Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Zen Master Thich Nhat HanH= Two Truths and Vietnamese Saying, and a Way Out of Crime

Great Zen Master teaches us his Vietnamese Wisdom in the Two Truths of Buddhism:

"Wherever there is joy, there is suffering."
"If you want to have no suffering, you must accept no joy."

This is a very hard lesson. Why do people commit crime? Because offenders are suffering in need of "something" to fulfill some conscious need, so they suffer from a lack of want. So they commit a crime so they can gratify their needs or unmet desires, how desperate or wicked they may be. If they are imprisoned they sufer, and punished because they sought the gratication of not getting caught.

Where there is no joy, how can one suffer-this being a meta-analytic logical inference of sunyata-emptiness of desire and consciousness and ceasing of desire, craving or gratification of any sort or kind.

If one thinks this way one may not have the inclination or desire to commit a crime by accepting these two rules.

It is an awful shame that the Dahn Yoga Master who is being criminally prosecuted for voluntary homicde by starving a distinguished CUNY Professor, and a M.I.T. student and sexually assaulting young women
did not understand these Buddhadhara Rules and precepts. I don't know the traditional authenticity of his claim to be a Yoga Master, but if the evidence is probative that he is convicted as charged he will be under the weight of the judgement of the Dharna and the Tao, for Buddha and Lao Tzu punished evil.

Great Zen Master Thict Nhan Hanh teaches us two Buddhist rules on the laws of desiring pleasure that ultimately leads to suffering and despair.

What is need for the "fix," so to speak is MOKSHA, "Enlightened Liberation" from all attachments that destoys spiritual-psychological moral constitution of being; and to practice charity, compassion, justice & mercy.

May the TATAGATHA have mercy on all sentient beings who suffer from such afflictions, which Great Zen Naster Hanh teaches as true practice of the Buddhadharma as Natural Law in the Judeao-Christian sense, as well!

But in his Preface to THOMAS MERTON'S ON CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER, the Great Zen Master prays that all may be "happy and not suffer, and not cause suffering onto others."

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