Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To & For, Always--Lord ("Soe-Inn") DR Ned Benton---My Grand Magister unto Christ Like Boddhisatva (Mue) of Iron Ox of Zen (sounding of a Bamboo Flute on the Rice Fields of Oriental of the Lotose of Rose of Behavioral--Experimental/Clinical Psychology Science & Pro Criminal Justice Services & Statisticall Arts & Science---




 On Simple Base Level Foundation of Neo-Classical Temporal  Greek & Indic  Logic:


 To & For FW Ned Benton, my Grand Magister &


 Great Mentor & Supervisor (He knows too well attn: designs of no's (#'S) Hearte of

Research Methodology)---A Boddhisatva of Jhizo--(morpheme+-Kystigarbha + Maitreya--


 ---Sino-Japanese Ipso Coverso_Korean-Classical Indo-Chine)


with Love Admiration & Gratitude, Sempiternal, Sempiternaem---


Post antecedent, simul at que A Posteriori (Consequent)<----------->A Priori (Empty Set of All Numbers & Universal Sets of Sub-sets of All***Sets***.

 Is this the "meta-logic" of Neti of the Tetrelemma & Zeno Paradox.Neither Infinite Regress or Ad infinidum  trace of aeon of Infinite Invisible Universes. Do you dare to wager a bet against that which is neither Past or Future, but
Eternally "Here & Now."  As Thomas Merton writes: "Every Thing That is: is Holy."
As to the "Sacrament of the  Present Moment" (Leonard Foley: Believing in Jesus: A Popular
View of the Catholic Faith, 2000)

"In the end is my beginning"--TS Eiot, 4 Quartets

Humbly Submitted,Truly am Yours

Richard C Adrewe(s) S Yeong Kim, devoted pupil

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