Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A primordial song of solitary Vedic Yogins

From riff of river of Lethe of Ireland,
one when on Mass planes and hearth, there was stress fracture in the techtonic plates
Holy Yogins, who traveled naked, loin clothes, traveling all seasons to Mesopotaniania
Persia and to INDUS, and Ganges.
O Mighty Eternal Singer of God with King David, Dante, you placed the River of Ganges in the third, fourth Circle of PARADISO-I believe this as poetic theological credo.
As it spread through S. East Asia, Tibet, Mongolia, China, Korea and Japan.

I am exiled from past life, and as Assyrian Church of the East with dhamic philosophical theology with Tang Buddhist monks, who were without shelter nor protected by theWest or East, cries another lamentation of the crucified in their countless martyrdoms, and secreted assent to belief.
St. Thomas the Apostle and St. Bartholomew (5-6 C?) Patron Saint of Far Asia, St. Fancis Xavier, and Matteo Ricci, say what you can amend for the War, and the continuing war to atone for mutual harm, defilement, sin and dmoral wrong doing in Heaven

The Most ancient Primorial Yogins, may you guided your aspirants and supplicant in the true teaching of Dharma of the Practice of the Imperishable of Yoga Neti, Neti, Tetralema, Lotus Sutra, Diamond Sutra-Atman!

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