Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Concise History of Cyber WAR

During the Cold War with the launching of ARPA to de-stabililize USSR's Sputnike, and surveil the Chinese Military and N. Korean defense systems--DARPA was then used used to monitor the trafficking coding devices. Russia is no longer a Communist country but are allies with N. Korea, and S. Korea as with China. How the ball will drop in WMD, and cyber-warfare strategy is hard to predict if any peaceful treaty to end cyber warfare against the U.S. ends in a cease fire. S. Korea is a strategic bridge who are strong allies with the U.S. in terms on national defense and political economy.
Reputedly, there is only one man in N. Korea who is successfully waging war against the Pentagon and the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, and he continues to make cyber-attacks, since SUMMER 2009.

The Cold War has extended itself to Cyber-Warfare. May S. Korea, and Japan and the U.S. be technological allies against their mutually allied intrastrucutal system for national defense against N. Korea.

Either that, or global cyber-warfare must be declared to protect U.S. and its allies.

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