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Richard Sang Yeong Sue Do Sa Beue Wheol would like to THANK the AECYCLOPEIDIA.COM for Post_TAGS (SUPRA) of the Abstract + "Developing White Papers" Especiallly Japanese WIKI (Asia Project)--Nihon Deska--Aeri Gato Goej San Goejaamus + Wakara Ma Sen------Nae--(Sino Korean + Japanes)---Does One UNDERSTAND+ YES (AFFIRMATIVE, But "NOT SAYING YES" in Modern Korean--


133564789347920487857893-4Buddhist Logic/+Anglo-American Philosophy+Jewish Philosophers--

Jerasulem + Athens + Rome+ Mecca + Shaolin (Tang)  + Kyeung-ju+ Pulkusa+  Puyo (Paekche) + Kyoto+ Kamakura
Indo_Nepal+ Indo-Chine) Ural-Altaics (of the Cross) of Mongolia (Silla)  Indo-Koreans (Kim Ae) +Yamoto (Indo-Sino-Japanese)+ Kamakura

In the past I would like to most gratefully thank SUZUKI MOTER TRENDS INTERNATIONAL
FOR BEING MY GLOBAL TRAFFIC ANALYZER, NEXT TO GOOGLE CHROME, GOOGLE CHROME + NETWORK PROFILE--HA HA--I don't know a thing in knowing how to use, and have a promissory note to my CIO--[Mr. L. Morrison) in Project Management-for a Future WEB MAGAZINE, also connected to Pan American (USA) Asian Inst & E-Publishing--VIZ., IPSO CONVERSO EST.

In area fields: W-Eastern Hybrids in Philosophy of Science, History + Philosophical Theology+Strategems of Cyber Law & Legal & Social Theory & Inter-Disciplinary Studies (Textual + Cultural Studies)
Poetry, Essays--

Richard SY Cyprainne Andreweson Kim, PhD [MAKOTO + CHIN MEUK -CHIN MOKU

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