Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shi aei de Suh Christina EH CZh--12-Poem (si)


It was this, but not that, as genitive
of the possessions of the dispossed
the true enlightment neither for
knowledge, but the fire crystanthemum,
of onyx opals, amethyst + purple crystalline
jade of the root of Silla, & Tang
the numbers grower more quickly
to what is said than heard+
then she said--"What is the Dance of Fire
on Sword & Spear of St Michael
were he to be Incarnate of Genghis Kahn-
My grizzly forebearer of Puyo & of Turkey
+still adoring the lush pasture green
of Parise, France, of the open fields-
He went the other way--
By the still time & tin sound of
pennies dropping like a thunder-bolt
with rain, but in dry heat weather
in Las Vegas--

----------Original Message----------

Of the Diamond Mt--so I traveled,
& she could see me but was
of the bliss of "Interior Castles"--
how worldy I have become-
with the loveless, cruel world-
in which Most Blessed Virgin,
Theotokos til she crushes the
skull of the Serpent---
Were this a dream,
than you suffer the guilt
of Nighmares in which
you will be accused
to breaking, and destroying
(as a false attempt) to rule
the Order of Creation-
when YHWM destroyed
Leviathan with a Pruning Hook---
So to Manchuria I traveled,
Eastern China--
& heard at Night Fall--
the Koygrureo Vajra/Zen Bell---
Ha Ha Ho Hic Hac Hoc-
in Latin syntax--Murder & Mayhem
And she said: I wear a Oriental
Robe of yellow, red & grey & White,
& seldom black--
Dove as Serpentine cunning
will let the cat's meow roar
like a Tigers, & white dove
whil coo coo coo, when
it is mating--to give
birth to ancient, Raven--
knowing that Eliihiah was
he that of his Combatant0-
who fed him--
Work in Progress: A song of the Han River & Ganges + Yalu--as Philosophical + Theological Assent--------

Cantica 9-=0--Optima---->lemma---(1,0)
"Carry your Cross, and follow me"
that in the real presence-that
we see more of ourselves than the
Suffering God & Church---
That sacrifice of the Christ,
which to thieves, prostitutes,
the lost black sheep,
publican, wept in the heart
of hearts to set them free-
(4 Level Mediavael Rule)
that is Literal, Metaphoric,
Allegory, Anagogical
"Set your servant free, for have
seen the Light of Israel, &
To the Son of David-
"Seek Thy Servant"

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