Friday, October 31, 2014

For the Lady in White of Opal & Diamond Book of Manners + Hearts__


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A POEM OF THREADS-- Thread from Past New Year--to and for You Aunty C-for Feliz Nuevos Annos
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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Empyrean of Sky & Earth--Oblation of Matriarchal Discipline & Devotion--Til I depart from this World--

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & TO & FOR Christina EH Czechowicz--with gratitude & love

She who girds me with foresight of
the broken timbrels, and a Iron Empress-
without rivals in Tactical Stratagems--
seeing through impostume
of Professorial Rhetoric-
and Undersight by Metta**** (universal)
IntuitionnSutta (Viz., Caritas)--Of the Dharma Eye,
which the Lotos-Cyrsanthemum--Lady in White
of the Morning Calm to which Western 
Missions went East--
to Christianity, since 6-34 BC
of Buddhism to my Grand-Mother;
your geneological trace is
so Great Grand Master--
of the unknown verities-
in which challenge the random verities--
in which Max Plank of  a Noble House
of Germany--replied to his pupil-- Einstein--
"Are you God to say that random chance
is not of the Design of Divine Intelligence--"
Or is that Uncertainty Principle & Goedel Imcomplete
Theorem as to say that only God is God, & 
as to Imprison
God in a Cage to say what ever our dire
straits of hazards + befall's the follie
de suicside---
world says is God:
therefore Humble Like Job, who complained
through out his suffering, with persecution
of the Self-Righteous Sages + with only
friend--Elihu--said--"God will hear & heed
your call."
Will not answer to leave the Grail of Mysteries
of Suffering, & Mortal Coil--
that were we to pluck the Divine Majesty & Inscrutable
Mysterium Faciem & Patiens Nobis of my Personalisme
Faith of Blaise Pascal--7
God, & the Holy Trinity, & of Pieta of Mary & Jesus--
where is St Joseph during these Hours.

It sacred discipline & teaching & nurturing Tao of
Maters--to which Salve Theotokos & Sarah
est Spiritualise Mater fidei--as St. Monica is
mihi matrologae--
So I Mother & You to God-

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