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"Toward a Philosphical Proleptic/Gnosis"----To & For Dr. Prof. Chair-- Mary Gibson, MA in Criminal Justice Histoireography- W. Adina Schwartz, JD, PhD, M.Phil, "A Frame of Untangible History & Quanta of Faith as Made Evident in Time" & Lucia Tucker, MSW, MA, with love & gratitude---


The past in future time, were,
I, to recover from the wake of
history in Thy kingdom come--
bound by the receptacle--
of Chronos--the mundane & prosaic--
"wild orchid flower of time well spent,
but debauched by social controls"
of what in the dark corridor candles
of the palindrome of the doldrums,
never ending war against the body-
"mia sarx"--regenerates in split half lives of
(R.C.F. Rev'd Fr.Donald Keefe, S.J, Fordham
University--infra, op.cit. E. Nagel)
all our past lives imagined or real--
of infinite sub-sets of all sets, of soul enfleshed
overlapping universal sets of null sets of psistis-
Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. (Late) FU- Endowed Chair,
 Religion & Society, University Chapel)
 metempsychosis of good creation-(D. Keefe, S.J, supra cit.
Ernest Nagel--Godel & Philosophy-NYU Press, 1953)---
a stab tothe left ventricle, which records--
hours of flight, and destitute plight
of all who labor, immigrants, & the masses--
a solution of infinite regress--
but moves in future--a desire of
remedy to heal--the broken &
infirm image of Dei--
Oblatioque Cruciformae--
harboring travels, sails-
beyond the brink of despair--
for all time reconciled as one
(Il Yeo)--the Yellow Emperor
and his sages, doctors, and
martial philosophers, and legalist--
knew the verities of the meta-analytic
movements of infinite patterns,
or a processional fiat--of black dog
& decomposing most ghastly stench--
tViolence, Rapine & Conquest
Pillage  & Slavery of the Conquered--
the Victor writing History--
as a Puppet Stage and Masters--
no longer dwelling on Earth--
pray in the 7th Heavens;
all that shall be made well--
that War against all---in End Time
will be among the 10 wars--following
8 generations & more--to the
genesis of soil--girds the combatants
to question the verities of truth--
to openly challenge--while holding--
constant (via quantum--relative
leap of faith--of how Max Plank discovered
mirabilis dictu electro--magnetic
lepton waves in the West)

To history patterned by absolutes--
of Time, Space & Matter of
Divine Design--
the Fall of Nations that raises
a sword against others--to make
humanities pass through a mortal thread---
as to question the order
of  providential gravity--'
Babel fell & language & \
history--and disconnected--
end-game--of schizoid state
of survival of ranked marrow
bone of bones of
8 generations of triumph--
were God not to leave
tribe, clan, and kin-folk
to madness & folly--
as the common lineage
follow along the acta-pragmatica axis
ortho-doxstatic structure of belief---
neither denying faith nor reason,
science, or the arts--
Is Consolation to Public
Histoire of the Commons--
the Philosopher drunk in his
own reason & argument--
were he be real to the heart
of the matter--affirms
the serpent on Mt. Sinai, which
the dust, from the New
Eve & Adam--that
such windfall, pays the bills,
and rent, and can't complain
that you find more than you
can eat than a loaf of dry

Richard S.Y. Kim, OSSTB, PhD

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