Friday, October 22, 2010

On the Meaning of What is Lost, and Consolation of the Hope of the Divine

Meister Eckart writes, 'I' the Father says, 'will lead her into the wilderness and speak to her heart.' (Hosea: 2:14). Heart to heart, one in one is how God loves.......But there is another consolation. We should know that it is impossible for the whole of nature to break, spoil or even to touch something, without meaning to improved what is touched."

----Book of Divine Consolations

Even as Eckart points out that which is touch or damaged that is need of healing is tended by a doctor.

It has been such a enigmatic complexity on the spiritual and physical cures of world religions as to what can heal or not heal, heals or does not heals.

The Staff with the Serpent
The Various relics of Catholics Faith and Christian faith healing
Holy Water and Sanctuaries and Temple Pilgrimages of many world religions

But one must search, and find one self and make it out of of the door by one self. No one is going to do it for you, and never has done so-lest you are guided by what Eienstienian radical scientific theistic belief that "that there is no thing as random chance."  But as Bohrs-Heisenberg "Uncertainty Principle"--how can we really know. This what St. Paul says this struggle of faith, "Were we see light in dark, invisible shadows......"

RSY Kim & E. A. Rile

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