Friday, October 3, 2014

In Great Thanks to Distinguished Japanese Review Journal of Analytic (w. Christina CHC-) + Meta-Philosophy+ Douglas Patterson In Re Alfred Taski--+ Mr Selezy (Paris, France_) Understanding the Buddhist Asiatic Logic of Language + Mind <-------------->"QUANTUM PHILOSOPHY"***** (Princeton U Press, 2003) (Most Distinguished Chair Professor Graham Priest, as I am listed which is a Great High Honor + Privilege--of which I am in Part-of Mayahana Boddhisatva Philos0phy of KAYGU School of Indo--Mongolian by Ancestry-commited Orthodox-Humana-Liberalisme Fide + Shil-Chun (Action++++)+ JJung Shin (Mind-Consciousness*****)-Moem (Body)-(Faith, Humanity, Generosity-(IE Liberalisme as Oriental Humanism-& tradiiton" Buddhism--Tripikata+ Action/Praxis w. Syracuse Law School/Law Policy-Management-in re Strategy Center--Maxwell School--to which my Supervisors (Stellar + Wonderful Criminal Justice PAD Depts,, are PhD Alumni --Many Great Thanks to Our Readers which reading Broadly concieved WWW Audience--Thank You All Most Gratefully & Graciously


& to Babylonian Captivity of the Jews, so is time for which for every race, clan, kin tribe sojourn = & voyage for the Land of "Milk & Honey" which as Model of Diaspora in Hebraic Scriptures for all persecuted groups,
whether religious, political, social, and the ladder of silence, in which the best things said, are really the propositional statement unsaid, and in exile, suffer to which we find comfort in the modicum of liesure,
weeping and laughing, as in the Sino-Korean (Silence-Chin Muek) is the sound of a dog barking in laughter
& with tears in his eyes, barking, whether he or she bites???

It is to the best of my knowledge that Distinguished Don Prof. Douglas Patterson's monumental work in re Alfred Tarski, (as the humble Polish/Russian (at the time of Empire) is no different in REAL POLITIK of the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg Empire; which set off WWI. As outcome of this politics of war + war of politics was and end-game(CRF, the riddle of schizoid language & logic of James Joyce, executive secretary and sucessor, an Irish Protestant--who is Samuel Beckett in re "END_GAME" + the "ESCHATON" roughly the time of Stanley Kubric's prophetic DR STRANGE LOVE, + Clock Work Orange--

Richard S.Y. Kim, PhD
Research Fellow
John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY--
Dept. "Public Management-Philosophy/Criminal Justice-I-T-Policy + "Evaluation"

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