Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ode In Regard to Pusan-Japanese Yakuza and their Asiatic Con-fraternity

for Dr. Robert Kelly

Yukio Mishima(who was connected to the Ginza Yakuza)---Grandmother was a Kimitake,
a surname of Paekche or Kaya Origins of ancient times
of Three Kingdoms of Unified 6-7 C. Korea.
The enclave of Pusan is to ask the question of what kind of
trade in the profession of protective racketeering.
Prostitution, slave trade, real estate, entertainment, hardcore porn,
casino, trafficking in endangered delicacies, loan sharking, tainted currency trading, governmental and police corruption, ice narcotic trade?
They are twins. Bring in the co-fratenity the Chinese and Russian Mafia,
and Hong Kong, and Macao Triad, I can't fathom what kind of social network analysis can trace the nomology of names.
If they are not Catholics, they worhsip Boddhisattva Aviloteschevara, and engage in mortal, untraceable goovernmental, business gangsterism, which is base financial. Is this post-Asiatic fiscal Marxism of criminally insane genius which make the Asiatic world turn in the spiral of circles.
They govern by intenal strict, most violent of the violent governance in the now global mafia trade which now occludes and includes the West,

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