Friday, October 15, 2010

"Ripeness is fruitfullness of the gourd."

In this my un-doing, and the unraveling the untimely script,
of false motivation wound now too excoriatingly true.
When will all that is not true, to be resolved made conversio to truth turn made
substantial, real, and made alive.
In what ever attunemenent of knowledge, all that is "Ripe is the fruitfullness of gourd."
The world ever rotates on its its vertical and horizontal axles, on the heel bite of a poisonous
snake, hurling out his venemous tooth.
Where we must endure, patiens, and gently defer and await the "STILL POINT."
The Calm Abiding of the Lady, who is silent, and peaceful.
Our Lady, St. Michael crush the head of the serpent, we pray.

--Cyprian Eustace Lee, Chair

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