Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the Origins of Zen Realization of INTER_BEING AND INTER_DEPENDENCE And Transnational Organized Crime

Literally, Zen teaches that all beings through consciousness of karma are connected through acts good or evil committed in this life, or in the past life. Not to take this literally, but metaphorically--the nodal modality of transnational organized crime syndicate is very hierarchical, but like terrorist cells splintered.

The second point being that since all global political economies are now inter-dependent, so too does the rise of global deficits that lends its itself to black market trading, and white collar crime connected to transnational organized crime like corrupted currency trading, white collar corruption in global banking and real estate venture will lead to the abyss of untraceable route of destruction; and ever growing HYDRA EFFECT of tranational organized crime syndicates particular in Asia to the Western World. They are professionals criminals corporate activists with the goal of conquering the non-criminal world and the underground netherworld. They have more discipline than the Western investigative police, more man power as armies, and they know how to corrupt the corruptors of the corrupters broker kings, in Asian police-gangster film noire.

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