Sunday, February 21, 2010

Will He or She commit a crime, if the Devil made me do it

Is their causation of what ORTHODOX Christians believe in the fatalism of ORIGINAL SIN? That one is prone to extend one's deed to sin and crime, due to the FALL? Augustine believed this, and the ancestral founder of rational choice criminology Caesare Beccaria believed like Hobbes in the "State of Nature" and human depravity of choosing the advantages and likelihood of crime according to the prospect of not getting caught. Is this like the "ghost in the machine?" Or a cognitive-psychological-spiritualist "DIABOLISM" OF A MEDIEVAL PAST that causes a person to commit the most heinous acts.

Possession is rare, even admitted by the Chief Exorcists of the Vatican. I don't know about the verdict of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis* who have Exorcist Rites about the frequency of demonic possession?

Even Mayahana Buddhists monks believe in exorcising demons, and have Law of Exorcist Rite and Code Book of Demonology.

A spiritualist-rational choice and the modality of criminological deterrence theory has been favored by conservatives.

Or is poverty, dispossession, marginalization, "rotten social background" the cause of criminal activity.

It's all up for up grabs. Yes, the devil made me pen this entry!


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