih--Peace----



New Rochelle, NY
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1)Of Meta-logic of Post-Empirical Observation--of Quantum Philosophy

1A)& Inter-Subjectivity (Indo-European)

2A(One Mind Stream of Consciousness of Zen) & Objectivity of Truth Statement

(Faith of Abrahamic Structures of Belief)

3)& Neo-Classical Asiatic Meditative Praxis as Action Philosophy of Body

& Heart of Soul of Compassion & Renewal---



With suspenseful mystery & intrigue a sponsored advertisement in the public domain, which brought to my attention in terms of Google's Blog & Journal of good & Topical Listings of such included SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE of top 10-20 wonderful Bulletins on Security & Privacy between 2008-2010.

This was at the cusp when I was completing my final proposal draft with

Dr. FW Ned Benton (my Chair, Mentor-Supervisor), Dr John I Kleing, & Dr Adina Schwartz & Dean James P Levine

& Evan Mandery. They all in a company of such relevant, & rigorous research questions made me to consider En Mass Surveillance, Legal Oversight & Policy of the Federal Intelligence & Investigations on a global scale, which ***now***threatens internatiational geo-politics in light of cyber-warfare, terrorism & crime & WMD's.

It was adamantly difficult to address these policy issues, and the development for such a proposal to be completed, which passed as a dissertation. I "owe them my four limbs & nomadic, wandering mind & spirit that with out the assistance of CHRISTINA EH CZH, MARY GIBSON. & W/O God--I would have never made it, as if I were to play Russian Roulette, while blind-folded & in a rave of delirium & instability of Post/911 Law & NS & Privacy + Civil Liberties.

& MOM & DAD--I WELL BE "DEAD"-& GK KIM & S-J Lee Family, GAUTAM RAMAKRISHNA, MD, Lucy & Tom Tucker, & Rev'd Fr. K. Appollo Piotr Kowalski & Adolf Soto, MD.

I very gratefully thank Roger L. Deakins, John Maynard, Nicholas Birns for
counseling & most sagaciously encouraging me, during my Graduate Studies, since 1990 at NYU, CAS-til the point of completing my PhD. With out them, and their Letters of References--I believe I would not have been admitted to John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY Graduate School & University Center.

I owe an especial debt of gratitude, and true respect to Barry Latzer, who held the rope as tightly that I did not sink to the "madness" of getting a Ph.D in Criminal Justice, & to Adolf Soto, MD whose wisdom of a Doctor pulled me through the peaks & nadir of (Liebensweld)--"life world"---

I very much thank Dr Charles Liebeberman as beinf the first Co-Chair & President (of SCPC Inst.), a and Co-Founder of SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE; and DR Barry Latzer, as being on the Founding Advisory Board with Nicholas Birns.

I am most gratefully am in  debt to & of whom I mentioned  previously for their guidance, and generosity & wisdom & patience.
I would like to thank Benjamin X Liu for giving me the idea of creating blog in a bulletin & journal style form & template.


Richard S.Y. Kim

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"Posterior Analytics". Richard. HarperResource. Buchanan. tufts. in Zalta. ... (2001).S. London. "The Logic of Quantum Mechanics". The Monist 72(1)..) ...

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Quantum logic synthesis by symbolic reachability analysis
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... H.-H Cheng, "Schottky Barrier Quantum Well Resonant Tunneling Transistor (SBQWRTT ... Mei Kim Ding, Richard B ... R. B. Brown, K. L Rho, S. Y. Yun, H. J ...

Quantum Physics authors/titles Jul 2002 - arXiv.org e-Print ...
arxiv-web3.library.cornell.edu/list/quant-ph/0207?show=232<javascript: toggleToolLinks( 9, 'tools10', 'tool-link10', 'http%3A%2F%2Farxiv-web3.library.cornell.edu%2Flist%2Fquant-ph%2F0207%3Fshow%3D232', 'arxiv-web3.library.cornell.edu')>
... Richard A. Mould. Comments: ... Relation of the Bell inequalities with quantum logic, ... I.M. Tsai, S.Y. Kuo. Comments: 24 pages, 16 figures, ...

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