Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"What is Holy is" Orthodoxatic Meta-Inferential Logic of Predicate Identity Set---the Logic of White Cistericans- St Bernard the White---IE Reformer, Knight, Abbot, of Church of Rome + Canon Lawyer + Saint--Thomas Merton


Dear Distinguished All,
For Dean James P. Levine, Dr Director Ned Benton, Drs Directors Roger Deakins + John Maynard--
Executive Director, Barry Latzer, JD, PhD--

I've got e-mail from Stanford Professional & Continuing Ed 10 MINUTES A GO---. They just have a Cert. which is very affordable + meets my needs & very cost-effective---

"What in the nick of times the swane of magnitude as of the Shield of Faith, as Bushido-most devout Zen Buddhist as Musashi Minomoto (Fujiwara Vassal) in his treatise

"Book of 5 Rings" and Esoteric Hwarang & Tang Knights were all Buddhist, Taoist + Confucian--to which Stanford's Asian Studies Dept. is up there

with Berkeley, Harvard, Columbia, Chicago, Princeton, and Ohio-State & Indiana-& lastly Yale--the legacy of these brave, "righteous" + pure young boys

at the age of 10 years become Generals, as Youthful DAE JANG GYUEN___Shogun--

All Best & Warm Regards--I may move to LA to find a job--

????Chinese young boys take over the Hacking Emprire & Many Kingdoms prior to Modern Soveriegn Waste"--Please Blessed DOROTHY DENNING COMMENTARY SINCE THE EARLY 90'S ON THIS TOPICS, SENIOR PROFESSOR, CS, + School of Foreign Service-Georgetown, Society of Jesus---



If there is sincerity, there is truth, and if there is no sincerity and moral social relations

the House among many Divided in many fold--will self-destruct,

as a self-inflict wound-- CFR (Durkeim--On Suicide)----'Le Suicide"

but 19th Century Literary, Cultural, Historical & Poltical Studies---

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Dear SOE-INN (Noble House of the

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Koryeo(Executive) Senior Editor, Robert Turly--Asian Art & Humanities

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